The garden is growing (and other topics)

My everchanging view outside of my studio window. The balloon flowers and daylilies will be blooming soon. The galardia daisies are in their full glory. I thinned those babies down one year and they are tenacious, know that they do spread. The garden box I picked up at the local nursery down the road. I just fell in love with the purple and orange together, I hope that I can keep it going for a while, it was such a nice addition.
These small iris are such a delight. There is yellow in this group too and also in other areas I had deep deep purple the same size. There are johhnny jump ups throughout, i threw the seeds down randomly one year and now every year they are here and there. When they become spent and brown I pull them out and then a new group starts blooming.
I am totally in love with these pots. Hot pink begonias, purple and blue lobelia along with a purple violet and trailing greenery in a dusty sage called silver falls. They reside beside my front door on the antique bench with square nails. The baby bulldog and mama cat with kitten keep watch beneath it.
Brought this out, Kevin’s hand print when he was eleven. For some reason, either we didn’t do one for Sam or I haven’t found it yet. If not. I feel it is still doable for a 28 year old. Why Not? I found the cement, form and glass bits while cleaning out for a recent garage sale.
This stained glass is always a favorite of mine. It says: May the sun always shine on the road that you walk, Look for, Live for, Today. When in doubt, look within, Keep it simple, Find Balance.
These two, flew in and landed on our roof, then landed on the neighbors roof.
Then at the same time we had some landing in the yard too. Not quite sure what was going on here. Probably just a layover.
Our neighbor, Kennedy was doing some chalk art recently. I do so admire that she is sitting on that hot cement and easily getting up. She was going to enter the chalk walk this year but the Festival was cancelled. We both decided, there is always next year.
The beautiful artist and sunflower, such a great job!
More chalk art with shading and details.
This blue one turned out so pretty along with the tools of the trade.
Maggie the Boxer, such a sweetheart and loves to be in the driveway for pats and loving.
Brought some cuttings in for the windowsill. My friend Michelle, gave this plant to me. It is chamomile. This window get nice afternoon sun. We will see how it likes it. I put it on an antique butter pat plate that fit the bottom just right.
Here they are on my counter. Left to right. The measuring cup says Elixophyllin. It is glass and I think it was found antiqueing. That medication is used for bronchial problems. It is holding galardia daisy, yellow coreopsis, pink pincushion and a purple salvia. The next is beards tongue. Chamomile and the last may be a jelly jar with dinosaurs used when the kids were little. It has Clematis and beards tongue.
Meet my new planter, isn’t she great? I bought this dieffenbachia plant but then I read that is can be harmful to cats. So I have moved it to a place where they can’t get to it.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I helped my son work on some things in his apartment then had to get ready for the neighborhood garage sale. It feels good to have people take things away but garage sales are time consuming. We had a good turn out, wasn’t sure if people would come with the coronavirus but they did. It is easy to do social distancing outside. We also had a grad party to attend for our Niece Allie. Was a nice party on a beautiful perfect day.

I just finished reading “Team of Five, the Presidents Club in the Age of Trump. It was good and interesting. I also watch Good Witch on Netflix, something light. The Michelle Obama show on Netflix was good about her book tour on “Becoming”. I have a subscription to Kelly Rae Roberts Art Dates each month. She has various sections about her favorite things this month, what is happening in her business, A painting video, a talk with another artist and her husband does the cooking meatless. He shares his recipes, they are always enlightening.
I have started an environmentally conscious painting and I am putting different animals on it right now. The ideas are always coming for more. I am never bored. Lastly I made a really good recipe called Crockpot Carnitas with mango salsa. I have it pinned on my Pinterest Board under recipes. Eight hours in the crock pot for a pork butt roast made it just fall off the bone. Here is the link to the recipe.

Hope you are well and what have you been doing?

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