Two Problems Solved

About 2:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is shining, my studio is so bright. So much so that I can’t tell the colors or see things correctly. I didn’t want to put up a blind either. Then one day I solved the two riddles. I picked up these two towels in Lawrence Kansas, at the Raven bookstore in Sept. of 2015. They have cats doing various activities on them, and there were two different towels so I had to buy them both.

They are too thin to dry dishes with and I didn’t want to use them for any activity that would give them stains, etc. It wasn’t an overall design, just six cats on each towel. What creative thing to do with them?

I just kept moving them around because I didn’t want to put them away, because I would just forget about them. They make me happy because the cats are so cute. Then on a really sunny day I thought “I really need something in front of the window for just a few hours”!

So I purchased a spring tension rod, I had little rings and hooks from IKEA and hooked them on to the towels. Shear little curtains that I pull back when not in use, and cute cats to look at when they are. I have to keep them higher so the real studio cats can look out the window. They are the true owners of the space.

They have to have their space. I see the one tea towel is uneven. Oh Well…we all aren’t perfect. If you want to read about the bookstore, click here.

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