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I love plays, especially musicals. Fortunately the last couple months have brought me opportunities to see a few. This is my niece Allie or…excuse me…Rizzo as was her character. Her high school put on Grease. Very enjoyable and fun. She did a fantastic job!

The Playbill, we went on Sunday, November 4th.

In October my friend Theresa and I went to see the Choir of Man. We had great seats at the Embassy, I think five rows back from the stage. They had some audience interaction and we were afraid that we were going to be chosen, but thanks goodness not. It was staged in a Scottish or Irish bar, so they had some accents. It was just a bunch of friends who sang songs in a bar about life and their relationships. So enjoyable, I smiled the whole time!

Tonight we are going out to see Elf. I love, love, love this movie, it makes me laugh. I am not a big movie fan of Will Ferrell but this one is good. Shows at the Civic are always good, I am expecting big things. Theresa is bringing her younger grand-kids so it should be a good time. Dinner before too.


I have watched a few movies lately also. Sam and I always end up watching a movie when I go to his place. Usually it is animated. Recently it has been Despicable Me 2, Cocoa, then at home I watched Creed, because Creed II is coming out. I love Rocky movies, these are the next generation of them. Sylvester Stallone is in them still, which is good. I also have Amazon Prime Video, Netfix and have been hitting YouTube. What I can’t find on one, I can usually find on the other. A Christmas movie was recommended to me…Love Actually. Enjoyable for sure. Then there was Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, nothing too deep, just fun. Rumor Has it, with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. I enjoyed it too. 

You Tube is fun to find old videos. Harry Chapin, he was on the night time talk shows often. Barbara Walters interview with Lucille Ball. A show on Kristy McNicholes bipolar problem. This one was good….The Oprah Show with all the Osmonds and their family. It was on the week that the father passed away and after Marie did Dancing with the Stars. It was a great show to watch. This is my entertainment while I am working in my studio. I love it, the possibilities are endless! 

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