That’s Entertainment

I love plays, especially musicals. Fortunately the last couple months have brought me opportunities to see a few. This is my niece Allie or…excuse me…Rizzo as was her character. Her high school put on Grease. Very enjoyable and fun. She did a fantastic job!

The Playbill, we went on Sunday, November 4th.

In October my friend Theresa and I went to see the Choir of Man. We had great seats at the Embassy, I think five rows back from the stage. They had some audience interaction and we were afraid that we were going to be chosen, but thanks goodness not. It was staged in a Scottish or Irish bar, so they had some accents. It was just a bunch of friends who sang songs in a bar about life and their relationships. So enjoyable, I smiled the whole time!

Tonight we are going out to see Elf. I love, love, love this movie, it makes me laugh. I am not a big movie fan of Will Ferrell but this one is good. Shows at the Civic are always good, I am expecting big things. Theresa is bringing her younger grand-kids so it should be a good time. Dinner before too.


I have watched a few movies lately also. Sam and I always end up watching a movie when I go to his place. Usually it is animated. Recently it has been Despicable Me 2, Cocoa, then at home I watched Creed, because Creed II is coming out. I love Rocky movies, these are the next generation of them. Sylvester Stallone is in them still, which is good. I also have Amazon Prime Video, Netfix and have been hitting YouTube. What I can’t find on one, I can usually find on the other. A Christmas movie was recommended to me…Love Actually. Enjoyable for sure. Then there was Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, nothing too deep, just fun. Rumor Has it, with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. I enjoyed it too. 

You Tube is fun to find old videos. Harry Chapin, he was on the night time talk shows often. Barbara Walters interview with Lucille Ball. A show on Kristy McNicholes bipolar problem. This one was good….The Oprah Show with all the Osmonds and their family. It was on the week that the father passed away and after Marie did Dancing with the Stars. It was a great show to watch. This is my entertainment while I am working in my studio. I love it, the possibilities are endless! 

Books, Binging and Movies

For those of you who know me or have followed me, you know my love affair with books. I download some on my devices but I really do miss the feel of them. Here is a recent one that was purchased. Much of my Amazon points are used for books, and enjoy going in, buying it, getting them in two days (prime) and not paying a dime, Such a simple luxury for me. My goal list has decluttering on it, and I get a lot of inspiration from books. This should tell me to just “let it go”, which is hard to do sometimes.

This book was pulled out from a pile in my closet. Doesn’t this just have the cutest cover? I never finished it the first time, life just took over I bet. It has very thoughtful stories in it.

A pile of books by my bed. The top three are new. “The Red Tent” has become a favorite. It was read a few years ago but I wanted to revisit it again. “Still Me” and “Colonel Roosevelt” are the third books in a trilogy.

Favorites from workshops I have taken and biographys of Chip and Joanna and The Busch Sisters. My sister in law sent those to me….I love, love biographys! “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” needs to be picked up and finished. I must have gotten bogged down with something in it, and I like the book but it must have been a slow part.

This movie I was searching for on Amazon Prime and Netflix but it was not open for watching yet, so I just purchased the DVD. Very enjoyable, I have watched it twice so far. It’s a keeper. While searching I came across a documentary called Packed in a Trunk-The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkerson. It was very good also and I had to watch it twice to catch everything and answer questions. Movies we have watched as a family was The Expendables 1 and 2 but still have the third one to go. A group of mercenary’s headed by Sylvester Stallone are hired by people to do rescues in of course, unconventional ways. Lots of explosions and death but I think the amusing parts are when Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis show up out of the blue. One of the ruffians looks at Sylvester Stallone and says “who is going to show up next….Rambo”? I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I look forward to watching number three.

So this little character started my life of Binge watching. My Oldest, Sam gave to me at Christmas, this figure. I was very perplexed, I had no idea who it was. So I had him explain it and when he said Superhero I was hooked. I love Superhero’s! The Netflix account is his so I had not looked into it because I had an Amazon Prime account. Well this has opened up a whole new world. I had watched all they offered of Green Arrow, then Flash, then The Crown, which was fabulous! When I finished each show, I was kind of depressed for an hour, after realizing I have to wait till the current season is over to watch them in succession. I am now watching Flint Town which is pretty good too, but I can stop after one show, it doesn’t take over my life, like the others.


This pile here, is the last of my thrift store books from vacation last year.

This book has short stories, poems and beautiful artwork by G. Webb and Ron Evans.

Much to my delight, I have an autographed copy by G. Webb. What a find!

One example of the watercolor paintings. He has a gallery in Gatlinburg, TN.

