The week in review Jan 20 – 31

I told my husband, for Christmas that I wanted an original from one of my favorite artists Carrie Schmitt. This week it arrived and I love it. It hangs in my foyer for all to see when they come in from the front door. It was an exciting day!
When moving rooms around and also painting in our basement we cleaned out books and junk. I found this book that I had gotten for Kevin. It is nice to read a book written on a kids level sometimes because it gives just the right amount of details. I love history and I am halfway through it and it made me think of my parents. My Dad went into WWII at a very young age and my Mom was back in the US at the Homefront.
One of my Dads dog tags, it always hangs on my bulletin board.
This was in my Moms keepsakes. This one isn’t full but I wonder if she ever filled one.
I don’t know if they just purchased a stamp for a quarter or did something to get the stamp.
I have let this sit for a week and have now decided which direction it will take. I should be hearing soon about art shows that I have applied to. The later shows do not have their applications out yet but when I am notified I have my show schedule on my website homepage. So far there are two up right now.
Broke out the Cuttlebug this week and used a die to cut these out. How fun are these….Peace to all of you!

*Update* My knee rehab is coming along, I have advanced to a two pound weight on my ankle for exercising. The next day that leg is pretty sore but each time it doesn’t last as long. I am also learning to climb a step with my right leg. That is tough but will keep forging ahead and building that knee muscle. I am thankful for generic Tylenol. I have also been venturing outside and taking 10 minute walks on the sidewalk as I work on walking and bending the knee. I really have to concentrate and it has been nice to enjoy the outside.
If any of these topics interest you, we can set up a three hour art date to get your creative juices flowing. I have a second neighbor gal taking a few of the topics and look forward to Art Date with them. If you are interested I would love to have an Art Date with you too!

Now On to February!

Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

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