Two Good New Recipes

My Sister-in-law, Ellen, sent this cookbook to me. I sat down and picked out six recipes to make from it. It was time to add something new to my repertoire. These next two are definite keepers.
This is Pork Posule. My husband says he is not a soup person, and claimed this is the best soup he has every had.
Page one of the recipe
Page Two, the things I did differently. I did not have oregano, so didn’t add that. I also did not add the tortilla chips in the soup, but they did get crunched on the top. I also did not add the avocado or radishes, they are not a favorite at our house nor did I add the sour cream to cut down on the calories. So the top just had cheese and crunched up chips. At the grocery I found thin sliced, boneless, pork loin chops that worked really well. I just needed to cut them up in 1/2 inch cubes. I also found Very Light Bertrolli Olive Oil on sale. I don’t like a strong olive oil smell. This was perfect. I love the smell of cooking onions and peppers together too. It is a filling soup and the broth is fantastic with just a hint of heat with the chili powder.
The next recipe was the Morning Glory Muffins. I liked all the ingredients that it called for. I thought that they would make the muffin very moist, which they were, plus getting some fruits and veggies in the diet. With only 1 1/4 cups of sugar they are not too sweet.
I got 27 regular size muffins out of the recipe and they looked just like this.

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