Hello *Artists Needed*

I have just one person registered for this Fridays- Find Your Creative Joy Workshop -October 26th. I have room for 11. I would love to pass the technique of mixed media on to others plus it is in a wonderfully historic building.

But if you were holding back because you really wanted to make the flowers, I am ok with that too. We can have both going on at the same time, just as long as we are making something.

Showing the beautiful paintings that the artists made on Sunday. They told me they didn’t have much experience with art!

It is four hours of art therapy, and using the other side of your brain. Painting is therapeutic, and after a long week of doing what you do, you need that. I will bring canvases for both paintings, bring along a friend and have some fun. Here is the link to sign up…….Sign Up.

The next pictures show the sides of the canvases.

 We use the whole canvas and wrap it around. Please join the fun, and I make some mean cookies!


First Find Your Creative Joy Workshop

The women that signed up for my first workshop were fabulous! They were so easy to work with, wanted to find that creative joy and just downright fun! You will be in awe when you see what they painted and collaged. I gave them the basic example and instructions and the rest was their choosing. Each painting is so unique and beautiful!

Erin, whom I was so happy to have met. She and her Mother Debra came into my tent at A Renaissance at Roanoke and decided to take my workshop to my joy.

So beautiful! Her color choices just pop.

Donna is from Angola and heard about me from my Facebook boost! It really did work! I was always skeptical but was thrilled to realize someone read it.

Stunning side by side, waiting to completely dry.

Debra, Erin’s mother, she was a trooper after going to the Garth Brooks concert in the wind and rain the night before. She made a beautiful painting!

The hydrangeas rendition and cascading orange flowers. Such good iideas, along with the daisy in the corner.

Our end of the class selfie! You’re the best! If anyone would be interested in taking a Find Your Creative Joy Workshop, I am having another on Friday, October 26. Here is the link to get signed up. I still have openings.

Painting #2 redone and Workshop sign up

This flag painting was an early on creation. It needed refurbished also. I took off the stars, sanded it, painted it black, sanded it again and loved the outcome. The rust underneath peeked out under the black so nicely.

The barn owl was painted with acrylic paint Various wallpapers, inks, bronze leaf and oil sticks were used to make a wonderfully colorful scene. There is even a bit of florescent orange here and there. So meet Barney, the owl peeking out between the fall leaves.

The workshops are closing in fast! This is the painting we are doing on Sunday October 21, 1 pm to 5 pm. Please, please get signed up so I know how many I am going to have. Link to the sign up page….

Here is the painting for the friday evening, October 26th workshop. 6 pm to 10 pm. Here again I stress that you get signed up so I can get the needed supplies. This is a level one, no artistic experience necessary. These paintings have a little bit of many techniques, to learn and to build on. It will be a great time! The link to sign up for friday night class.

Let’s do some Art

I hope that you are considering signing up for the

Find Your Creative Joy workshops.
I really want to get these workshops going and it will be enjoyable for all. I have 10 spots open for each day.
Click Here for the Sunday Workshop.
Click Here for the Friday Workshop.
I think it would be so much fun to have a group that knows each other come to the workshop. A girls night out.
A family time out too, men are certainly welcome and children 8 years old and up.

This photo is by Ashley Mauro Photography in Dayton Ohio.

Let’s paint, tear paper, glue and have a grand time. I look forward to hearing from you.