The Cleaning Lady


To supplement my art income I took a job cleaning the dealership where Tom works. It consists of two large buildings, one is a Ford dealership and the other Chevy/Buick. I had never pictured myself as a cleaning person but it has worked out really well. It is hard work in the way that there is a lot of walking and staying on the go to get it all done, because I only like to spend 4 hours each day at it. I wear my fitbit and get 10 to 15 thousand steps a day, depending on what I am doing. I start out early, up at 4:30 and get home around 10:30….then I take a short nap. I have enjoyed the people I have met and I really like seeing what everybody does. Stay with me here and I will give you a little tour of the place. We will start with the Ford side.


Here I get a company vehicle… really it’s just the parts truck that I throw the trash bags in the back to take to the trash bin. I had to brush up on my shifting since it was a stick shift. I just call it the “Little Red Truck”.


This is where the cars get checked in to be serviced. It has heat to thaw the cars out too in the winter. Since I am the first one in it is all quiet. It was eery at first but now I am used to it.


It was a very rainy morning when I was taking these. The big windows all rain covered.


I like the service area where the cars are left in various stages of work. This is a big area and has all kinds of noises going on and I hear the wind wooshing through, and vents snapping back and forth.


The Ford showroom. I don’t usually turn on the lights because I feel like I am in a fishbowl. Only when I am doing floors. I enjoy seeing the new vehicles coming in. Sometimes there is a Mustang, then a sporty Focus, this one is an Edge and they all smell like a new car should.


I am showing you this cute 2016 Transit Connect that just got delivered last week. I was glad to see that there are cars coming out of Spain. I am waiting for my 2016 Race Red Transit Connect, so there is hope. I think it is the three hour siestas that hold up production.


Moving over to the Chevy/Buick building this is where daily sales meetings go on. There is much training and discussion involved in being a salesperson. Not only do you need to know how to sell but you have to stay up on the products and paperwork. I don’t think it is an easy job.


Corvette emblem in the showroom.


The rest of the Chevy/Buick Showroom. To me the hardest part is cleaning the showroom floors, it is time consuming and repetitive. I want both these buildings to be in the best shape they can be because as a consumer I appreciate going into a building that is clean and smells good. It makes me feel like they will care about me as a customer if they care about their buildings.


Camaro emblem, I like emblems because an artist had to design them.


The front of the Camaro, it looks like it is smiling.


The metal iconic signs.


The wonderful smell of popcorn is always in the both the buildings. I get it cleaned up so there can be fresh popcorn each day. Sometimes people just stop by and get a bag of popcorn.


Sometimes there are treats out in the waiting room.


I am particularly proud of this plant. When I first started these plants had been ignored. I started watering and feeding them and they are now flourishing.


New Growth.


A whole row of brand spanking new F150’s.


A good American company. I have been a lunch lady, a waitress, a bank teller and office worker, now I can add cleaning lady and artist to my list. One never knows where your life will lead you. This is perfect for me right now. So glad that you stopped by.

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