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Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you haven’t all ready, would you please sign up to get this blog post sent through email. I would like to build that list because it is so much easier to communicate and the pictures look so much better through email. To do this go to the right side of my home page where is says “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL“. That being said…onward ho….Once in a while I hop (not literally) on over to the neighbors garden to see what is growing and I am never disappointed. The Black Eyed Susans are putting up a good show.
Loved the gourd birdhouse hanging among the morning glories.
Her zinnias are gorgeous every year.
Tightly wound morning glories.
Caught these miniature tomatoes at the right moment.
Among the milkweeds and Queen Anns Lace.
The crop dusting plane that surprises me every summer. It is always disconcerting when I hear the plane zooming around.
I am always in awe at how low and fast it can fly.
Something new that I learned recently….only finches like safflower seeds. I picked up this feeder, which is cool because it has a button that pops open the top to fill it. I filled it with safflower seeds and only the finches ate it. Even the birds stayed away from the other feeders. I haven’t looked into the reason for this but once the feeder was empty the other birds came back. I think if the finches could shove the seeds into their cheeks they would have.
I was sitting outside looking for the comet….nope….didn’t see it. Took a picture of the moon and must have moved because I had a slow shutter release on, so I received this interesting picture instead.
Sam and I, last week went to a Chinese restaurant and these decorations were on our plate. Carrot and Rutabaga flowers.
On Saturday I went to the Farmers Market and it is being held at Parkview Field, home of the Tin Caps minor league baseball.
Sent a selfie to my husband with the field behind me.
Thought the trash cans were great as far as trash cans go.
This flower truck so fabulous and memorable. The flowers for sale were beautiful too.
Also a booth selling plants was at the market and I had been looking for a trail of tears plant. I have it very high so certain cats do not chew on it. I would like to make a living wall so I can have plants but not have them chewed up. I have just the right room and wall for it. Look it up on Pinterest.
Michelle, my friend came down to the market too and we went on to Honey Plant on Wells Street. Interesting plants and pots, such a clean and green environment.
Right next door to Honey Plant is the Hyde Brothers used book store, such a wonderful place for book lovers. It has two resident cats and you can see one snoozing in his bed. There are rooms and rows of knowledge up to the ceiling.
I picked up three books while I was there. A few times when we went to Detroit we stayed at a Marriot downtown and the People Mover came into that hotel and it was easy to ride to our destinations. There is beautiful art in each of the stations and this book explains it all. My head was spinning back and forth trying to take all the art in so I was delighted to find “Art in the Stations”.
This is the back cover of the book.
This is another that I found. The author of The Help recommends it and that was good enough for me. “The Postmistress”.
Then this one “Conversations with Amber“. I thought to myself that I know the name Gladys Taber! But not as an author, then I remembered that Susan Branch referred to her often.
I have many of Susan Branches delightful books, and I use her two year purse calendar and follow her blog and website. On her website is a Gladys Taber Fan Club.
Another recently purchased book “Separated”.
This is my first Flow Magazine and it has been great, so much of the things that I love. Still trying to decide if I want a subscription.
Kevin gave this subscription to me for Christmas. This magazine is so so colorful, and you know I like color. I enjoy it every month.
As I was looking at my bookshelf, I found this to add to my organizational library. I have found like cleaning and organizing, Organizing from the Inside Out. You just need to take the time to do it.
Lastly I have two paintings in the works. This floral one is coming along very well. Chamomille, Cleome, Butterfly Bush, Grey headed Coneflower, Liatris. More to come.

I hope that you have enjoyed my tour this week. Please stay healthy.

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