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I woke up at my usual time this morning, 4:45 am surrounded by warm furry bodies. More than usual because my husband was gone overnight. He is the clock changer so I was surprised when my iPhone said 4:19 by the time I got dressed. So I have an extra hour this morning and decided it would be a good time for a blog post. All of these images are not perfect, they are from my I phone and are not staged at all but they are “Art in Progress”. Showing you what has been going on in the studio.

This 16 X 20 painting is going to be called “Mary’s Garden”. It is a commissioned piece for Mary, with flowers that she loves. I place where I want the flowers to go and then work on an area at a time and I started on the left. Lilacs, Black eyed Susans and Blue Salvia. I would love to do other commissions so contact me if you would like one made especially for you.
I like to show how the painting starts out and how it transforms. I pick the pallet that I want to work with and start putting that paint down. I then decide if I want to use any of it for for flowers or stems or want to paint over areas. It is an ever changing painting. If you notice the blue sky had changed to a softer blue. I love the very fullness of the garden in the upper picture. At the end I tidy it all up and add marks or dots, gold paint and florescent paint.
I am also making smaller art for the Hoosier Artisan Boutique in Noblesville, IN at the end of the month. Rocks are fun stocking stuffers and kids are drawn to rocks.
The are my hand carved stamps that I put on blank watercolor paper cards. It is very nice stationary and large to write a newsy letter.
Different wreaths are also being stamped and will be available.
Another item I will have at the boutique are 5 X 7 flat panel originals for $25.00. Affordable original art, easy to frame, easy to mail. Any that I don’t sell I will put in my shop for purchase. Also let me know if you would like one made for a special person. I can get it done and out to you in jig time. Contact me.

Below I am putting the quote by Gustave Flaubert that I have hanging on my inspiration wall. It is a reminder of something to strive for.

Be Steady and Well-Ordered in you Life so that you Can be Fierce and Original in Your Work.

Gustave Flaubert

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