Amaryllis Vandal


Just four days ago this is what the plant was looking like. Just about ready to show off. I was waiting with great anticipation!


I walked through the room and found it on the floor with the dirt spilled out. Picked it all up and put it back together. Situated it so it wouldn’t fall and the next day I found it on the floor again! This time the bud and the flower broke off.


So I resorted to putting it back up on the fireplace and propped it against the TV until I had time to attend to it. This was not the ideal place but I figured out that a furry someone was bothering this lady plant. If the company was going to sell amaryllis on the “juice” they needed to include larger pot.


This morning I went in search of a stick in the very cold garage and a pipe cleaner. Here is one of the flowers that survived, it’s a beauty for sure.


Here she is all propped up with her new stick and pipe cleaner along with a drink of water. It is now standing tall on the fireplace.


I believe it was Sophie the calico who is the vandal. I saw her walking by and eyeballing the plant, trying to figure out how to get to it. I first thought it was Pavel the white cat because he is quiet but ornery and was walking around it…..we call him Eddie Haskell…..for those of you who know Leave it to Beaver. These two are always wrestling……there are times when you just can’t have anything nice! Hope you have a great Saturday!


It flopped over


I am reposting this picture from January 28th, so you can compare the growth in 10 days.


I took this picture today and I had to move the plant near the wall because it had fallen over. I decided it would need something to lean against. It’s like it is on steroids! I don’t think it will be long until it blooms. I think it is amazing, how fast it grew. The ladies in the picture are my grandmother and great grandmother.



For my birthday in December my sister in law, Ellen, gave me this Amaryllis bulb to grow. I had always looked at these but never picked one up and I am really looking forward to having this bloom.


Here I am showing this very compressed peat moss that I had to add two cups of water to. Once it soaked up the water it filled up the pot. It was so full I had to take some out to get the bulb in and then pack it back around the bulb.


The directions say in May I will be able to plant this in the ground and then take it out again in September. It also says it will bloom in 8 to 10 weeks. I will keep you updated.