Happenings this week

Saturday I was notified by Artlink that my painting “No Goldfish Allowed” was accepted into the Regional Artists Exhibition in January. This show will be open from January 4th through February 7th 2019. This is my second year and I feel very honored.

November 30 and December 1st will be the weekend of Le Chic Holiday Market at the Memorial Coliseum. I will be setting my booth up along with over 100 other vendors. It looks like a great array of different gifts. Please come out and support handmade, local vendors. I will have many new paintings for sale.

I will have these five paintings for sale at the Pop Up Gallery that the Fort Wayne Artist Guild is having in the City Exchange on Wayne Street, Fort Wayne. Along with the paintings there will be cards and archival prints. The show begins November 28th and will end on December 29th. It will be open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6 pm. Please come out and support your local art guild.

I just learned today from the Soaring Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation that Barn Owls with spots are female. I didn’t know that when I painted this owl and named it Barney, but it is going to stay. I love to learn new things.

Free Shipping on All Prints and Cards through Monday November 26th

Choose some archival prints or cards for people on your list because there is FREE SHIPPING (US and Ground only) through Monday November 26th. Be sure to pick out your favorites for yourself too. Shop the store.

The Story Behind the Paintings

I recently added this painting to my online store. Most of my paintings have a story behind them. While I was putting all the necessary information into the computer to make it show up correctly it took me back to why I painted this.

It was during 2015, when the election campaign was in full swing and there was constant clashes between the people running for the presidential office. We the people, were being constantly bombarded with nastiness. I just hoped it would calm down after the election and this painting was my hope.
1. The dark blue sky above with stars with hearts hanging down from it.
2. Flowers in a vase and one being a peace lily.
3. The angel- I always picture my angels having auburn hair, it possibly comes from a card my mother gave me when I was small. It made an impact. She has embossed gold wings and her halo is braided hemp twine painted gold. She is holding the earth which was made with a Styrofoam technique. It has a coating on it so I could paint it easily and it is very light to be able to glue it on. She has her buddy, the wise owl on her shoulder and her eyes are closed in prayer. She has a white aura about her.  I used the well known words because they are the ones that kept coming to mind.
This painting was used for our Christmas cards last year also.
The original has since been sold.

Today, I just added this painting to the online Store. “Pursue the Passion” I decided to do a series of three paintings with hearts and this was the first. I am drawn to hearts as you can tell by my business name.

This was painted soon after I decided to pursue a career in art. I had left a business office job, took a year off and decided that I wanted to build an art business. My husband at that same time decided to change jobs also. He had gone from a State Policeman for 25 years, to working in the Department of Revenue for 10 or so years to pursuing car sales. Something totally different right? We were losing that steady. every two weeks. we know what it will be income to something somewhat steady and with a lot of potential. These are not easy jobs to be successful. Sales are long hours, a lot of walking and talking and sometimes you come up short. With the art business, I make the inventory, I market it, I am the IT person, I sell it and am always looking for potential everything. Both of us are pursuing a passion and we had to spread our wings to do it. To decide to take the leap. It works well that I am home keeping track of things, because he is gone many hours of the day.
So the big red heart, the white words, the wings that could be bird or angel. I worked on my mixed media technique with the ribbon of leaves at the top and the raised leaves at the bottom with molding paste and stencils. The outlines of the heart and wings are made with Shiva oilstiks. I love them, they are so smooth. The original is still available size 18 X 18.

The second in the series “Love Many Things”. Original is still available. Size 18 X 18

The third in the series. “For You” Original is still available. Size 18 X 18. Send a message if you are interested. 


Second “Find Your Creative Joy” Workshop

My sweet friend Joan was my only student for the second workshop. When I set these up I wanted to try a couple of different days to see which day was more popular. I believe saturday or sunday may be better than friday night. So from now on I will have them on those days.

I love Joan’s little canvas, it is fabulous! She had just visited Vermont and Maine this month and the trees were changing. This was the driving force for her colors, and it worked. It was a bold move with the dark blue sky but then she added a little gray and a little white to give it some movement. Then the dark green and light green with some burlap texture. Good choice patterns for her trees also.

Tearing the sun ray shapes to attach around the sun.

Left side of the canvas with the little flowers and textures.

Right side with the sunflowers.