This book I picked up in Northeast Harbor, on Mount Desert Island in Maine. She lived in Philadelphia and was a bit eccentric. Wouldn’t let me just look, I asked about an old botanical, she showed this, had an 8.00 price tag. Said she was surprised about that and it should be more. She was overwhelmed because she then had many more customers come in. So I picked this up and it’s pretty cool.

A former owner had an address embosser and he was H. Conrad Meyer, from Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. I did a little investigating and found that he used to be the Vice President of Foote Mineral Co. which was closed in 1991 and is now a Superfund Site to be cleaned up. That’s all I could find though, but very interesting.

The plates as they are called, are very neat and it was first published in 1934.

This one was picked up in the Vermont thrift store. I liked it since our destination was Maine.

This also came from Vermont but I had visited Oregon earlier in the year. I hope to go back some day, there is so much to see that I missed.

Katherine Hepburn

In Bar Harbor Maine this summer there was a second hand book store right next to the library. I spent a little time there and discovered some really good finds. This book is one of them- Me…Stories of my Life….by Katherine Hepburn. I find I am drawn to books about real people. After finishing the book I then decided I needed to revisit some of her movies.

So I rented The Philadelphia Story, which on a scale of 1-10 I give a 7. It kept my interest and was humorous and fun. I just didn’t finish it with, Boy that was good!!

The next I watched again was On Golden Pond. In fact we even had the DVD. This is always one of my favorites. More so now since Katherine wrote about the story and characters.

The last two I had watched with my Mom a long time ago, she has been gone 20 years! Guess Who’s coming to dinner with Spencer Tracy. He passed away a few weeks after the taping.

The African Queen which was an exciting movie. The leaches still stand out in my mind. She did so many different movies. She was such a strong women and I give the book a rating of a nine. I learned a lot and it kept my interest.

Literature and Moving Pictures


I wanted to share with you what I have been reading recently. I became interested in Theodore Roosevelt from the PBS documentary “The Roosevelts” which I have mentioned in the past that I loved. Teddy Roosevelt did so many things and was such a high energy man. I found this author, Edmund Morris, who wrote this in depth biography which is very good. It is the first book of three featuring different phases of Teddy’s life. This one is The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and the other two are Theodore Rex and Colonel Roosevelt. I can tell he has done much research and when there was not much written about a certain topic then he will admit there is not much found about it. We are planning a trip to New York soon and my plans are visiting his home, Sagamore Hill, in Oyster Bay on Long Island. We are staying only an hour from it.


I am a member of Art Fair Insiders, an informational site that lists through emails and a website are fairs to apply to. Also there are reviews of art shows and other helpful information. McKenna Hallett advertised about a book that she wrote about selling artwork and so I decided that It would be helpful to purchase it. It is thought provoking and made me look at the sales part of selling art. Her website is called My Golden Words.





I really enjoyed this book and it has given me much information about just the art fair experience. I really just zipped through it and could relate to many things she wrote about. It included helpful tips about tools I should have in my supplies. It spoke about putting up and taking down in adverse weather and also leaving your art and tent overnight for two or three day shows. It was one of the most helpful books I found on this topic. Art Festival Guide by Maria Arango Diener. It can be found on Amazon and I downloaded it to my Kindle. Her art business name is 1000 Woodcuts and the website is here


We at our house have decided to watch a movie together every Sunday Evening.  I am going to give a list of what we have watched so far and my view of it.

  1.  Dirty Grandpa-Not exactly what we expected.  It had some comedy but was very crude.  It was a bit shocking at times.
  2. Saving Mr. Banks-This is the story about how Walt Disney came about making the movie Mary Poppins.  The movie turned out totally different than what I had visioned in my mind.  The author, Pamela L. Travers was quite a difficult woman.  The story centers a lot about that.  Many times you may feel like shaking her! The movie also brings out why she is such a difficult person to deal with.  This is a long movie and dragged at times.  I did like Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.
  3. The Nut Job-an animated movie that we enjoyed very much.  It had good squirrels and bad racoons.  A squirrel that was all about himself and ones that were saving the village.  It was super cute.
  4. Pursuit of Happyness-An older movie that was made in 2006 starring Will Smith and his son.  It has a great story and an uplifting outcome.  We had forgotten how many rough times Will Smith’s character had to go through.  It showed that tenacity is what a person needs to make it.
  5. Mr. Peabody and Sherman-This is an animated movie also that is really a history lesson too.  Mr. Peabody the dog is a brainiac and adopts a boy and names him Sherman.  They had invented a time machine that takes them to historical places and they participate in history.  Of course to make it interesting there were problems at the end, but it was fun and made us laugh. We also enjoyed this movie very much.

