The week in review

Last week, I finished up “Mary’s Garden” and delivered it to the actual Mary. It was so nice to talk with her face to face as all of our correspondence had been over the internet.
This is the designated area where she was planning on hanging it. We both thought it needed to be a little higher. She decided on 16 X 20 and it was perfect. I was so happy to paint it for her. It is now up in my shop if you want to purchase prints or cards. Click Here.

*UPDATE* on my knee progress. I was doing very well getting around very slowly but doing it. I have physical therapy twice a week and then do my exercises at home too. I had been gone all day Saturday and when I got home needed to do my routine. My leg went into a muscle spasm so badly that I couldn’t move my knee. JUST GREAT!!!!! I stretched, and stretched and stretched some more until I could get it to move. Boy was that leg sore the next day. So after working it all last week, Thursday I felt I turned a corner. I just have to ice it, stretch it and I have to sorta learn to walk all over again. Heel down, bend the knee because I kept doing the robot walk to shield the knee from any kind of funny pain. Last week I was putting in applications to art fairs all the time thinking, “am I throwing away my money, will I be able to do this” a bit of a poor me attitude. But right now, I am on the upswing, fingers crossed.

Sharing this sweet painting my niece Wendy painted and gave to me. It is the sunshine in my studio on the dreary days. I love hearts!
I have so many ideas to paint this year and I have started a new one. The size is 22 X 28 and won’t look anything like this when I am finished. In March and April I will be hanging four of my paintings on the third floor of Citizens Square in Fort Wayne.
Sam, for Christmas gave this book to me. I am very early into it, but it will be good. I have been binging on Outlanders on Netflix and am really enjoying it. I also watched the only season up of Spinners. I always enjoy watching ice skating. One of my favorite movies is still Ice Castles. I have also watched The Crown and Anne with and E. Also Sam and I had watched Christmas in the Wild which was very enjoyable.

On Amazon Prime I started watching Jean-Michael Basquiat, which is a documentary on an artist with a very unique style. Plus there are many other artist documentary’s I am planning looking at too, one on Gauguin another on Picasso. Lastly I also watched Noelle, kind of a Christmas movie that had a surprise ending.

The Politics of Today is History….it will be going into the history books. I keep up on the ever changing story.

Expect Nothing and Live Frugally on Surprise.

Alice Walker

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