Bunny Pillow, crocus, johnny jump ups, paintings

I fell in love with this bunny pillow while shopping at my local Kroger grocery. At Christmas there was a snowman pillow that I had looked at so many times and put back down. When all of them were bought I was irritated with myself for not buying it. The conservative brain kept saying “you are spending for Christmas, not for yourself”….you understand, but I have decided to relieve myself of that mindset. the minute I saw this sweet bunny face I snatched it up, put it in the cart with no second thoughts. I look forward to summer. Who would have thunk to pick up your pillows at the grocery???

This corner was naked too long, so I brought out the teal and blue painting. I have had so many customers think, and ponder about this painting but not purchase it. I am going to leave it there for a while, it really brightens that spot up and also picks up colors from the antique grandmothers flower garden quilt. The painting is still for sale. It is 24 X 24 and is $250.00. Just send a message if you have a question or are interested.

So desperately wanting some warm weather. We have a forecast tonight of some rain mixing with some $)*%!!! The plants are not giving up though. A few years ago I took 2 or 3 packages of johnny jump up seeds and threw them out in the landscaping. They multiply and become like a bed of moss. I even get some blooms in the winter. I suspect when it gets just remotely warm those little faces will be popping up everywhere.

Oh my, the crocuses are pretty. When there is some sun they open their petals and soak it up. In the evening they close up shop again. I need to make a point to plant more for next year.

Such a happy yellow!

The new day-lily leaves are popping up through the old, brown, shriveled ones of last year.

This suncatcher, that is in the studio window would reflect on a blank canvas that was on an easel. One early morning I finally paid attention to it,the yard light was giving it the reflection component so it was quite early in the morning.

I decided to trace it and do a painting because it was so neat. Here it is in the early stages. Thinking about adding some bronze paint and flowers twisting around the rays.

This is my very favorite gold in the whole world. Golden brand, Iridescent Bright gold fine. Check back for updates. Happy Easter and warm weather wishes to you.


Spring Nature


I walked around the house yesterday with plans to capture the start of spring through early blooms and buds. This is a fully opened crocus from bulbs I planted last fall. The wind had made it fall over.


Here is another crocus with the bloom just emerging out.


Tulips that I also planted last fall. I really don’t remember what color they are. It will be a nice surprise.


This is that same crocus later in the day.


Magnolia Buds


Redbud sprouts.


Crab apple tree sprouts.


Another flowering tree sprout. I am so glad to see this one, I was worried about it.


Lilac bush


Pretty blue water of the pond behind our house.


Wet and dry rocks along the edge of the pond.


The weather station I received for Christmas. It was windy and the spinner on the top was going fast. I really like to know the wind speed from the house.


Ripples from the wind on the pond going northeast.


Our birch tree before leaves. It has really grown in 4 years. We have had a few really nice warm days that were just teasing us. but oh so enjoyable. Spring is coming my friends and we welcome it with open arms. Thanks for sharing with me.