A little bit of nature

I just could not get the perfect shot of the super moon the other night. It was sure impressive!

I am sure it was operator error but this is better, though not perfect.

Last week we had some sunny and warm days before the bottom fell out. The yellow leaves of our bush were pretty with the sun shining through.

The blanket of leaves on the ground were just as pretty.

Then we had some snow on Saturday and it laying on the outdoor Christmas lights on the bushes was very pretty.

No flash makes for  another good picture.

The beauty of Maine

Here it is, August 2nd and I have hardly shown my pictures. We returned home on Saturday the 22nd and boom, we have been trying to catch up since. We had a great time on vacation, so many good memories, and I brought back tons of inspiration. This picture is the beauty of Acadia.

I woke up at 4:15 one morning and thought I should see if there is a sunrise. No filters, this is actual.  It was breathtaking.

The moon and something. Could it be the International Space Station??

The shine on the water is fantastic.

We took a scenic nature boat ride and started out with mallard ducks. Not so different from Indiana.

I loved this schooner raising the sails to take off. 

Can you tell I am quite taken with the sun? We had so much fog for the first three days here and seeing the sun was a treat..

This is a beautiful picture!

Egg Island Lighthouse. No one except the Coast Guard is allowed on this island. Beside the little building on the right is a solar panel. The seabirds and seals are the real owners of the island.

The sea lions rest and bask in the sun during low tide and swim and eat at high tide. They have to keep their body fat up because the water at its highest is 55 degrees.

Our boat threw a fish in the water to get the eagle to come down and I was just clicking my camera hoping to get one good shot. You don’t get to see an eagle like this but once in a lifetime.

The wings in flight are so impressive. It will end up in a painting.

A close up, love the ripple effect on the water. I have so much more to show, along with the treasures I brought with me. Please stop back again.



Catching Fall before it is gone


I have no idea what this tree or bush is but I loved the deeper green leaves with the red berries. There were many of these along the paths.


Here is a tree with woodpecker holes and a mushroom fungus growing out from it.


I just thought this picture was beautiful with all the different colors of fallen leaves.


We think that this is the red tree where the red leaves that were found.


A tall yellow tree. It’s a good inspiration tree.


This was so pretty because of the the hillside and the carpet of leaves along with the sunlight coming through the trees.


The sun peeking in through the top is just lovely!


The bright green leaves and the yellow from another tree are what caught my attention.


This large tree teetering on the edge of the hill with tunnels underneath it.


The full length of the teetering tree.


little wildflowers still blooming.


Looking up into the tall pine tree.


Pine Needle Path


I like this tree not only because of the pretty leaves but the limbs curved around and the bark was either diseased or something ate it.


Mushroom growing out of the ground with the pretty different leaves surrounding it.


Little bit of lichen and something was looking for bugs to eat. Interesting tree bark.


I really love this picture. The bright red plant in the front with the yellow leaves in the background.


Interesting fungus growing on this narrow tree bark.


Another different wildflower still blooming.


DSC_0019 On Wednesday my friend Kathy and I decided to walk the trails of an Acres Land Trust site. These are areas of land that has been bought or donated so it is covered and won’t be developed. There are many sites in Allen County and and I found one that was 10 miles north of us. It was very nice that there were walking sticks at the beginning of the path because it gets muddy and hilly sometimes. Here is Kathy with her walking stick and the proper attire to wear on the path. The second picture is just showing the prettiness of the path with the shadows and the sunlight.



I just have to end this post with the moon the other night over our house. It was a full beauty. I wish I would have put the strong lens on. Kathy and I picked a perfect day to walk in the woods, the next day was a whole day of rainfall. I really wanted to get fall color inspiration and enjoy it before it fleeted away from us. Click here if you would like to learn more about Acres Land Trust.Thanks for enjoying it with me.

Check Out Artsy Shark

Wildflower Field with watermark

A few months back I had submitted some work to Artsy Shark. It is a site that promotes artists and their business. I was contacted that I would be included in a page that spotlights artists that celebrate nature. Today it was posted so I hoped that you might zip on over and take a look at all the great artists that were showcased in this. I submitted this mixed media piece that I finished recently named Wildflower Field. Click on this and it will take you to that page. If you would be interested in a print of this painting go to my Etsy shop.  I had a customer purchase one this last weekend and it really is  pretty print that is uplifting and colorful.


I am also proud to tell you about this painting. I finished it in time to display it in in my art booth this last weekend at the Oakwood Fine Art Fair and I sold it! This was my first original to sell and it was so exciting! It is painted on a 36 X 36 canvas and it is named Harmony. There is a hidden in plain site insect in it. Can you find it? I also have added another art fair that will finish off 2016. It will be the Winterfair in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Expo and State Fair grounds. It will be three days, December 2nd through the 4th. Now that it is September, on Saturday the 24th, I will be putting up the tent at Art at the Riverside, located in Leo Gardens. So looking forward to being local, so come on out and say hi, it’s a very neat park. Click on the link and you will see all the talents that will be selling their art. Please like this post to get the word out.  Thanks so much!

Beautiful Season


Yesterday morning, December 11, 2015…gorgeous! This morning, December 12th, was a little warmer and cloudier but this is so unusual for Indiana. The people in the know tell us that the polar vortex is strong and is keeping the cold air up in Canada and Siberia for the time being. I wonder if this is what Florida is like at Christmas?


If you have been a reader you know that we lost 3 of our furry family members this year. Here are two of their boxes with their ashes.


We put the third on under the tree. Smoke absolutely loved Christmas and sleeping under the tree.


The three paw prints they make for you and we put string on and hung them as ornaments.


Put out the nativity on the table, the sleigh is our Christmas card holder. My brother in law Dave made that and it’s purpose was to hold a small poinsettia but I like it for the cards. I don’t want any of the cats to chew the poinsettia plant. Since I don’t have a manger I am creative as to where I am hanging the angle. Here she is on the lamp.


Then she is lit up at night.


Another little picture I rediscovered. Love this little primitive picture with the embroidery and applique.It’s a treat to look at. I hope you are enjoying the season. Thanks for stopping.

Midwest Changes


I took a walk today to gather leaves or other natural items to paint or carve into a stamp. The colors are starting to come out. This is a bush outside of my front door. It was so pretty with the sun shining on it.


My burning bush is all changed and losing the leaves. Closeup of the its berries.


Our neighbors crab apple tree.


A common area that has the trees lining it.


It’s breezy today, our flags are standing up nicely.



A wall of yellow and green.


The sun must shine on that spot.


Blue sky, the tree in the middle is just not going to change yet.


Pretty red mums.


I have watched these pinecones when they first came on to the tree, and then they grew and were green and now they have matured.


The squirrels are busy. The farmers almanac says we are going to have a lot of snow this winter, it seems as if the squirrels know it too. They were very active this morning, running all around and chirping at me as I walked by.


Ornamental grass


Another kind of ornamental grass.


My sweet potato vine has been blooming this last couple of weeks. They look like small petunias. It was kind of a nice surprise. Hope that you have a lot of pretty nature where you are at.