A woodpecker, Art Dates, morning sky, Quilts, delightful room

Everything came together with these next set of pictures. I had my camera near, and also had the stronger lens on. I saw this woodpecker peaking out from the side of the feeder where the suet is.
I had to wait awhile but he decided to jump on the roof.
He then turned around and showed me his beautiful markings.
I think he was watching me take his picture!
Thinking about coming onto the other suet.
I was so thrilled to get these pictures. I don’t know what kind it was but he was beautiful!! I was so Delighted!
Noelle came over for an art date on Halloween. We decided that a Halloween Journal page was in order. She was dressed like a sweet witch and we printed it off in an eerie color. We used blending inks and stamps. Noelle is a cat gal like me and she needed a Sophie fix.
The picture we used for her page. Sophie again made it into the picture. She is truly a ham! Each time Noelle comes over I enjoy seeing what she is putting into her sketch book. Some really great ideas.
I had another Art Date with Lela and we worked with watercolors. Various kinds, just kids watercolors, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, artists watercolors and various papers. We also did washes, and blending and found what papers worked the best.
We used the hairdryer to quickly dry the watercolors. Lela was using the watercolor crayons to put various shades on the pumpkins and blending them. We had a really nice time and it gives this budding artist good ideas to go forward. She has many good and good ideas going on in her sketch book. It’s fun!
Sunrise sky on 11/18/20. Breathtaking and Georgeous!!!
This little quilt is my own design. It has it all, piecing, applique, embroidery and mitered corners. I would work on it every morning for an hour or so and it is completed. My goal is to use up everything that I have and minimally purchase anything. I have my own stash and inherited wonderful fabrics and quilts and tops from my Mother. I will be busy until I can’t see anymore. I made the top five years ago and finished it in 2020.
The next quilt I pulled out and have been working on.

My Mother passed away in 1997 of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It is just a horrible disease that has no cure. A person that is affected by it has holes in their brains and it can affect their eyes, balance, short term memory and then dementia. It is Alzheimer’s on steroids, from the first time we noticed that something wasn’t right until she passed away in 1997 it took only 55 days and she was 70 years old, it was very much shocking. My sister and I became acquainted with a group of people on a site who also had a loved one die of this disease. There are 143 hearts on this quilt, just a tip of the iceberg but it is a way that we were going to bring attention to this somewhat unknown disease. I started this quilt in 2000 and pulled it out this year to get it finished, it should take me all of 2021. The hearts are embroidered by many different people. I would send out names, blocks of fabric and a heart template and they would send back embroidered hearts. Some people just did their own loved ones and others asked if someone could do theirs because they didn’t know how to embroider. All the fabric is from my Mothers stash. The words at the top of the quilt….We Lost You to CJD…..at the bottom…..You Are Not Forgotten. I now work on appliqueing the side petals each morning. I will probably need to make more. Just taking my time and enjoying the process.

This view brings me joy. It it looking from our foyer area into my studio. So many things that I love in this picture. The paintings in the studio, my Carrie Schmitt original, the little table I found at a Meijer store in Michigan. I keep candles in it. I would collect miniatures when growing up and I keep them in that little shelf with a glass door, found at Home Goods. The chalk painted table in a turquois blue. The little heart wings on the shelf is by Janet Lynch of Heart Werks, a local artist.
Two pretty deep drawers that hold candles in glass jars.
One of my favorite pieces of pottery from an artist at a show. I don’t know who they are, it was a husband and wife team and she was also an art teacher. It was during my first year of doing shows. Do you have any areas in your home that just give you a great rush of joy?

I hope you are staying healthy. If you have any comments or questions I would love to get them.

Pincushions, pottery and hearts

Decorations and tree were taken down a couple of weeks ago and the furniture was all dusted and the hearts have come out for a few weeks. I left out just a couple of snowmen but I am ready to move on. See the little heart tree? Angie my niece found it and it is titled “here’s my heart”, so perfect! Just fun stuff to greet us in the foyer.

Love, love hearts!

I don’t think I every posted this pottery bowl I picked up at the 2016 winterfair. I use it for decoration but it would be good for salad or pasta, for a large gathering. I just think it is is so unique! For the life of me I cannot find the business card for this person. I know they are in Ohio and she is a teacher and she was doing this part time.

Love all the details and the colors.

The bottom has the unglazed redware with decoration.

The decorations around the handle on the outside. Is this not a wonderful bowl????

It just goes so well on my little table in the foyer. My camera wasn’t too straight with this picture, but it really is straight. There are two deep drawers that I keep candles stored in. The words are, believe in today, your life is now.

Margaret my helper bee, made the sweet pin cushions. They are soft and full of beans, a chick and a carrot. I have them showing off on my cabinet because they are so cute!

