New Art in Shop and the DIA

This new painting “Under our Feet” is now up in my shop. It can be purchased in three sizes and starts at $30.00. Here is the link to get to the shop.

I have had a full schedule since we visited the Detroit Institute of Arts in July and have so many more great images to share. In August I had three shows and in September I had three also and two events in October. My last outdoor show was October 12th, it was cold! The weather in October is always a crap shoot. I think my joints needed oil like the tin man. I had a new helper this last weekend and I was sorry it was so cold, but we put three sides up on the tent and kept the wind out pretty well. Joan was such a trooper and a great helper and we had a good time. Roanoke Indiana has some great shops that people should visit, it is a nice town and the art show is very well organized. My next show is not until Saturday November 30th in Noblesville, IN at the Hoosier Artisan Boutique. I am looking forward to having time in the studio to create.

The next paintings that I am showing are well known American Artists.
This was my first to see Andy Warhol up close and personal. The well know Mao Tse Tung painting. It was larger than life and very neat.
Self Portraits by Andy Warhol
You can find more out about Andy Warhol from the Andy Warhol museum site. It is located in Pittsburg, PA.
The next American Painter is Andrew Wyeth and you can find out more about him at his official site.
This was a portrait of his very close friend and his lobster boots stood in for the actual person. Very interesting, I am sure that this person is known for wearing these boots.
Georgia O’Keefe, different from what she is known for with her huge and closeup flowers. I did like the simplicity of this barn.
I was not familiar with this artist and loved his style. The shadow play and geometric rugs. He was also a photographer and painter. Here is more information about Charles Sheeler.
That’s it for now friends. Have an artful day, make something – it reduces stress.

On The Lake

This new painting is all ready for the Devils Lake Fine Art Fair this weekend, but I also have it up in my shop. It can be purchased in three different sizes to fit the area where you would like to hang it. This is a very cheerful painting that will make you smile everyday. Who doesn’t love to take a boat ride on the lake, watching the fish and feeling the wind. Here is the link to it in my store.

Harper’s Art

This new piece of art I held off showing until a baby shower was over. Our niece Kellie and her husband Cory are having a baby and I made this for the new baby. It is titled “Harper’s Art” and Harper is due in a couple of months.

I have put this up in my store and can be purchased in three sizes. Here is the link to it.

Wild Garden

My newest painting completed this last week just in time for the Great Lakes Art Fair. This mixed media painting has a fat junco bird along with orange and red poppies. Some of the poppies are painted and some made with wallpaper. This is a fun and colorful painting that also makes a beautiful print. It is now up in my store and be sure to use the coupon code of 35off2019 to receive 35% off of your order.
All the info that you need to know about the Great Lakes Art Fair if you are up that way. It is north of Detroit and in the nice city of Novi Michigan. This is my first show of the season and so far it looks like a pretty nice weekend the weather says. Looking forward to it for sure. It is time to get out there again after the winter.

Found something informative on the Allen County Public Library Website…..Yes true….the whole website is informative. They have an area artists link. So I submitted mine also! Here is the link.

Lastly I will have another art fair to add to my show schedule. I will be at the Round the Fountain Art Fair in Lafayette, IN. It is on the courthouse square. When Tom and I were first married we lived in that area and I worked across the street of the courthouse at Lafayette Bank and Trust. It was only a mere 38 years ago. It will be nice to go back and see it. The show is May 25th.

I Needed Flowers

This painting was made during the coldest, cold snap that I can remember and that was on record for our area. One day I needed to paint some flowers and started grabbing some colors. They turned out to be the primarys and those make such bright happy pictures. Something that would surely brighten your wall. The original is just a 6 X 6 canvas with 1 1/2 sides. I paint flowers on all four of the sides and it is so fun. I will be uploading the prints to my shop. When they are available the prints can be purchased in three sizes. a 4 X 6 blank note card, a 10.5 X 10.5 print and 7.5 X 7.5 print.

A Little Bunny Love

The second little 5 X 5 that I completed today. This also is a repurposed canvas from 2016 and the title is “A little bunny Love”. Once I get it uploaded into my store, it can be purchased in a notecard, 7.5 X 7.5 print and a 10.5 X 10.5 print. Here is the link if you would like to look around.

More new paintings and one Super Hero

This special man with his penetrating eyes and windblown hair has been added to my store. He is eternal so he always has a permanent spot in the shop. Super Hero Jesus, a unique and special painting and it can be found here.

A new painting for Christmas 2018, That Special Night. The Nativity in mixed media and yes…a cat! All that straw, has to draw the mice. This sweet picture can be found here.

A new painting titled, The Circle of Love. A pink painting with white texture marks and a more pink daisy. It can be found here in the store.

I made this star painting and donated it to the LeChic holiday market for the Festival of Trees . The Tree will be displayed and then auctioned off. The title of this painting is; You Get a Gold Star. It can be found here.


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Two Brand New Paintings

Lavender and White Poinsettias- Torn paper flowers along with orange and red florescent flowers. Green leaves line painted with acrylic ink. Poinsettias also outlined with acrylic ink. A bold background with magenta and pink paint. Graphic circles on the background and a wallpaper vase with graphic dots in different sizes.

This red dancing star on a paynes grey background with texture. The star has it’s gold finery on for the holidays. A green garland floating around the dancing star with gold leaf and red berries.

 Both of these paintings can be used year round depending on your decor. They don’t need to just come out at the holidays. They are also originals where you will not find copies in stores.  Very unique products.
Fine art prints make great gifts also. The sizes that these are printed, make it easy to frame them in ready made mattes and frames. Take a look at the store. Here is the link. Remember to shop small and buy local.

Do You Like Flowers

My newest painting, just completed yesterday and it is now uploaded in the Here’s My hART Store. An overall red and green scheme with fun flowers. Wallpaper, acrylic ink, a little blue a little white and it turned into a vibrant painting. This can be purchased in three different sizes.

I have also made categories in the Store for easier searching. Just hover over the words “Here’s My hART Store” and they will just drop down. Much easier to find what you are looking for.

Revamped Painting #1 Complete

The title of this painting is “Can We Talk”. It is from a painting that became damaged and those elements were taken off. I had a good time using the new wallpaper books choosing the papers for the flowers. I like to hide critters in my paintings so look for a woolly bear caterpillar. This painting can be purchased in three different sizes and can be found here. So far I have moved over 39 prints, my store is filling up.