We are the same


I was able to do steady work on my second painting in my flowers series done on 18 X 24 canvas. This one will feature two geraniums side by side. I was looking at my three geraniums I have on my front porch on a rustic bench and decided I wanted to pattern this picture from them. Here I have chosen the papers to use, started cutting out the hand drawn petal and painted the canvas using Cerulean blue Chromium.


I painted it partially down because I am going to cover the bottom with some paper.


After I glued the paper down with heavy gel matte I also stenciled over it with titanium white. I glued the pots down with the heavy gell and then took a circle stencil and lightly drew circles for the placement of the flowers. I ran out of petals for the pink geranium and had to cut more.


Here they are all filled out and done for the day. Tomorrow will bring the leaves and however much further I get.

Tulips with watermark

This is the first painting in the series. I wanted spring to come in the worst of ways, so I did three big tulips. The quote is from Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. It says, ‘That is one Good Thing About This World….There are Always sure to be More Springs.” So glad that you stopped by.


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