This little grey and white female was protesting her picture being taken or wasn’t happy that I woke her up.

Good picture of her sweet face.

She was protesting so much Mama had to jump up and give her a snuggle.

Her back legs are strong and she gets around pretty well for a little over two weeks old.

Little bit of stripes on her tail and more grey than white.

Five Days Old

Five days old and they are getting stronger. I was changing the bedding and had everyone out of the box on a sheet. Left the room for a moment and came back and a grey one had crawled 4 feet away and was crying and mom was getting frustrated. I got everything all put back to normal and everyone calmed down. In this picture it appears that everyone has a full belly for the moment.

A Mamas love.

Love their sweet little faces and paws.

This picture I took at my studio window. These two are from her litter that she had the last week of April. Miggy, the kitten inside is one who joined the family. I call the one outside Pookey and he is the one that we couldn’t catch. Well since I have Mama confined with her kittens he has finally let us pet him and is becoming super loving. His neck looks funny because he was bit a few weeks ago and it got infected and he rubbed the fur off. Since he couldn’t be caught it couldn’t be addressed but it is now healing nicely because I was able to clean it and put antibiotic cream on it. The fur is now growing back. Soon I will be able to have him tame enough to transport and get neutered and such. So the two of them talk to each other through the window.

I just loved the face of the kitten behind her head. So stinkin sweet.