The top of the canvas with the sun. We decided we really liked the color choices of the sun. She used copper colored paint to put surrounding it. Sign up on my home page to receive blogs posts, unless you are already signed up, to find out when I announce the next Find Your Creative Joy Workshop.


I know

As like many things they don’t work well the first time.  I put my poll together, got all excited and posted it before I checked mobile devices to see if it was working.  Sadly it wasn’t …I went back in and fixed it but it doesn’t update to the mobile devices, just on the computer. So if you are using your computer please vote.  Next time I will have it all together….again a learning curve.  Here is the poll that should work for every device if you would be so kind. 🙂

Coming Soon


I need your opinion please

I have turned some of my paintings into black and white pictures for coloring. Our library is putting a coloring book together of local artists work. I would like to know which painting you would like to color?

I know they don’t have bold black lines on them, but I found a tutorial on how to turn the paintings into black and white, invert, blur, etc. in my Photoshop elements program. I did not want to purchase an Adobe Illustrator program because I would only use it once in a while. It is a cost saving measure.

The tutorial was great and I will go back to this guy. He has all kinds of info on YouTube.

I am not sure if this is what the Library is looking for but I think they could be colored nicely.

Coming Soon


Here is my next show, this weekend in Roanoke Indiana. It is supposed to be sunny and 53 with  light winds. I look forward to this. Put on my heavy sweater and take my hot vegetable soup and it will be a great day for an art show. They have added a fine crafts area also. Plein air painting, Farmers Market, Young artists competition and a children’s art area along with the art show. Saturday, October 13 from 10:00 am to 4 pm. Here is the website.

Revamped Painting #1 Complete

The title of this painting is “Can We Talk”. It is from a painting that became damaged and those elements were taken off. I had a good time using the new wallpaper books choosing the papers for the flowers. I like to hide critters in my paintings so look for a woolly bear caterpillar. This painting can be purchased in three different sizes and can be found here. So far I have moved over 39 prints, my store is filling up.

Store Checkout up and running

If anyone was trying to sign up for a workshop or to purchase prints, the store checkout

is up and running again.  It seems there was a glitch that took 6 hours to find.

I am so sorry and a bit frustrated.


Find Your Creative Joy-Workshop Information

This 5 X 7 canvas is the star for the Friday evening October 26 workshop. 6 pm to 10 pm. In it we will use acrylic paint, wallpaper, acrylic ink, permanent pen and oil paintsticks. We will also use some texture tools for the background. All the shapes are very simple and easy to do. No artistic experience needed and you will be able to take home a completed painting. Four hours for just $75.00.

One side of the painting.

Sun and sky on the top of the painting.

The other side of the painting. (The bottom is just green.) Four hours of fun. A complementary bag containing art goodies. I guarantee something will be hand made. Drinks and chocolate, baked items. Take me to the sign up page.

This little floral painting is the star of the Sunday October 21st workshop. 1 pm to 5 pm.  We will be using wallpaper, acrylic paint, bronze leaf, acrylic ink, iridescent and florescent paint.

The next four pictures show the sides that the design laps over.

Again, no artistic experience needed. Four hours of creative fun for $75.00. Bag with artistic goodies and a hand made item. Chocolate, hot and cold beverages, some home baked goodies. Nice way to spend an afternoon and learn some new techniques. Take me to the sign up page.

The Pennsy Depot has been painstakingly remodeled, and the women who spearheaded it have kept most of the elements of this early train station. It is just so cute and a perfect place for a small gathering. Even though there are train tracks beside it, no trains go by it.

This is the area where we will have the workshop. Plenty of windows and lights. If it is a nice day those doors open out.

Just showing different scenarios.

Kitchen Area

Rest Room. I was so impressed how nice this restoration was done. I feel thrilled that I am able to use this area for creative workshops. It is located right beside the police and fire stations with plenty of parking. My vision for these workshops is to keep building on them and introducing more techniques, larger canvases, a complete day workshop, the sky is the limit. Sign up and help me make this a reality. Decatur is a wonderful city that is focusing on the arts. If you drive around downtown there are sculptures and new parks. A new gallery just opened this year, many home boutiques, coffee shop and unique pizza restaurants along with other good restaurants. When the dates get nearer, I will post maps and restaurants. Come, lets be creative together.