It just appeared in the trunk


My husband and I stopped at a big box store this weekend while coming back from Detroit. I walked by the home store and this sweet little table was on the mark down shelf. I just fell in love with it. It has such personality and it just found it’s way into the trunk. I have no idea where it will end up in the house but I love the color and the saying. Believe in today Your life is now.


Just a little fall decorating with my original Fall Garden watercolor. A print of it can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.


When the fall comes around I always bring out my girl riding a crow perched on a candlestick holder. Someone made this and I found it at an antique shop. I love the little pumpkin in his mouth.


I love her funny round face and rosy cheeks and her part in her hair.


I picked this up at one of the art shows I worked. I thought this artist had the cutest handmade pillows and bags. I don’t usually use rick rack and thought it was nice. those are little blue dragonflys at the top of the flowers.


Since I had these marbles holding up the little pillow I decided to give a close up. This clay bowl was an early school art class, very rough and poorly glazed. It is holding some old marbles I picked up at an antique shop.


I seem to be drawn to angle wings and this was from another artist at the same art show. Hearts and wings and the saying is Be the Love. Just some fun items I have picked up lately. Hope you have done that too. Till next time!


hung up


We found some time so that Tom could hang the Red Poppies picture with the Crow up. I made it especially for this area. I am very pleased with the way it looks. It is just the right size.


The green background picks up the color in the side tables and the red picks up the pillows and the cardinal picture and other items I have in our room. Smaller prints of this picture can be found in my Etsy Shop…Etsy.com/shop/HeresMyHart. Have a great Sunday!

Beautiful Season


Yesterday morning, December 11, 2015…gorgeous! This morning, December 12th, was a little warmer and cloudier but this is so unusual for Indiana. The people in the know tell us that the polar vortex is strong and is keeping the cold air up in Canada and Siberia for the time being. I wonder if this is what Florida is like at Christmas?


If you have been a reader you know that we lost 3 of our furry family members this year. Here are two of their boxes with their ashes.


We put the third on under the tree. Smoke absolutely loved Christmas and sleeping under the tree.


The three paw prints they make for you and we put string on and hung them as ornaments.


Put out the nativity on the table, the sleigh is our Christmas card holder. My brother in law Dave made that and it’s purpose was to hold a small poinsettia but I like it for the cards. I don’t want any of the cats to chew the poinsettia plant. Since I don’t have a manger I am creative as to where I am hanging the angle. Here she is on the lamp.


Then she is lit up at night.


Another little picture I rediscovered. Love this little primitive picture with the embroidery and applique.It’s a treat to look at. I hope you are enjoying the season. Thanks for stopping.

A little merry


I have been enjoying the slow process of decorating for Christmas this year. I try not to put so much out that it is an overwhelming burden to put it back away. I have amassed quite a bit of decorations in 35 years of marriage. I am being choosy about what I put out and it changes every year, which I love….variety. I have angels on the fireplace this year. I realized that I have quite a few different ones and they are the showcase this year. I will show them off on another day with stories.


My handmade cards, here and there are some spots that maybe didn’t stamp exactly right. Or the flame is a little crooked but I am giving up on perfectionism. It’s made by a human and that’s far from perfect. It shows that I took the time to make these and they have a good meaning behind them. I love to receive handmade. A lot of love goes into it.


I have also rediscovered a few decorations I had forgotten about. My niece Wendy had gifted the little Merry plate a few years ago. What a dee-light to find it again. (I have been watching the Roosevelt’s and FDR said that often, I thought it was charming). I also uncovered the little crosstitched snowman picture, the box that is an ice cube snowman and a handpainted candle holder….all fun. I hope that you have been having a Dee-Lightful time decorating and it hasn’t been a burden. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Till next time…thanks for stopping!

New Stuff for Art


This last weekend myself and three other friends went to Cincinnati and made a stop at IKEA. My friend Michelle said have you seen the the rolling cart that is popular? I said no, but please show it to me. She said that she bought one in December and the price had dropped on it. It came in three colors and the turquoise seems to be a favorite. I was quite taken with it and picked one up. This is how it was packaged and I was getting ready to assemble it.


Here it is, 45 minutes later. Rolls well and is nice and sturdy. When I have a project going I am having the supplies in the top at my fingertips, that way it will leave more room on the desktop.


I ordered this bundle, which had golden paints and 3 DVD’s and a new Cloth, Paper Scissor magazine. These are a collaboration with Carrie Schmitt and Amy Jones. I am excited about using these different paints and some of the substances I have not tried before. I like to keep learning all the time!


Carrie Schmitt has a story in the newest Cloth-Paper-Scissors magazine and that is why it is included in the bundle. I look forward to watching these and making more flower paintings.


I had picked this hand printed canvas container at a museum of art and decided to move my watercolor tubes so they were more easily accessible. They are so little and do not take up much space. There is even room for more.


I needed some large letter stencils for a painting I had in mind. I found this bundle at Meijer. They came with eight background stencils that I just love. I was floored that it was only $12.00!


