The Wizard did it

My friends Theresa and Toni and me drove to Indianapolis to see the Broadway play Wicked. It was at the Murat Theatre. This is half of the side.

The other half of the side, pretty impressive.

Beautiful stained glass windows.

Another circular one. The story is about how the Wicked Witch came about. Truly, none of it was her fault. It was a clear cut case of people treating people wrong who are different. The girl was born green, she had to deal with that her whole life. She had a bullseye on her from the beginning. Then people making false accusations against her and the crowd going along with it. In the end she outsmarted them so that she may live a normal life. The actress who played GL…..ENDA did an excellent job. The whole play was so enjoyable and had a good message. The next picture is a video because my Iphone was on live by accident. We had to stand in line to get our picture taken with the poster. It was a good time with good friends!

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