Tulip Time Artisan Festival

The Tulip Time Artisan Festival is a two day affair and is held in Holland Michigan at Centennial Park which meant to set up in my designated tent area I would have to cart in my tent, art, etc. I did not have a helper for this show and I spoke with an employment agent and she was able to set me up with someone. He was so helpful and prompt. He helped me on Friday and then on Sunday to tear down. He also connected with another person where he will be helping them also.

The weather was not rainy nor too hot or cold. The crowds were plentiful and since this city is beside Lake Michigan it received a long winter and residents were probably glad to get out.

The word Artisan means a skilled trade made by hand. This show had many different vendors from Fine Artists to Craftspeople. Fine Arts are purely for decoration and Crafts are useful items. All these items need to be made by and designed by that artist.

Artists around each other become acquainted and usually help each other out by watching your booth should you need to step away usually to find a restroom. I had brought a cooler with items so I didn’t need food. Many times a show will have booth sitters and I was hoping that one would come by at the time I needed one. But there must not have been many volunteers for that shift so I was able to have a neighbor watch for a few minutes.

My booth is a very colorful and happy place to step into. I had so much good feedback from people in regards to my art. Oftentimes they stop, look and then start to smile.

I so enjoyed talking with people coming into my booth and getting their feedback on the paintings.

Holland is a delightful city and homeowners have planted tulips in the easements, in the medians, just everywhere and it was lovely. My Holiday Inn Express was very nice also. I would roll my cart in with me to carry the cooler, money basket and purse and it brought much interest and questions in the elevator.  People were kind of fascinated with it. 

I didn’t get any pictures of dogs but they were abundant, walking and in strollers. It was a good two days to bring them out for a walk.

We started the tear down process at 4:00 pm on Sunday. Even though there is a written procedure about the tear down, vendors are anxious to get home as it has been a long three days. Some people get in a hurry and then get in others way. This time I saw it happen twice and loud yelling ensued and it was not really good or respectful of others. Hopefully they do better next time. This was the worse that I had seen in my three years of shows. But let me tell you, the Tulips were absolutely beautiful.

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