Burgundy Poppies


I finished a painting to sell in my art fair booth this year. It is mixed media with 6 different mediums used I included my signature red heart with splatters.


Molding paste tinted with acrylic paint. I love texture.


A crow cut out of vintage wallpaper with paper pieced wings and legs.


A drooping bud made with molding paste along with a stencil in various parts of the canvas.


Paper pieced poppy petals. Acrylic paint is in the middle.


The painting is on a 36 X 36 inch canvas.


A perfect Native American Proverb to go with the art. It is exactly how I feel….Always follow your heart. I am excited and optimistic about my maiden voyage into the Art Fair Scene. My first fair is March 12th and I have applied to 5 more so far. I have received my new tent though I have not opened the boxes yet. It has been cold out in the garage. I also received the two directors chairs that I ordered. Very happy with them because they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Thanks so much for stopping by.

New Year Goals


I am slowly getting my Christmas decorations down and I have gone through my Christmas goodies,putting some away and piling the rest on my chair. It’s anticipation of slowly enjoying my bounty, knowing it is there and seeing it. I also got some money and I just have it on my desk in a pile and not really having an idea of what I am going to do with it. I just like the idea that I have money in a pile and I am not broke. It is really a great feeling. I have also piled my goodies on my chair because somebody in the house has decided the likes my chair also and I keep finding his behind on it. This is to deter this person from sitting on it even if it stops me too. All in good time, I don’t want him to get the idea that it is ok to sit there. This chair sits up fairly straight, is not too big and has a nice ottoman, it is Mama Bears Chair. But enough about that, I am sure you understand.


I have been thinking about my goals that I would like to accomplish in 2016. I started to write them down and decided that it was a to do list and that wasn’t it. It had to be deeper. So I dug a little deeper and this is what I came up with. GOAL NUMBER ONE…To participate in 1 to 2 art fairs per month starting in March. So that brings up this picture. This is going to be my new Art Van. I have it on order and it is called a Ford Transit Connect. I was using a Ford F150 and it was too hard to pack and unpack. It was too high. I will be selling my Explorer and this will be my vehicle. It will only be a two seater and the whole back will be cargo space, plenty of room to travel to art fairs. I am very excited about it….it is coming from Spain where it is manufactured.


I will be ordering a very nice tent called a trimeiine by the Flourish Company. It will have mesh sides to so that I can add hooks to hang my work.


The tent will also have zip sides to be able to close it up .

director chair

All the information that I read says to have a directors chair. That way I can be eye to eye with my customers. I will be ordering two, one for my helper also.


So this being said…GOAL NUMBER TWO….Build my art business to have people come to my website, and help me to be recognized through my art style. GOAL NUMBER 3….MAKE LOTS OF ART. GOAL NO. 4.,,,,,,,NEVER STOP LEARNING. Here is my blank canvas of 36 X 36 just waiting for paint, meeting goal number 3.