The Best Day


Yesterday, for my husband, ranks up as one of the more memorable days in his life and I was along for the ride. We have a small season ticket package for the Detroit Tigers and with that comes some perks. Our ticket organizer Michelle called Tom in July to see if we would like to attend a batting practice on the field. We said “of course”, and coordinated a date that worked for all of us, August 27th. Tom had attended a game in July and snapped a picture of someone that he wanted them to autograph. I printed it off and here is Tom, organizing his picture and book he wanted to get some autographs in.  This is our parking spot in the parking garage. Would you believe I had to ask Tom what floor we were on when coming in to go home? I really paid attention didn’t I, and I even took the picture? That was about 6 hours later in my defense though.


Great view from the parking garage. Ford Field in the background (Detroit Lions Football), Comerica Park (Tigers) in the middle and the the revolving Red Wings Hockey puck in the foreground. It belongs to the Hockey Town Cafe.


This is where the new Detroit Red Wings hockey arena is being built. It is going to be a fabulous complex of apartments, townhouses, restaurants, shops, etc. What used to be there was a very, very blighted neighborhood. It wasn’t a safe place. One time Tom and I were waiting in traffic to get on to the interstate on a street in this area. There was a female and two males going into an old abandoned gas station. One male would come out, then the other male would go in. They had a brown bag they were drinking out of and it was just not good. We knew what was going on and it really bothered me.


In 2010 we had been watching the prices of these condos. The real estate market was tanked, the prices in Detroit were really low and we saw these get down to maybe $58,000 and we really considered buying one. Especially since it was two blocks from Comerica Park. After witnessing the gas station incident I didn’t want to stay around that area. We could kick ourselves now! Look at the prime area they are going to be across from! We didn’t have a crystal ball…it would have come in handy though.


Coming down the elevator, the side of the Fox Theater building. I loved the ornate carvings.


I also liked this sign. I made me wonder just how good those seats were.


We were to be there by 10:45 so we made our way up to Comerica Park, which by the previous pictures, was just a few blocks away. We got there in time to see one of the Los Angeles Angels bus drive in. Tom could kind of tell who they were and he thought is was the pitchers. So that was fun.


We were to check in at the Administrative Offices. Go through the metal detector and say who we were here for.


We loved the pictures in the office. Tom was just in Heaven just being in this office. My job is to document. I am enjoying myself also, but not like my husband. It is like he is absorbing it in.


Players important in the history of the Detroit Tigers.


A very historical picture with Babe Ruth in the middle.


Everything has the Old English D on it. Even the hand dryers in the bathrooms.


A picture of Kirk Gibson hitting a home run in the 1984 World Series. I have included the video of was great off Goose Gossage. Kirk Gibson went on to hit another in 1988 playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He then went on to be the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks until recently he has come back to the Tigers and is a radio commentator. At the beginning of the season he discovered he had Parkinsons Disease. I truly believe it will not get the best of him and the disease has a good strong opponent. An interesting note….the Tigers Wives, this week, had an online auction, as they do every year. Kirk Gibson sent a baseball to Goose Gossage to sign and write “I should have walked him” and then Kirk also signed the baseball and it was in the auction. You really need to watch the video to understand this.  I don’t know how much it sold for.


This sweet little girl was keeping her grandpa busy while he was waiting for someone else in the same area. Even the carpet has old English D’s on it. So Michelle came down and said that batting practice had been cancelled. This didn’t surprise us any…that’s the way things go with us. For example: 1. When we went to Virginia we drove to Chincoteague Island to see the ponys….the road to the ponys was closed. 2. We went to Indianapolis for a weekend and the room down the hall from us caught on fire. 3. We went to Chicago and had a weekend from hell because our car kept breaking down on the freeway. 4. I went to a ballgame in Chicago and a vendor was throwing peanuts to the guy behind me and the package hit me in the side of the face. 5. Again the vacation to Virginia Beach resulted in changing hotels because our hotel was under a loud and uncomfortable renovation. So we were not surprised that this happened and we have learned through the years to prepare ourselves. Also they had a night game the night before and Justin Verlander almost had a no hitter, so they probably whooped it up. Maybe they should have had batting practice because they lost the game 2 to 0…and the pitcher did a great job! So Michelle was so sorry and told us to reschedule and that she would get us a signed baseball and so we were happy. She said she would bring it to our seats. Believe you me….we were still just tickled to be there!


