Getting Outside

So I had my first surgery on June 8th and I didn’t get around easily with my walker. Using the walker throughout the house was ok I just kept bumping into doorways and getting through doorways to go outside. We had some good friends stop by last week, they brought a favorite Italian restaurant for dinner and homemade apple crisp. It was fabulous to see them and the weather was nice so that some swam and others sat around the pool. Thank you for good friends. I wheeled my walker out with the help of Tom, he has been the best through this.
Yesterday on Fathers Day I decided that I was tired of walking with the monstrosity walker. I tested the leg and it didn’t hurt so I practiced walking by myself. It was working ok but I got pretty tired. I had some food to make for the holiday, scalloped potatoes, double thick chocolate brownies, hamburger patties with seasoning, cut up melon with blueberries. Got that done and sat and rested, everyone else took care of what needed to be done. I decided to just go back to my cane for the moment and it is easier to go outside. It feels great to be more mobile. The hip replacement has been easier than the knees. I am having another friend come tomorrow to take me to the doctor. Its a big day because I am getting my 31 staples out. We are then going out for a nice lunch.
This morning I went out to take pictures of flowers that I love and are so proud that they are blooming. The first picture above, I was shocked that the tiger lily was blooming. I think I planted it two years ago and didn’t see it last year and thought it was a goner. I saw this bright orange color in the landscaping and was happily surprised. The next picture was the hydrangea I planted last year and was happy that it made it and it looks like it will be pink. The next picture of the blue flowers always delight me when they bloom. The next picture is my husband Tom yesterday just enjoying himself, sitting back and doing what he wants to do.

It was so nice to all be together and I love this picture of my guys. Sam -Tom-Kevin. I hope you also had a great Father’s Day.
The next two pictures are made with Acrylic Ink and High Flow paint.
I love the color in this one and doodles with Poska Pens and white acrylic ink.
The last is just imitating some Georgia O’Keefe. Her painting is on the right and mine is the left.

Thanks for checking in.

All is well, making decisions

This morning was the first sunrise that I have photographed. So, so uplifting.
This weekend Tom and Kevin took a quick trip to Detroit to Little Cesars Area to choose seats. Tom is getting a small season package for the Red Wings next year. He chose some good seats for us and I am looking forward to it. There were all kinds of things to do and they also got to tour the Redwings Clubhouse. I wondered if is smelled like a clubhouse of sweaty players and Tom said it smelled good.
I thought this was a good one. He claims he is a Blackhawks fan. Ha!
This is the time of the year where my little iris bloom. They are doubling now and are so sweet. I have a perfect small canvas that I will paint these.
These have faded some, last year they were that dark purple all over, but still so pretty.
I have been doing research on my back problem and educating myself better. Since my knee replacement my legs keep swelling, not horribly but need to keep it under control. Our doctor prescribed a diuretic to help take care of this problem. There was something in it that my body did not like, a days worth of terrible GI problems. Kicked my butt. This was the second try and my body didn’t like the different med either, rash and itching that time. I have had an echocardiagram and a EKG and all is well there, so it is not a circulation problem. I am just going to have to wear compression socks daily. I am wearing them approx. four hours per day and it has made a big difference. I have ankles again. Here are my fashionable socks that look like I’m golfing. I am going to get more and after the hip replacement they have told me to bring tight work out pants to wear because they will help with the swelling. I am also picking out my walker. I just borrowed a walker with my earlier surgery but I will need it for two surgeries now so I am doing a purchase. Do I get double wheels or singles? How heavy duty should it be? (I won’t be riding on it for gosh sakes.) Do I pay for the easy releases to fold it up quickly? Such decisions. Where I am looking they are not coming in colors, just steel color. I think pink with flowers would be nice. I would paint it but I don’t want it to chip off and look tacky.

This will take you to an explanation of my back problem and a little video. You get an extra point if you can say the word. I stumble over it but the explanation is spot on. I can see why I cannot stand up straight. I have faith it will get better.

I can’t sleep on my back or my right side, just the side with the bad hip. It doesn’t hurt, unless I turn over. The suppressed nerve makes me yell out loud in pain. I will probably have to sleep on the couch, sitting up for a few days or maybe weeks after the hip surgery. I am not supposed to bend my hip any more than 90 degrees.

My hip probably happened because I had been compensating how I walk with the bad knees. The back has been coming on for a while, but I just thought a cortisone shot once in a while would take care of it. It took an MRI and an X-Ray to discover it all.

I will be having the hip replacement on June 8th, and I will be coming home that same day if all goes as planned.

My Flowers and Birds 4/20/2022

I gathered the pictures of my flowers around the house. They bring such joy and would make a great painting. Scroll through and look forward to warmer weather.
Female Eagle
Tree Swallow


Chesterton Art Fair, Satek Winery

Chesterton Art Fair was August 4th and 5th. The only bad thing I can say about it, was that it was HOT. Not their fault by any means. It was held in Dogwood Park which was a dream. We artists could drive up to our spots, unload as fast or slow as we wanted and could keep our vehicle with us until we were done. They had the best volunteers ever! Throughout the whole two day show they were there to booth sit, offer cold water and snacks, all the time, I never had to look for one. Pictured here is Barb, and she purchased my original 5 X 7 of “Flower Pot”. Thank you so much and enjoy.

