Three Early Works

These three works might have been made about 12 years ago. I fell in love with watercolor and mixed media in this class. It was actually a watercolor class but the professor was a mixed media artist and he gave us more to chew on. I believe it was his last watercolor class before he retired from his teaching career, Maurice Papier @MauricePapier. The assignment was to make a trilogy, so my basis was from the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” which is also taken from a passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes. The timing was 2006-2007, and that was soon after 911 and so there are references to that. The black and white building was the gatehouse of the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA. We visited Gettysburg on vacation three different times so had many pictures from the area. Each of the three paintings has a clock. I transferred the copy of the building using wintergreen oil, a technique that Maurice taught. The paintings were done on illustrator board and notice the words. I can go back and find other early art pieces that I added words on, so that has always been with me.

A transfer of the twin towers burning. Black and white makes it more stark. Time to Love in a pretty script, with Time to hate making it look like a ransom note.

The transfer building in this one is a funeral home in Fort Wayne, look at the picture and it shows the corner that I used. I wanted to find some architecture that was similar to the Evergreen Cemetery. Making the burka on the mourning woman was satisfying to get the folds of the fabric to look good. The ballerina is decent except for her face, I was never happy with it. Still all in all these are some of my favorite pieces in my portfolio. There is a lot of meaning in the little word groups.

In the Pines


This is just the bare bones start of a new painting. My paintings are usually based somehow on moments in my life that leave deep feelings and memories. We had to make the trek up to Minnesota to take our son to camp in 2011. We crossed into Duluth which by the way is fabulous with the shipyards and Lake Superior. We drove into the woods and I had never seen so many pine trees! It was awe inspiring.


Unfortunately I had a computer crash and lost most of the pictures from that trip. I did come across this one of Burntside Lake. We rented a really cute cabin at Burntside Lodge. This was out our window. We could hear loons and wolves howling. It was very neat and memorable. So the painting is based on my memories of Minnesota. I have many ideas to go.


Here is an early watercolor of mine that I painted of one of the cabins in the woods by the lake. Till next time……have a beautiful weekend!

Sometimes it just doesn’t work


I am sure you have done this also and had a vision of making something great and unique and it flops, which is life. This is what happened with this card. What I am most disappointed with is that I sewed on the little embroidered piece and it was crooked when I got done. My sticky didn’t stay. It really bugs me. I loved the embroidery. I like the watercolor at the top, I feel it is pretty cute. But all together I am sad about this. My idea did not turn out as I had envisioned it. I may send this to someone….maybe. Just maybe the crooked fabric will bother them too, which I wouldn’t want. Just have to move on. Thanks for stopping and listening to me whine a little bit.