The Colors of Vacation 4-18-22

I was in a little bit of a funk and started looking at last years vacation photos. The colors brought me out of it. The blues of lake Michigan.
The red roof of Point Betsie Lighthouse.
The dusky blue sky with the white lighthouse.
A closeup of the catwalk. Can you imagine walking along that to get to the lighthouse with the angry lake splashing water. Hang on tight to that rope! I showed a picture of the lighthouse with the catwalk and that word got me put on probation with Facebook. They just didn’t understand.
The white sand. Tom had an Achilles tendon problem and had to wear this boot for many months. When he walked without it, especially on the sand it really hurt, but it eventually worked. The boot stands all by itself in the closet now.
The golden sun starting to set on the lake. We were on a boat taking a lake cruise.
I love the cloud across the sun and the copper reflection in the water.
The copper color in the sky is breathtaking. It looks like marbling. We are planning on going back to this area again this year. Harbor Lights Resort in Frankfort, MI.

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