Thrift Store Books

When on vacation this past July, one of our routes took us through Vermont, the green mountain state. I could immediately see why they called it that.

To get from one interstate to another we had to take this charming (I am serious) two lane road, which of course had the usual summer construction. The scenery and towns were so quaint and beautiful. We would not have gotten to see it on the interstate.

I don’t even remember the name of this little town but the next few pictures are a sampling of it. I loved the fence and the flowers and the white and black house.

This structure was so neat with the blocks of rock and the muted colors were fabulous! I even got the informational dog waste sign in the picture. I was taking these photos from the car, on a sunny day. That’s why they are kind of crooked and I did have to adjust the brightness and contrast to make it show how it actually looked.

This tells you we were near Vermont 12 and I don’t know if Suicide six is a ski mountain or what. There are also two other town names that may help. Before we hit this town though we came across an old bunch of buildings that had artist studios, a huge thrift shop, a pizza shop with a bar. We pulled off to take a break. It was the Bridgewater Thrift store in Bridgewater Vermont.  I had the best time there, came out with a heavy box and a heavy bag and spent $50.00!

I had been intending to get some art books to brush up on the old masters and I found four good ones at the total price of $11.00. Many religious pictures in this one.

This is a great one about Van Gogh.

I love the impressionist painters.

Another good one, my head will just be bursting with knowledge. I have more books to share, but will save them for another time.


The beauty of Maine

Here it is, August 2nd and I have hardly shown my pictures. We returned home on Saturday the 22nd and boom, we have been trying to catch up since. We had a great time on vacation, so many good memories, and I brought back tons of inspiration. This picture is the beauty of Acadia.

I woke up at 4:15 one morning and thought I should see if there is a sunrise. No filters, this is actual.  It was breathtaking.

The moon and something. Could it be the International Space Station??

The shine on the water is fantastic.

We took a scenic nature boat ride and started out with mallard ducks. Not so different from Indiana.

I loved this schooner raising the sails to take off. 

Can you tell I am quite taken with the sun? We had so much fog for the first three days here and seeing the sun was a treat..

This is a beautiful picture!

Egg Island Lighthouse. No one except the Coast Guard is allowed on this island. Beside the little building on the right is a solar panel. The seabirds and seals are the real owners of the island.

The sea lions rest and bask in the sun during low tide and swim and eat at high tide. They have to keep their body fat up because the water at its highest is 55 degrees.

Our boat threw a fish in the water to get the eagle to come down and I was just clicking my camera hoping to get one good shot. You don’t get to see an eagle like this but once in a lifetime.

The wings in flight are so impressive. It will end up in a painting.

A close up, love the ripple effect on the water. I have so much more to show, along with the treasures I brought with me. Please stop back again.