The week before I start checking the weather to see what I might encounter. It originally said 76 for the high, that would have been heavenly! But not so, I think it topped out at a humid 92, with not a cloud in the sky nor a breeze for Saturday, Sunday was a little better with some breeze and clouds. I thank Ryobi for my two battery powered fans that last 8 hours on high. This lovely lady is Michelle, she purchased the 10 X 10 original of “That’s Life”. She is giving it as an anniversary gift to a relative with four children. Thank you for your purchase and may they love it for years to come.

This weekend on Saturday August 18th I will be at the Satek Winery in Fremont, Indiana. 6208 North Van Guilder Road.  It is a sweet, small show with 30 artists. It is held under the trees and as of right now the forecast is sunny and 80 degrees. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that, perfect weather. Come on over, buy some art, buy some wine, have lunch with Shig in Pit. You won’t be disappointed.

The Beauty of the World


This last weekend our neighbors asked if we would take care of their animals while they were gone. We love doing this gladly. I was walking along the side of the house and came across these beautiful flowers and thought “OH, these are so cool! To me they look like zinnias but they are candy striped.


Another one with a little different design. So gorgeous!


The neighbor on the other side has this tree that I can see out my kitchen window. Here I am showing you it framed in the mutton.


For some reason it just looks so stunning from my window but I went outside and got a closeup for you.


Then further back. The day turned cooler but sunny. The humidity went away and it was so nice to be outside.


During this time of the year I love it when the blue of the sky is darker and it gives the colorful trees a nice background. The farmers have gotten their crops in and the neutral colored ground is lovely.


Another set of trees with the darker blue background. Standing outside with a little breeze, the temps are nice and the smell of a wood fire somewhere. Life is good!


New Prints in shop


Lil Punkin has been added to my etsy shop. Black crow resting on the top of the deep orange or rust plaid pumpkin with a little white heart.


Little Pot of Flowers has also been added to the shop. These flowers don’t wilt, fade or need watered. They are contained in a black stenciled pot with green and white dots.

New Painting in Shop


Just finished this painting today just in time to offer in my booth this weekend. I will be setting up in Roanoke Indiana at the Art Fair A Renaissance in Roanoke. It will be this Saturday October 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is going to be a beautiful fall day of 63 degrees and sunny. This painting is named “Love Many Things” after the Vincent Van Gogh quote I have added to it.


This is a photo from my tent two weeks ago at Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. This was a really nice show setup. All the art booths were in an oval so we could look out and see everyone. The traffic flow was quite good with nice space in between the tents. There were food trucks to choose from for lunch. There was great music groups also. Each show becomes more successful and that is fun! Since this show was close to home it was nice to be able to see people I know too. I hope to see you this weekend.

I Love Flowers


My cat mint draws a lot of visitors through the summer. Just the other day I noticed this gold finch sitting in it. I also have seen hummingbirds and the neighbors cat sitting in the middle of it.


I have my stained glass stuck in the ground in front of it.


The other day there were many of these butterflys hopping around on the blooms.


Blue pin cushion flowers are pretty.


New this year for my garden are calla lilys. When Mothers Day comes around I always tell my family I want flowers and I want to pick them out myself for my gardens. I have always liked these lilys and this year I bought three different colors. A deep pink.


A yellow one.


And a lighter pink one.


When I was around one of the bushes there were dried sticks. I started pulling on them and look what came out. I love this nest, it is such a work of art.


A beautiful deep purple clematis.


The color of this beards-tongue is just brillliant!


Another new addition is delphinium, So beautiful! I am hoping for some rain this week. I hope that you get everything you need too.



It has been a week since I participated in the Kalamazoo Art Fair and each time the show gets a little better. A few more sales, quicker set up, easier tear down. Generously helpful Artists on each side of us. From the last show I noted to myself to bring a step stool, which came in very handy. This show made me decide to purchase a fold up rolling cart to make things easier. Sometimes the parking spot is not so close to your booth space. It takes a lot to tote around a 40 pound weight. This sculpture was in the courtyard of the Kalamazoo Institutes of Art.


We had to walk down here often to have dinner, use the restroom, get snacks and beverages.


Bronson Park, everything is all buttoned up on Friday night.


While walking to our parking lot we passed the Federal Building.


On the corner was placed a plaque of the Bill of Rights.


Saturday morning started out as a lovely sunny day. The booth by This large statue had large items for sale. From the front it looked like the statue was park of their display.


These charming mossy statues were all over the park.


My booth is at the end of this row. The Artists were all slowly getting there to open up for business.


Old church tower I could view from my vantage point.


Loved the lime green color of the tree.


This helicopter flew over a few times in the course of the day.


Love this mossy moose.


While making a trec to the KIA I was stopped by a parade. I thought these large headed people were amusing.


Look at the size of this dog!


Another colorful float.


I wondered if her bee costume was heating up inside.


Colorful shopping cart too!


I think this was the mascot of their hockey team.


There was not an old car show going on. These people just brought their 51 Ford to set along the parade route.


I liked this boy and his cape. He was getting some assistance from h is superhero Dad.


Lastly a man and his dog.


The little pooch was sitting so patiently observing his surroundings. All in all, we had a good show. It takes a while to build a following and it is fun to talk with people and make contacts. I would do it again. As always….thanks for stopping.

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