Love this Little City


While I was walking the two blocks of Downtown I took some other pictures also. I like that one could walk several feet and come across these Huge planted pots. They were really lovely and I will be showing several throughout this post.


The iron ornate bench and the plants looked like quite an inviting place to sit.


This vintage light pole had much going on, flags, banners, lights.


The flag you see in here is not on top of that building, it is on top of the courthouse which is later in this post. I liked the way it was standing up there so tall and proud.


There was much to look at in the courthouse square. Not only sculptures but memorial items also. This is for all the conflicts and the men and women who served in them. WW I, WWII, Korean, Vietnam and then it was added later….all other conflicts. It looked like an eternal flame in the middle. I couldn’t discern if it was lit or it is just noticeable at dark.


Another huge pot full of zinnias this time. One of my favorite flowers.


This is a memorial of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Vietnam era from Adams County Indiana. It is the other half of the Conflicts Memorial.


A plaque in front of a huge pine tree that was planted in 1936, 79 years ago. It was in honor of the 1936 centennial court of honor. It goes on to name Miss Decatur, Miss Adams County, Miss Indiana and then the ladies on the court.


It has grown a lot in those 79 years. It has also seen much progress past it’s branches.


I was really delighted when I found this plaque on a huge rock. It is in memory of Gene Stratton Porter, Author of nature storybooks. She came to Decatur as a bride and lived in Geneva, IN in Adams county where she wrote her first 10 books. Here home and grounds can be toured in Geneva at Limberlost Swamp and also the Cabin at Wildflower Woods in Rome City, IN. It is very well maintained and they are two of my favorite places to go.


I enjoyed this brick path that was made to walk by the memorial rock. Isn’t the rock just huge?

Indiana Woodlands with watermark

I painted a botanical poster of many specimens that I took pictures of from the Wildflower Woods  grounds. It can be purchased as a print from my Etsy shop.


The colors on these plants just stood out and I had to include them.


I liked the ice cream cone on top of the sandwich board for the ice cream shop. I love the ingenious way they added sprinkles with colored electrical tape.


Here is the very tall courthouse. The earlier picture of the flag is what is missing here. It’s a very nice building and I saw many people going in and out, it’s a busy place. Hope you enjoyed this small tour of the downtown. There really is more to see, good restaurants, shops, antique mall to name a few. Thanks for stopping.




I visited Decatur, IN today to get some pictures of the Sculpture Tour. There are sculptures all over the town but I just chose the 2 blocks of the downtown area and there were many to look at. First the title then the sculpture.


This one didn’t wow me at first.


I then went to the opposite side and saw that it had a solar panel. It must light up at dark, which i then thought was pretty neat.


DSC_0827 I totally could see the upset birds. Sculptures are neat because it takes alot of work and physics to get everything to balance out and stay put. I thought this was very interesting.


Closup of the Avians


This was my favorite. It took a lot to make this look like a porcupine out of rebar.


The side closest to the road.


His face, very clever!


Another favorite


Little problem with my pictures. This goes with the soldier above.


Where the brochures are kept telling where the sculptures are located.


Another favorite


Looking very close it is mainly made of knives, forks and spoons.


The eagle


Not sure why it is called “Seats Taken” but it is nice.


So sorry that my pictures are not working together. Some days are like that. Hope your day is better.

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