Last 2016 Art Fair


Yesterday, December 4th, I returned with my helper Theresa from from Columbus Ohio after participating in Winterfair. It was a huge event and there were so many wonderful artists, 497 they tell us. I was in awe of the diversity and felt honored that I was included. I always meet wonderful customers and artists. When the fellow artists find out that it is my first year of art fair participation they are very helpful and a wealth of knowledge. This was my last show for 2016 and it has always been a learning experience. I feel that I am wiser when I start 2017 and I will post on my website which shows I will be in next year. I have been applying so it is just around the corner. Theresa and I had a good time, good food, good hotel, just had to drive back in the first snow of the season with HUGE flakes.  Now to plan for Christmas….decorating, wrapping, baking.


I wanted to share with you my latest painting that I finished and how it progressed. I started out putting in the different colors that I wanted to use. Cool for the background and warm for the flowers. It is on a large 36 X 36 canvas. Visually I wanted large flowers just like being close up looking in. I placed the flowers using some of the shapes and vacant areas.


I also decided I wanted more of the turquoise, teal and light blue colors and just some green. Some of the areas were painted over with the said colors.


The finished product, made it’s debut at Winterfair as my showcase piece. There were many smiling comments about “It’s a Bold and Colorful World”. Customers bought a few print and you can purchase one also on my Etsy shop. It would make a perfect Christmas gift. Thanks for stopping by.


Completed In The Pines


When I started building this painting my main vision included the different size pine trees. I cut out different sizes from wallpaper and originally was going to use many less. I then added all  the rest and liked the way it looked. The background was originally much different with many different greens. It didn’t make the picture and I painted over it with Paynes grey and Chromium Oxide Green. I wanted it to be dark like the inside of a forest.


Here is the completed painting of In The Pines. I really love the sky, it has a lot of movement and the sun is Van Goghish. The words are Take Our Hearts For A Walk In The Woods….And Listen To The Magic Whispers of Old Trees. There are many interesting elements to this painting. Look closely to find the pine martin peeking through the trees. I have posted this in my shop if you would like to purchase a print. The size will be printed as 8 X 14.5 on 11.7 X 16.5 archival paper and ink.


I will be adding this painting to my booth when I set it up in Columbus, Ohio December 2 through 4. If you are in the area please stop by. My shop link.

Check Out Artsy Shark

Wildflower Field with watermark

A few months back I had submitted some work to Artsy Shark. It is a site that promotes artists and their business. I was contacted that I would be included in a page that spotlights artists that celebrate nature. Today it was posted so I hoped that you might zip on over and take a look at all the great artists that were showcased in this. I submitted this mixed media piece that I finished recently named Wildflower Field. Click on this and it will take you to that page. If you would be interested in a print of this painting go to my Etsy shop.  I had a customer purchase one this last weekend and it really is  pretty print that is uplifting and colorful.


I am also proud to tell you about this painting. I finished it in time to display it in in my art booth this last weekend at the Oakwood Fine Art Fair and I sold it! This was my first original to sell and it was so exciting! It is painted on a 36 X 36 canvas and it is named Harmony. There is a hidden in plain site insect in it. Can you find it? I also have added another art fair that will finish off 2016. It will be the Winterfair in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Expo and State Fair grounds. It will be three days, December 2nd through the 4th. Now that it is September, on Saturday the 24th, I will be putting up the tent at Art at the Riverside, located in Leo Gardens. So looking forward to being local, so come on out and say hi, it’s a very neat park. Click on the link and you will see all the talents that will be selling their art. Please like this post to get the word out.  Thanks so much!