We left and just started walking around because we had some time to kill. Look at this view down the street. Ford Field on the left, the GM headquarters straight ahead and Comerica Park on the right.


When we go to a football game, we spend time here in the Bud Light Party Zone. It’s great, they have food and drinks, and I think they are complementary.


This plaque I had not noticed before on the side of Comerica Park. It was interesting. There is so much to see, I am not surprised I missed it.


Just a good close up of the pregame screen. The graphics were really good because that A looks like it is popping off the screen.


We were going to go eat at Cheli’s who is a hockey player for the Red Wings. He used to play for the Blackhawks also and I don’t know who else. But before that next door to the restaurant is an sports apparel shop that we looked around in.


It was neat because it had actual items from old stadiums.


Close up you could tell this was old and worn. Such memorabilia!


Also old and worn. 20 years old.


Walking back to Cheli’s…I liked this old doorway. Cheli’s then was full and the line was out the door so we moved on and went in to sit and have a drink before the stadium opened at 11:30.


Doing a little people watching while we are in the stadium waiting for our autograph person. Friends have taken a day to come to the ball park.


This guy is hoping to catch a fly ball or a foul ball.


Tom has spotted his guy and he is showing him the picture. He is telling him about it and it’s a good sign that he is smiling.


I see he is now talking with his hands and it looks like they are starting to move.


John Keating says that he would be glad to sign it but “Hell, we can get you a better picture than that”. Come on up!


Tom says, “I have my wife, she will take the picture” and John Keating says “bring her up too, she can be in it.”


So here we are, and look at Tom….just loving it. He is having such a great time!


Here is Michelle, our ticket organizer, she has just delivered our signed ball to our seats. She said, I got J.D.Martinez to sign it, I thought that would be a good one. I agreed, she picked a good one. Let me tell you friends, he is on fire. He was a great acquisition for the Tigers. The fun just keeps on coming!


Our signed baseball by J.D. Martinez, No.28. He hit a triple which was great! Nobody could get him home though.


To end our day at the ballpark, Paws was talking with a lovely elderly lady and giving her a t-shirt in the aisle beside our seats. It was a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with me.

New Stuff for Art


This last weekend myself and three other friends went to Cincinnati and made a stop at IKEA. My friend Michelle said have you seen the the rolling cart that is popular? I said no, but please show it to me. She said that she bought one in December and the price had dropped on it. It came in three colors and the turquoise seems to be a favorite. I was quite taken with it and picked one up. This is how it was packaged and I was getting ready to assemble it.


Here it is, 45 minutes later. Rolls well and is nice and sturdy. When I have a project going I am having the supplies in the top at my fingertips, that way it will leave more room on the desktop.


I ordered this bundle, which had golden paints and 3 DVD’s and a new Cloth, Paper Scissor magazine. These are a collaboration with Carrie Schmitt and Amy Jones. I am excited about using these different paints and some of the substances I have not tried before. I like to keep learning all the time!


Carrie Schmitt has a story in the newest Cloth-Paper-Scissors magazine and that is why it is included in the bundle. I look forward to watching these and making more flower paintings.


I had picked this hand printed canvas container at a museum of art and decided to move my watercolor tubes so they were more easily accessible. They are so little and do not take up much space. There is even room for more.


I needed some large letter stencils for a painting I had in mind. I found this bundle at Meijer. They came with eight background stencils that I just love. I was floored that it was only $12.00!


Not that great of a picture but here is the name of the stencils if you were wondering.


In the mail this week I received a big, fat, Dick Blick catalog. That is just heaven!


Also while at IKEA I picked up the iron holder. My husband put this up for me today. It frees up space on the counter and looks to neat and tidy. Picture ledge #1 was installed at the same time. I bought several to put throughout the room to store paintings that I will be selling. The Love picture with the heart is for sale in my Etsy shop The other picture is one my sister Linda picked up for me. It is an older Papyrus print. I wanted to see how well a couple of pictures fit on the shelf. Lot’s of fun stuff!! Thanks for stopping by…..

Farmers Market Plus


This last Saturday I went to market again. This booth had huge red tomatoes. It was one of the most humid days we have had, where the sweat starts dripping down your back with a minimum of movement.


They also had buckets of sunflowers that caught my eye as I turned the corner. 75 cents a piece or 3 for 2.00. They drive a hard bargain.


Since it was a very warm and humid day I decided to try out an all natural artisan popsicle. As you can see there were many flavors to choose from and I stepped into the lengthy line for a mango pop. It was cold and very frozen and also not too sweet. They should have had a very profitable day.


