Teddy Bears and Tea Towels

Last month we got many rooms painted so, we had to move furniture in the middle of the rooms and that also meant to take things off the tops of bookcases. Then I have also decided not to put anymore up on top again. Too much dust. The bears had been up for at least 8 years and maybe dusted once. In my defense they are pretty tall , but anyways….

I just love teddy bears and before I put these away for awhile I thought they should be shared. My Mom sewed beautifully and liked to make dolls. She could sew anything and also made my wedding dress, which has been securely packed away for 40 years. I have many of her dolls and sometime I will take them out and share more.

These are three of the bears that she made with moveable arms and legs and stuffed so tightly. I just love them so.

The bear that is standing is made of mohair and I picked him up in Canada on vacation probably 30 years ago. My Mother in law loved bears and dolls too and the one in front she had given to me, he is so soft. The other one sitting was her bear, I love him because he has some kind of weights in his bottom and legs and sits very well anywhere.

This big bear I found in Gettysburg. It has nothing to do with the Civil War but he kept calling me back to him until I brought him home with me. The little white one my friend gave to me, I believe it is mohair and the the bear with the gangly legs and patriotic hat I picked up at a craft show. The one who it hiding her face I believe is a small Boyds Bear.

They needed to come down and get dusted off.

The other day I tucked a tea towel into a friends birthday package and that prompted a discussion on tea towels or kitchen towels, whatever you like to call them. Her towel was green with three big carrots on it.

I had told her that I like to pick up these inexpensive towels and just save them to give to people. I don’t like to use them to dry dishes but many other things. I am showing you the hedgehog towels I had sewn together .

We have this narrow window that certain times of the year and certain times of the day, usually dinner time the sun comes in and blinds us. I needed something to stop it but didn’t want to make anything or put a lot of time into it. The two towels are just the right width and length together and they are hemmed already. I found a small spring tension rod and hooks and clips from Ikea and our problem is solved.

These towels I picked up at the Raven Book Store in Lawrence Kansas in 2015. I had no Idea what I would do with them but the cats drew me in.

I bought two because they had different images. I got a big idea one day while the sun was beating into my studio that I needed something to put over the window for about two hours in the afternoon. The are just the right weight to mute the sun so I can see to paint. Again I used a spring tension rod and Ikea rings and hooks. To open and shut I use a yard stick and I have it higher because the cats have to look out underneath.

The next images are the towels that I have in the drawer. I picked these up at Wal Mart. I sometimes make loaves of bread and wrap the loaf in a towel to give away as a gift or to a new neighbor or friend.
I also use them to wrap around a casserole dish if we are going somewhere.
You can wrap one around a bottle of wine to give to someone.

I also use them to just dry my hands on in the kitchen or place them over food in the summer if there is a party going on.

This towel could be used to take a box of donuts to ones home. I love good donuts and coffee. Wrap this one around a bottle of liquor for a house warming. They can also be used as mop towels at the bar.

These two I have washed and need to iron to get that crisp look back. The one on the left my friend Colleen sent and the one on the right came in an order from Carrie Schmitt an artist that I know and love. I used these to put on the back of a black chair that was against the wall and would leave a mark on the wall. Having them on the back of the chair prevented the mark.

If anyone else has good ideas for these towels that you do, please leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Two Problems Solved

About 2:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is shining, my studio is so bright. So much so that I can’t tell the colors or see things correctly. I didn’t want to put up a blind either. Then one day I solved the two riddles. I picked up these two towels in Lawrence Kansas, at the Raven bookstore in Sept. of 2015. They have cats doing various activities on them, and there were two different towels so I had to buy them both.

They are too thin to dry dishes with and I didn’t want to use them for any activity that would give them stains, etc. It wasn’t an overall design, just six cats on each towel. What creative thing to do with them?

I just kept moving them around because I didn’t want to put them away, because I would just forget about them. They make me happy because the cats are so cute. Then on a really sunny day I thought “I really need something in front of the window for just a few hours”!

So I purchased a spring tension rod, I had little rings and hooks from IKEA and hooked them on to the towels. Shear little curtains that I pull back when not in use, and cute cats to look at when they are. I have to keep them higher so the real studio cats can look out the window. They are the true owners of the space.

They have to have their space. I see the one tea towel is uneven. Oh Well…we all aren’t perfect. If you want to read about the bookstore, click here.