I also have been using my Amazon Prime which enables me to have many free movies.

  1. Take Me Home-A man who lives in New York City who is a photographer.  He cannot find work and eventually gets evicted from his apartment.  He has an old cab that is his regular car but decides to make money by posing as an actual cab driver and he picks up a woman who just found her husband about to have an affair with a co-worker.  She is an overbearing upset woman who tells the cabbie to just drive.  They eventually make their way to California with many mishaps and money problems along the way, because her divorced parents live in that vicinity.  It ends up her father passes away and the family is going to the funeral and she meets up with her husband.  I am not going to tell the ending but it was a very cute movies.  Nothing but entertainment and not too deep.
  2. Where Hope Grows-This is about a washed up baseball player who has a drinking problem.  He befriends a grocery worker in the produce department that has Downs Syndrome.  Everybody calls him produce because his badge says that.  The baseball player has a 16 year old daughter who has a boyfriend and may be getting in trouble with him because the baseball player isn’t watching her closely enough because of his own problems.  The produce worker is just the most sweet and saver of the day.  I enjoyed this movie very much.
  3. A Walk in the Woods-Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.  Robert Redford is an author who decided that he needed an adventure and wanted to walk the Appalacian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  His wife thought him a bit off and told him that he couldn’t do it alone so after asking many friends he came across one from college whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, and he said yes.  There were many funny parts, much beauty and I loved Emma Thompson hair cut.  She is Robert Redfords wife.  Nick Nolte is the college friend who is somewhat of a bumbler.  It was enjoyable.
  4. The National Parks-Americas best idea by Ken Burns-I am in the midst of watching this and on section two.  Theodore Roosevelt had a large hand in setting aside lands for the National Parks and it is also the 100th anniversary of the National Parks System.  I always liked Ken Burns the Civil War and Baseball.  I also am enjoying this informative documentary.  I am not sure how many segments but it does make me want to explore Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks.  That’s as far as I have gotten.  If you like history I would recommend this.

That’s it and up to date.  It would have taken me too long to put in pictures.  Look up the trailers on You Tube and see if you might like to view these movies also.  Have a good one, and thanks for stopping.


Magazines and Movies


Recently in the mail we received our AARP the magazine. I admit, I did not want to even think about getting this when I turned 50. You will start receiving info right after that birthday. My husband signed each of us up for it. The membership has come in handy when booking reservations for the discount and I really love the magazine. It is chock full of interesting information. I like to know about people and this has much of that and, of course info pertaining to people my age. People and history that has happened throughout my lifetime. Things I learned….. Burt Reynolds is coming out with an autobiography. Barbara Walters is 86 years old and is doing a new series called American Scandals. Robert DeNiro is costarring with Jennifer Lawrence in a new movie call Joy. For 2016 we all need to slow down to be healthier and happier. It had been 30 years since the space shuttle Challenger blew up. I remember that day vividly. There was a wonderful article about Diane Keaton. She has her own style and keeps redoing homes and adopted two children later in life, she is now 69 years old. AARP offers a free beauty and style magazine for your tablet, it is for women in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s plus. I am going to download it. It has short stories about people who are doing “their personal best” featuring Joan Collins, Muhammad Ali, Ruth Bader Ginsbug to name a few. And Patrick Dempsey is turning 50, Dolly Parton is 70 and Woody Allen is 80 and has been hired by Amazon Studios to create his first TV series. I love this magazine because it celebrates aging and shows that it is never too late to find your muse. 

kate and leopold

This was a recently watched movie that was cute and entertaining, that is really all I am looking for, no deeper meanings. It was based in New York City and Meg Ryan was in the present and Hugh Jackman was from the 1800’s, he is such a cutie! Their paths cross in a very irregular was that made for a good movie.

the goods

Since my husband is a car salesman now he wanted to watch this movie recommended by other car salesmen he works with. He got great entertainment out of it. Don’t watch it with the kids, it’s a bit dirty.

Used Cars

This is an oldie but goodie…1980. Amazon Prime is even charging for this one still. I think of my Dad with this movie, he loved it! He would just laugh and watched it many times.

Morning Glory

This one I watched on my Prime. I love Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford and then Low and Behold, there is Diane Keaton! Harrison Ford was such a grouch in this movie. Again it was light and entertaining.


As I was going through my pictures to post I came across this magazine cover that I had talked about before. Diane Keaton keeps it going….it’s just really great. I liked this…Diane Keaton on the art of being yourself. Amen to that! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!