The Wizard did it

My friends Theresa and Toni and me drove to Indianapolis to see the Broadway play Wicked. It was at the Murat Theatre. This is half of the side.

The other half of the side, pretty impressive.

Beautiful stained glass windows.

Another circular one. The story is about how the Wicked Witch came about. Truly, none of it was her fault. It was a clear cut case of people treating people wrong who are different. The girl was born green, she had to deal with that her whole life. She had a bullseye on her from the beginning. Then people making false accusations against her and the crowd going along with it. In the end she outsmarted them so that she may live a normal life. The actress who played GL…..ENDA did an excellent job. The whole play was so enjoyable and had a good message. The next picture is a video because my Iphone was on live by accident. We had to stand in line to get our picture taken with the poster. It was a good time with good friends!

On the road again

Last weekend I was in Holland Michigan, next weekend I will be going south to the Wyoming Ohio Art Show, this will be my second visit to this show. Wyoming is a suburb of Cincinnati and is a really pretty town that takes their arts seriously. I will be staying with my booth helper Margaret who always makes it an enjoyable visit. As an added bonus we are going to attend the play, His Eye is on the Sparrow on Saturday. I saw this play here in Fort Wayne and it left an impression as one of my favorites, so I jumped at the chance to see it again. Click here for information about the play. It is going to be a fun weekend, and if you are in the area please come to the Wyoming Art Show and find me, I am in booth 52.

A weekend of plays and preparation

This weekend I saw two plays. Two plays as I think about it on the surface are completely different. One was a musical and one was not. As I delve deeper into them they both have many similarities of segregation, inhumane treatment of another human being, race and religion atrocities. Memphis, I saw Friday night with my friend Theresa.

I love musicals and this did not disappoint. Fantastic dancing and R and B music. Huey Calhoun a white man who loves the R & B music, made his way into a black night club in an area of Memphis Tennessee during the 50’s in the segregated south. He fell for the black singer with the beautiful voice and they both were not supposed to be romantically linked and were jumped, beat up and paid the price. It was two hours of great musical entertainment.


On Sunday our niece had the lead roll of Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. This was such a dark time in our world history and although this was a sad subject matter the actors did a fantastic job portraying the 8 people who were hiding from the Nazi’s in a hidden apartment in the Netherlands.

The Germans were rounding up the Jews and sending them to concentration camps. Two families and a single man were in this apartment for two years 1942 to 1944 until they were discovered and sent on the trains. Through this time Anne Frank was writing in her diary what it was like to be in hiding. When they were taken away her diary was left behind and her father Otto was the only survivor.
He came back and retrieved this and their other items. He eventually read the diary and made it into a book. The acting made you feel the sadness and the hopelessness and at the end I was wiping my eyes. I wonder after seeing these two plays have we really learned anything from history? It just keeps repeating itself in different ways and areas. I have to quote Jimi Hendrix….When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace.

I have also been readying my art for the summer shows. My first is March 4th in South Bend. I am adding wire hanging hooks.

Packaging single cards from mini prints of my art.

Added grommets to my banner. I have considered buying a commercial banner but I just feel that my personally made banner holds a lot of charm. I have also bought curtains for indoor shows to make the booth seem cozier and finished. The blue is a new tablecloth and I have a nosy cat that cannot come to the art fairs with me. She is putting her seal of approval on it, I guess. I am also making bags out of the roll of bubble wrap. It will make transport much easier. I will show them next time. Have a great Monday!!


His Eye is on the Sparrow


Last night I went to a play with my sister at the First Presbyterian Theater. I had not been there before and it was a really nice surprise. Not only did I see a very good play but they also have a gallery and a one person quilt show was up. These next few pictures are some of the quilts that were there. Each piece of work was as good as the next.  She was a wonderful artist and seamstress.  I like this little quilt with the tiny hexagons in a flower garden quilt. Oh and the play was the title of this blog post-His Eye is on the Sparrow. It was about Ethel Waters an African American singer. It was a one person musical biography starring Mikki White. She was fantastic and I ran a whole gamut of emotions during the two hour show. I was so glad we went.


A lovely little red and green minature.


Another miniature, the star looks like watermelon fabric.


charming little baskets and flowers


A rendition of a mariners compass with sailboats in the middle and on the corners.


Many, Many tiny squares in this quilt.


I loved that this was so colorful. These squares are wonky.


I don’t know the names of this one, but it reminds me of space.


Another colorful and wonky fun quilt.


We then went outside and enjoyed being downtown and enjoyed the streetlights and tall buildings and then took a few pictures. It was someplace we were not normally at. This is my shadow.


Steeple of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church between the trees. It was all lit up and very pretty. Like I said it was an enjoyable evening, and we are planning our next play to go to there. I wonder what they will have up in the gallery this time. Thanks for stopping!