Five Days Old

Five days old and they are getting stronger. I was changing the bedding and had everyone out of the box on a sheet. Left the room for a moment and came back and a grey one had crawled 4 feet away and was crying and mom was getting frustrated. I got everything all put back to normal and everyone calmed down. In this picture it appears that everyone has a full belly for the moment.

A Mamas love.

Love their sweet little faces and paws.

This picture I took at my studio window. These two are from her litter that she had the last week of April. Miggy, the kitten inside is one who joined the family. I call the one outside Pookey and he is the one that we couldn’t catch. Well since I have Mama confined with her kittens he has finally let us pet him and is becoming super loving. His neck looks funny because he was bit a few weeks ago and it got infected and he rubbed the fur off. Since he couldn’t be caught it couldn’t be addressed but it is now healing nicely because I was able to clean it and put antibiotic cream on it. The fur is now growing back. Soon I will be able to have him tame enough to transport and get neutered and such. So the two of them talk to each other through the window.

I just loved the face of the kitten behind her head. So stinkin sweet.


Mama Mia!

Not too long ago I wrote about Mama kitty who brought her kittens to us in “Let Me Tell You About the Kittens.” Well she has gotten herself in a motherly way again. She had her other kittens the last week of April, and I was not quick enough to get her spayed and this is what happens. I was waiting for the nursing to stop. So right now she is in captivity in our sunroom. She wasn’t really keen on this since she is an outdoor cat, but she has resigned herself. We are in the waiting stage right now so we call it our maternity ward, soon to be nursery. Here she is, showing off her very large belly.

This is Miggy, one of her kittens looking in at her. We let him in and the first time, she recognized him, and her eyes lit up, and he got all hissy. Now she gets kind of hissy but he wants in.

Her life isn’t so bad even though she has to stay in the room. She gets fed, clean water, a nice bed, birds to watch, outside sounds, treats, a nice clean litter box and toys.

A nice profile of Mama. I am going to put her in the Community Cat program with us as the caregivers. She will get spayed and shots and we will have a nice outside shelter for her and also her other kitten whom you should read about in my other post. I am now able to pet him and put flea medicine etc. He needed some love since Mom is no where to be found.

When she is not pregnant she is a very thin, long cat. Here is her beautiful face. She has an Egyptian cat look to her. She is a polydactyl cat or has extra toes. 3 out of her 5 kittens had the same thing, they are really pretty neat.

Close up of Miggy. All the cats are sweet, and loving and purr their hearts out.

This is Willie, my niece Angie took the grey boy. As you can tell he is pretty laid back. I need to find good homes for the upcoming kittens. They will be litter box trained and I am sure as loving as can be. A co worker took a female grey and white which they named Winter and she like the others loves to curl up around the neck and purr. Mama Mia makes great kittens. Stay tuned for new kitten pictures. If you have room in your heart and home for a new 8 week old kitten please email me. 



And she had a rainbow zebra


This last week I looked way out into the field behind us and saw two little animals moving around. With a better look I could see they were baby racoons foraging around for something to eat. My goodness they are so cute.


The baby geese are growing so fast too. I just get a kick out them staying in a bunch.


My sister Linda and I were selling her baked goods at the Auburn Farmers Market this week again. The city of Auburn had a really nice display observing Memorial Day.


Each time we come they have added more flowers to the courthouse square.


Not so many dogs this weekend attending the Farmers Market. This Labradoodle was greeting everyone she could get to. My sister had made dog and cat treats. This dog took one and wasn’t quite sure about it.


This little guy in his bright orange shirt was a joy to watch. He was busy all the time.


Here this black squirrel was getting bolder by the minute. He stopped halfway down the tree for a photo moment.


This woman kindly let me take a picture of her lunar phases tattoo.


This woman so generously let me take a picture of her cute haircut. Front view.


Back view


side view. Thank you so much for your generosity!


This is Miss Liberty and her colorful Zebra picture on her shirt caught my eye. She most kindly posed for my picture and had sample all of our cookies. The peanut butter ones got the thumbs up.


We were sitting under this tulip tree and I received the leaves and flower.


When driving home we came across this beautiful diplay of patriotism. We had to get out for some photos. This was just a piece of it. Thinking of our fallen soldiers….Happy memorial Day!