Modern Masters

Not to let this post be too long I have chosen just a few of the first paintings I photographed. I took this information from the book Great Modern Masters to explain about the term.

From Cezanne to Matisse to Van Gogh, each of these masters of modern painting has had an immeasurable influence on modern art, through the movements of Impressionism, Cubism and Fauvism as well as through their own individual styles.

The Rounded Flower Bed by Claude Monet 1840 to 1926
A Monet Garden is always pretty.
Read about it here.
Woman in an Armchair by Pierre-Auguste Renior 1841-1919
Read about it here.
Study for “La Grande Jatte.” by Georges Seurat 1859 to 1891
In art we studied the finished painting and discussed what all was seen in it.
It says Seurat made 78 studies before finishing the final piece.
Read about it here.
The Yellow Christ by Paul Gauguin 1848-1903
I loved the more simple lines and colors.
Read more here.
Self -Portrait by
Vincent van Gogh
More here.
The Old Mill by Vincent van Gogh
read about it.
Bank of the Oise at Auvers by
Vincent van Gogh 1853 to 1890
More about it here.
Portrait of Postman Roulin by
Vincent Van Gogh
More about it here.
Study for “Le Chahut” by Georges Seurat
More information here.
Study for “Le Pont de l”Europe by Gustave Caillebotte 1848 to 1894
More Information here.

Thank You

Yesterday, August 17, I did the Satak Winery Art Show in Fremont Indiana. It was a great day, not horribly hot, not raining, somewhat humid. I so appreciate all who invest in my art through cards, reproductions and originals. I had so many good conversations with people who stopped in and had a great time.

This is Sara, from Plymouth, IN who became enamored with “Barney” so much that she had to take him home. She said that she will cherish him. I love when my art finds a good home.

Carleen from Angola is a returning customer. She purchased some reproductions for her school room last year. She stopped by again and we discussed “Save Us” and she fell in love with it. She said that she has a colorful home and had plans to hang it in their dining room.
After I got it all wrapped up I remembered I needed to take a picture. So thank you all who visit me, I feel the warmth.

Detroit Zoo-m

I call my post this because when my husband and I got away for just three days we covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time. We went to the Zoo, the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), and two Tigers ball games. We also ate at the Ford’s Garage restaurant in Dearborn which is unique and very enjoyable. In this post I am going to show the rest of my favorite pictures from the Zoo.

The animals in this zoo are not behind bars, they are in areas like their habitats. The Zebras were resting but this one sat up for a picture. The notable item about Zebras (among the obvious) are how round their ears are, unlike horses which are pointed. A very beautiful animal.
Giraffes are so interesting. Their markings look like a cobblestone walk, the long neck and little head and a long smooth stride. I am so glad to get a few good images to work from.
I loved this Gorilla just chilling out. It was a warm afternoon and it was taking it in stride. When we were walking up it had been scratching the inside of the ear with those long fingers.
Aardvarks, so interesting to look at with that narrow snout and fringy tail. Big eaters of ants and termites.
This was pretty cute where kids could get into tubes and pop up eye level with the Prairie Dogs. You can see a couple of the animals too. It was a warm day and I was also thinking “I wonder how germy those tubes are with the sneezes and dirty hands”. That’s why we have immunity.
What a great picture of a Rhino! I don’t know if it is usual that the front tusk it cut off.
Also a good picture of a Rhino butt. It will make it into a painting.
This is a tree kangaroo. I had not heard of this species and thought it was pretty cute.
The two Camels laying on the ground had the three come and stand between them with their legs all intertwined. The ones on the ground had a very hard time getting up because they are top heavy with the humps and the others so close, it took at least three times to get the job done.
The Zoo had beautiful flower beds throughout the zoo.
These were just yummy.
I was fascinated by this snake. The color, and the way it is wrapped around the stick. It was a surprise because I didn’t expect it to be right in front and the color of the leaves.
Otters are so smooth and fast and happy. This guy would swim along the river with nose out of the water. He smoothly went over the rock in his way then dove down into the pool, over and over again.
The fountain area was fun and refreshing with the dancing bears.
and the seal spitting water.
I also liked the Amazonian rock face in the reptiles building. It reminded me of Indiana Jones movies.

I base my paintings on reality that I have seen but then I do loose renditions of them. These animals will be a fun painting to create and I have gotten so much inspiration from them.

This last weekend I had a great time with my friend Theresa. We went to Cincinnati to shop and just drove all over the place! GPS’s are a great invention.

This week I will be preparing for the Satek Winery show. I sold 108 cards and have to replenish my inventory along with prints too. I have also added a one day show to my itinerary. It is Market on 6th in Auburn on August 31st. The time is 11am-5pm and it it has a little bit of everything. Vintage, home decor, jewelry, boutique style fashion, repurposed items, artisan foods. It is during the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Festival. It is on 6th Street in Auburn between Jackson and Main. It can also be found on Facebook under Market on 6th..

