On The Lake

This new painting is all ready for the Devils Lake Fine Art Fair this weekend, but I also have it up in my shop. It can be purchased in three different sizes to fit the area where you would like to hang it. This is a very cheerful painting that will make you smile everyday. Who doesn’t love to take a boat ride on the lake, watching the fish and feeling the wind. Here is the link to it in my store.

Three Additional Prints

This whimsical, teal faced cat has made it to the store. She has a flower collar and flowers in her hair. Beautiful olive green eyes and pink nose titled “Cat Heart”. She can be purchased in the usual three sizes and can be found here.
A sweet baby red fox all curled up in her burrow for a nap. It is hiding under leaves and flowers, this print is title “Fox Burrow”. Find it here in the store.
“Gretchen” our family dog. She was part German Shepherd and part big black dog. She loved cookies, pizza, being outside, going for walks and playing catch. She was a wonderful dog and I made this painting for my husband. If you would like a print of Gretchen it can be found here.

Original Art that can only be found here.

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More Prints Added

“Bar Harbor” in mixed media. This painting is a compilation of images that I took on a vacation in Bar Harbor Maine. Cadillac Mountain and the sunrise that is the first to hit North America, to the eagles soaring over the pine trees of the rock walls. Then the activity of the ocean, Egg Island light house and the sea lions that soak up the sun and warmth during low tide. Shown are also kayakers, a schooner, a fishing boat, a lobster boat and buoys and a sailboat. I am happy to say that this 24 X 24 painting is sold to a collector of my art but the print can be purchased here.
“Love Birds” these two are definitely in love singing to each other. There are hearts and music notes floating in the air. The male birds is standing with his legs jauntily crossed as they stand over their heart shaped nest with five blue eggs. Truly a match made in Heaven. The print can be purchased here.
“Striped Heart” This heart has so much bling. The background is painted in bronze and gold with xo’s all around. The multicolored stripes have different designs with rhinestones surrounding it. This print would speak volumes to someone you love. The prints can be found here.

Original Art that can only be found here.

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More new paintings and one Super Hero

This special man with his penetrating eyes and windblown hair has been added to my store. He is eternal so he always has a permanent spot in the shop. Super Hero Jesus, a unique and special painting and it can be found here.

A new painting for Christmas 2018, That Special Night. The Nativity in mixed media and yes…a cat! All that straw, has to draw the mice. This sweet picture can be found here.

A new painting titled, The Circle of Love. A pink painting with white texture marks and a more pink daisy. It can be found here in the store.

I made this star painting and donated it to the LeChic holiday market for the Festival of Trees . The Tree will be displayed and then auctioned off. The title of this painting is; You Get a Gold Star. It can be found here.


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Two Brand New Paintings

Lavender and White Poinsettias- Torn paper flowers along with orange and red florescent flowers. Green leaves line painted with acrylic ink. Poinsettias also outlined with acrylic ink. A bold background with magenta and pink paint. Graphic circles on the background and a wallpaper vase with graphic dots in different sizes.

This red dancing star on a paynes grey background with texture. The star has it’s gold finery on for the holidays. A green garland floating around the dancing star with gold leaf and red berries.

 Both of these paintings can be used year round depending on your decor. They don’t need to just come out at the holidays. They are also originals where you will not find copies in stores.  Very unique products.
Fine art prints make great gifts also. The sizes that these are printed, make it easy to frame them in ready made mattes and frames. Take a look at the store. Here is the link. Remember to shop small and buy local.

Revamped Painting #1 Complete

The title of this painting is “Can We Talk”. It is from a painting that became damaged and those elements were taken off. I had a good time using the new wallpaper books choosing the papers for the flowers. I like to hide critters in my paintings so look for a woolly bear caterpillar. This painting can be purchased in three different sizes and can be found here. So far I have moved over 39 prints, my store is filling up.

New Paintings uploaded to my shop

– Baby Barr- A little mixed media juvenile barred owl sitting in the night sky. It was made with wallpaper, gel medium and acrylic paint. The original is a 5 X 5 gallery wrapped canvas but the print will be 7.5 X 7.5 and it will fit in an 8 X 8 ready made matte. A note card is also available for purchase and it will have small stamped images on the envelope and inside of card from my personal hand carved stamps. The print is $25.00 and the card is $5.00 and can be purchased through my shop. This would be a perfect addition for a baby/childs room or anyone who loves owls.

-Save Us- A mixed media piece that has 12 flowers that bees are attracted to. Each flower then has a bee that is on or near it. Bees are very important and we need to help them thrive. The flowers are from left to right. Liatris, black-eyed susan, sunflower, goldenrod, thistle, cat mint, butterfly bush, coneflower, , sedum, coral bells, bee balm, crocus. I also added two butterfly’s, a swallowtail and an African monarch.

-Hedgie- A sweetfaced round hedgehog. This painting also would look good in a baby/childs room. Will be printed at 7.5 X 7.5.

-Equality- Multicolored hearts on a green background. Nothing says “I love you” like 16 hearts. Perfect for a significant other!

-O Happy Day- This mixed media painting has so much texture, mediums and color, you can’t help but smile. Gold leaf, molding paste, acrylic ink and acrylic paint are what was used to creat this painting. The berries were made with my fingertips and then a round circle of acrylic paint was stamped on them. The size is 6.5 X 12.5 and a matte would have to be cut for you. It would definitely fit a ready made frame. Again all the paintings have been uploaded to my shop, found here. Four or more items, shipping is only $10.00, so go crazy!