I couldn’t pass up the corn on the cob, it’s a family favorite. Since my arms were burdened down with bags and flowers the man kindly picked and bagged the corn for me. I felt grateful for that.


My ultimate goal was to choose fresh flowers. This fresh flower and produce booth had many bucketful in the early part of the day but when I got there I had to be really choosy. She gave me a very generous deal on what I chose and then gladly stood so I could take her picture.


That was Saturday and now moving forward to Tuesday a front had moved through and the day was fabulous! Warm in the sun, nice breeze in the shade. Fluffy clouds resulting in a perfect summer day. Even my front porch flowers were loving it. They looked particularly pretty today with their peach sherbet colored flowers.


I set up outside on the porch so I could take in the day and still be productive. Here I was with my afternoon coffee, water, Ipad and working on my little quilt. All the while I was able to look out at the green field (we have had A LOT of rain), the blue water of the pond and listening to all the sounds. Birds singing, airplanes flying over, cars driving down the road, I could even at times feel the light spray from the fountain.


Another angle of my sight. It was very blissful and serene.


Marked for embroidery with the Mark-B-Gone water soluble ink pen.


The marks around the sun are for quilting. The inside of the sun is finished. I find that I put many sun images in my work. I must relate it to happiness and that goes along with sunflowers. I hope where you live that you had an equally as nice day. Thanks for stopping!




This is the largest canvas that I have worked on and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This painting makes my heart sing. I just love color so much. It will be a challenge to get it all scanned in and put together but I will be offering prints of it in my Etsy store.


Sophie is looking out on my inspiration, through a dirty window. I am going to get out there today and clean it. The last rain a few days ago really did the dirty number on it. Sophie really doesn’t seem to mind though.


A sneak peek of my next painting. I guarantee it will have much more color on it. That tabletop easel was a great investment of $10.00. It was half off one day at Michaels Crafts and works perfect for the smaller canvases. My 13 year old niece was with me that day. She is an aspiring artist and thought that was a pretty neat buy and she picked one up also. She bought some canvas and some wonderfully bright paints. I am looking forward to seeing what she made with them. The 3 neighbor kids stopped by yesterday to bring over garden goods. Nice red potatoes this time. I love it when they stop because they look for all the cats, see what is in process in my studio, we talk about what has been going on in their lives. One approved of this piece….that is really artistic, you are using all kinds of things like the newspaper and words, thats really good. You cannot get any better approval than that!


I have a tendency to start using using ALL the colors I like, but I decided to use a little co-ordination on this painting. I think it was working for me. Glad I pulled it out. Hey, thanks for stopping by!




I have had a greatly productive couple of days and boy am I pooped but I just had to share a bunch of things before I went to bed. Since we are having nieces and nephew come for an overnighter we had to buy grocerys. Smores are always a crowd pleaser so I picked up all the 3 ingredients for them. Look at these new marshmallows they have come out with. They are flat so they will fit between the graham crackers very neatly. How grand is that…Smoremallows!


Some strawberries to cut up. They small really good!


Cantaloup to cut up also. I made sure I got the obligatory flat spots so they sat in the field long enough to ripen.


Why so many yogurts you are probably thinking. We don’t usually do our main shopping at Walmart but we had to pick up a few things and took advantage of this time to get yogurt. Walmart has the best variety of yogurts. My favorite is cherry then chocolate cherry and Tom’s is toasted coconut vanilla. We like to stock up.


I couldn’t end the day without a beautiful sunset picture. We have had so many wonderful sunsets and sunrises.


The chocolate and the graham crackers are all ready to go at a moments notice.

IMG_0473 (2)

Here they are from last year. I am going to have to dig out those goggles again.


The whole main floor of my house was cleaned very, very well, wiping down the baseboards and doors to cleaning the trash cans and climbing up to clean off the light fixtures, it smells  great in here!  I was able to finish  paintings this week and get them posted to my Etsy shop. Here are very early stages of the paintings.

Changing Lives with watermark

Changing Lives, a very colorful painting with 3 dimensional elements.

Truth is with watermark

Truth…a masculine color scheme and a historical quote of Thomas Jefferson.


Lastly I have to show off my new fitbit bands. My niece Angie surprised me with them. They are so cute! Beats my black one I was wearing. I don’t know who the company was but she found them on Amazon.  The reason I am so tired…..16, 932 steps! I think I can go a little lighter tomorrow. As always, Thank for stopping