Detroit Zoo…Butterflys

The Detroit Zoo did not disappoint. All the times that we had visited the city and we had not taken the time to go. It was delightful. We went through the butterfly house first and I just loved it. So many of them just fluttering and landing, high….low almost on you. I was tickled to get pictures of so many different ones to star in my paintings.
This little guy was neat because you Could see right through his wings.
Double Tiger Striped
The green is the perfect color of the leaves.
Perched on a feeder.
I loved this floating plant.
Lastly I really liked the tiles that they had kids design.

Life has been full

July 12 through July 24 has been jam packed with activities, so many that I have to share them in small bits. The weekend of July 12th I was setting up for the Art in the Park Show in Fort Wayne at Freimann Square. It was a time where it was very warm and humid. My four fans and awning off the back and the huge building that threw off a lot of shade helped me. I met many good people that stopped by my booth and discussed my art.

The next faze of my jam packed days was preparing the guest room, buying groceries and cleaning because our cousin Margaret was coming up from Cincinnati and we were going to attend the Celebration at the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion Indiana. Margaret is a quilter and I also quilt but have not picked it back up for a while. Like all quilters I have many in process, cut out, need to be quilted , need to be finished and many that just have a pile of fabric with the possibility of a quilt.

The Quilters Hall of Fame Celebration consists of three days of various classes by many quilting experts. There are one or two or three people chosen to be inducted into the QHOF who have made large contributions to the world of quilting. This year it was Liz Porter and Marianne Fons, who met at a class in Iowa in 1975 when there were not many new items out in the world of quilting. They developed quilting items that improved the speed for making a quilt using rotary cutting, acrylic templates and sewing machines. They also developed a PBS show and a magazine. They sold their business in 2006. Marianne’s daughter Mary was also there and she has taken up quilting also.

Also being inducted as a Heritage Inductee was Mary A. McElwain. She opened a shop in 1912 in the corner of her husbands jewelry and watch shop. Here is what was written about her, ” She sold knitted, crocheted, embroidered and quilted items made by herself and others, at one time employing sixty women to create the items. She also sold quality fabrics, supplies, and patterns. In her shop she offered lessons in needle arts, bed turnings, and an inviting atmosphere. In 1933, when Mr. McElwain retired, Mary’s quilt shop took over the jewelry shop. Mary had a talent for marketing. Thorough her mail order catalog business, she reached national and international clientele. In the Midwest, she addressed women’s groups, spoke to radio audiences via WLS-Chicago, and was one of the judges of the Sears and Roebuck quilt contest for the 1933 Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago. She was also a wife, mother and grandmother, still finding time to make quilts for family members.”

The first class that we took was by Cynthia Regone, she is from Texas and teaches classes that the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She also has published a book, had her quilts in calendars and has been featured in other quilting books . Her class was Applique-Keeping it Real in the 21st Century. Here are some of the quilts that she has made and brought to show.
I don’t recall the names of the quilts but this one is a flannel form of a log cabin with applique along the edges, it was heavy and warm.
A sweet sherbet colored quilt with applique in the border.
Amish colored baskets with applique on the border.
I loved the three different greens used in this quilt. Applique in the middle block and I also loved the tiny saw tooth border.
A pink and green baskets and flowers quilt. The flowers are appliqued and I believe they have embroidery also.
A North Carolina Lily and I believe that the stems are appliqued and that possibly the swag in the border. She called it a watermelon swag because it is red and green.
A flower basket quilt and there is a lot of applique in this quilt and she often times used fusing and the small stitches to sew them on. Each quilt was gorgeous and we could go up and touch and go through each quilt and ask her questions. It was a fun class.

Upcoming Shows

This Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14 I will be setting up my tent in Freimann Square for the Three Rivers Festival Art in the Park. The Address is 200 E. Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN
Hours are Saturday 11:00 a.m till 7:00 p.m.
Sunday is 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.
It looks like it will be dry and sunny weather.
I will have some new paintings for sale.
Then on Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th I will be at the Chesterton Art Fair in Chesterton Indiana. This is held at beautiful Dogwood Park, 457 S. Third Street, Chesterton, IN. The hours are Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Make a weekend of it and go to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Mixed Media Pets

I enjoy turning your pets pictures into a mixed media creation, This is Mackie the Labradoodle.
Here she is turned into a fun rendition with all the things that dogs love. Walks, chasing a ball, barking at a squirrel and dog treats.
This was our dog Gretchen who passed in 1997
I made Gretchen in Mixed Media for my husband. She loved cookie, walks, chasing balls and being outside.
This is Rolf and I just guessed what he probably liked.

If you would like your pet made in mixed media please message me.
6 X 6 $50.00
8 X 8 $75.00
10 X 10 $100.00
These prices include shipping

World Bee Day

Today is World Bee Day, it is bringing attention to the important pollinators of the world.
We need them.
So instead of slapping and killing and poisoning these little creatures, take care of them, they serve a real purpose.
Click here for more information.
I created this painting titled “Save Us” to bring attention to the bees. Twelve flowers that attract bees……(there are also many more) and a bee is perched on each. The flowers, starting at the top and left to right. Black-eyed Susans, Sunflower, Golden Rod, Globe Thistle, Cat Mint, Liatris, Cone Flower, Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm, Sedum, Coral Bells, White Crocus. To purchase a print of this painting click here. $30.00 plus shipping and also the 24 X 30 original is available for purchase. Message me if you are interested.


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