One day I heard this frantic meow near the neighbors house, they have cats also and it kept up. I don’t know if they fed this meowing cat or not and I was trying to ignore this cat. I believe she tried all of us. She finally made her way over to our porch one morning. She was so loud and so persistent that she could not be ignored. I was feeding our cats in the morning and of course took her out a bowl of food. Before this I had only heard her. When I saw her and saw how little she was and her beautiful marks, that was about it. Then when I realized she had been pregnant and must have just had her kittens my heart melted. She was in great need. There were no kittens around so they were born dead or something happened to them because she was very young. I took her to the vet because I was afraid there were still some kittens in her, but an ultrasound revealed that there were none.


I tried to find her a home and also got her well and eventually had her spayed. She is a cat that if she were a human she would wear a suit, high heels and carry a brief case. She knows what she wants and is persistent about it. If she wants outside she will follow and stare until she gets what she wants. She is a hunter and will always share her “catch” with us. Last summer I counted 15 little critters that she gave to us. She loves to sit on the outside swing with me, walk around the house with me, take a walk on the sidewalk also. People are amazed that she will walk behind me on the sidewalk, doesn’t run across yards and turns the corners on the sidewalks. She is a very smart girl and we are glad she is in our family.

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