Thoughts about “You never know”

Here it is, December 27th. I had a great Christmas celebrating with my family. Always we work so hard getting everything completed for the big day and then it is over so fast. We had such fun playing Heads Up for at least two hours straight. It was great to have the kids and adults play. So now we have the quiet time.

One of my favorite things to do during this time of the year is sitting in a dark room with just the Christmas lights on sipping my morning coffee.

This is one of my favorite ornaments, The Capitol Building. I found this in Fort Wayne somewhere but the four of us did have a trip to D.C. and were able to go into this fabulous building. It is shown on television quite a bit these days and the news reporters are in Statuary Hall and brings back good memories of our fun time there. In one week we walked 41 miles.

We did pick this ornament up in D.C. as Tom and Sam were able to take a tour of the White House. I picked this up in the official gift shop of the White House along with some of the White House Easter Eggs.
I recall picking this ornament up in Gettysburg. It is the pattern of the Lincoln White House China. I wonder how many pieces are still around of it.
The first ornament that Tom and I bought together 39 years ago.

We used to put up the tree above and I had to wait for the guys to be home to bring it down and put it together. Then I couldn’t ever get the Angel to stay straight on top because we had to get the ladder out and didn’t want to do that. Also the cats would climb the big tree which made every thing wobble and jingle. Sounded like angels were getting their wings often. So I went to Big Lots last year and purchased this tall pencil tree. It has three pieces, I can get it down from the attic myself and the cats don’t climb it because the branches are all too close together. After 39 years of marriage we have acquired many beautiful ornaments. So I just grab a box and it is a surprise what it inside of it. Each year will be different. It is a treat and I can get the decorating done.

This tree topping angel I purchased in Chicago at Marshall Fields. She is a very favorite of mine. She is holding up very well for 39 years old. How old do they consider antiques?

Speaking of Antique, this year I started going to a rheumatologist and she determined that I had inflammatory arthritis. I take one small pill daily and have just felt great and even lost 23 pounds! Win, Win!

On December 2nd while moving the wash to the dryer I had a pulling pain that let go and was painful for days. I believe I had a housework related injury! A week later I had been carefully walking and boom something in my knee stuck and I went down face first. Then on my 60th birthday it got worse and I almost fell in the restaurant parking lot and building. Thank goodness my family was with me to help me out. For the car beside us, if your mirror was all wonky when you came out, I’m sorry. I got into the Ortho Doctor and he pulled out fluid and put in cortisone and sent me to the Physical Therapist for six weeks. Ostio Arthritis gone mad. So that is why I say….You never know what is ahead of you. One day you are feeling great, the next day you are falling down. Either way, this will get fixed. One session of PT helped me stand up straighter and walk better. I am not fast and I have an even higher respect for people who live with a permanent disability. Be Patient and Be Kind.

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