Not that great of a picture but here is the name of the stencils if you were wondering.


In the mail this week I received a big, fat, Dick Blick catalog. That is just heaven!


Also while at IKEA I picked up the iron holder. My husband put this up for me today. It frees up space on the counter and looks to neat and tidy. Picture ledge #1 was installed at the same time. I bought several to put throughout the room to store paintings that I will be selling. The Love picture with the heart is for sale in my Etsy shop Etsy.com/Shop/HeresMyHart. The other picture is one my sister Linda picked up for me. It is an older Papyrus print. I wanted to see how well a couple of pictures fit on the shelf. Lot’s of fun stuff!! Thanks for stopping by…..

flat art


This last weekend my gal friends and I made our usual August trek to Cincinnati for the Stampaway rubberstamping convention. We stopped at a Chuys Tex-Mex restaurant outside of Dayton and the interior was so interesting I wanted to share. This is very flat and colorful art that adorned the walls in our dining room. The single portraits all were actors and had their names at the bottom. That was good because some were not recognizable. I would recommend this restaurant, the food was very good but I especially loved the ranch/jalapeno dip they brought out with the salsa and chips. I could not stop eating it!!


Another art piece on the wall behind our table. My friend Theresa there in the left corner. The tiles on the walls were just so lovely.


Yet another painting, I was not sure it those were hands or feet reaching above the sitting women. We all took a consensus and decided on hands.


The waiting area was full so we decided to step out into the vestibule and that’s when I decided to share the decorating. Loved the door handles made of wrapped tortilla 3-D art.


Gotta have a selfie, whether they turn out decent or not. Theresa and myself.


My other two gal friends waiting patiently, L-Toni, R- Michelle.


The tiles on the floor were fabulous. In the quilting world those patterns are tumbling blocks and flying geese.


Better picture of the stars and Theresa shoes.


The walls were painted with so many decorative designs and colors.


Another area of design. My only complaint was that with all the hard surfaces, the accoustics were not good and the music was too loud. It was hard to talk between each other.


I was standing in line at the Gary Burlin booth admiring all the different colors on the displays. I was sad that they were a bit fuzzy but you get the idea, I probably had too many items for purchase in my hands.


So many lovely and colorful markers. It’s heaven for crafters and artists.

The Wedding


Last weekend my niece Kelli got married to her long time beau (7 years) Cory in a lovely wedding. This is one of my favorite pictures leading up to the wedding. Last fall this is how Cory proposed. Quite original if I do say.


In mid July we had a bridal shower for the bride. L to R Cousin-Deb, Sister-Emily, Bride-Kelli and myself.


She received many wonderful and thoughtful gifts to stock their new home with.


We had a full house with 45 guests. It was a very nice time to talk with everyone.


A very good Mother-Daughters picture.


I took pictures in the car while traveling to the wedding. All dressed up and going to a wedding! Tom taking his driving serious. He looked quite handsome there.


Our smiling Sam in the back.


Cool Kevin in the back and me looking goofy trying to get us both in the pic.


Tom’s cousin Mike and his family were up from Texas. This is one of their children (Owen). We had such a good time with them.


Much time and energy was put into the decorations and this was the arrangement greeted the guests as they came in the door.


Everyone was to sign the Mr. and Mrs and they were going to put it on the wall at their new home.


The decorating of the downstairs room where the food and bar is at. Everything looked so nice.


Cousin Janet from Texas and Mother of the Bride, Ellen. Two pretty ladies.


This was a nice touch where everyone went outside and lit sparklers.

Loved ones

Remembering those who passed on.

Kelli and Dad dancing

The dance of the lovely bride and her father.

Getting in the Oldsmobile

The newly married couple getting ready to get into the The Father of the Bride (Keith) vintage automobile.


Dresses waiting to be put on.

Bride and Groom dancing

Bride and Groom dance.

Bridal party

The bridal party. They are just beautiful. It was a very good party! I saw on facebook today that they are off on their honeymoon. Best Wishes!!


Flowers for the Shower


Three of us went together to have a Bridal Shower for my niece Kelli. I have devoted my time to overseeing carpet cleaning, and just cleaning my house because we are having it here. This is good, that way it pushes me to get it cleaned. Oh yea, I trimmed those last set of bushes that were overgrowing too. It’s all good, but alas I have not had a chance to paint. Next week will be devoted to that. These are the sweet (literally) favors that we put together for the shower.


I did get to pick up the Indiana Woodlands botanical from the framer. It really looks nice and just finishes off the wall that I have it on. Very pleased with the look. I had such fun in that class and learned so much that I just enjoy looking at it. Remember if you would like one too it can be ordered in my Etsy shop.


I did take time out to make a trip the the Fort Wayne Farmers Market today. I was in search of flowers for the mantle and I found the bottom of the buckets…truly. I got there a little later than originally planned. I really adore those sunflowers. Hope your weekend is Fabulous!