New Art-Joyfully Flying

This is Lauryn, and today I delivered her original canvas painting that she ordered. She loves hummingbirds and then after some brainstorming we decided on a sunflower and a poppy.

We also determined that she like quotes to my happiness! I found a perfect one that works so well with this painting. The author of the quote….Amethyst Wyldfyre (I love this spelling!) Was talking about a hummingbird. The piece of the quote that I used is: I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty everywhere.

The canvas size was 6X6 so I was able to put the quote on two of the sides. I enjoy sides decorated too, so it worked out really well.

I had the sunflower drape around the one side and I used my favorite Iridescent Bright Gold by Golden to outline, gave it some zing!

The poppy was draping over a corner which made it interesting. I feel that I got the most out of this 6 X 6 canvas.

This print is listed in my etsy shop now and I have it in two sizes. 11 X 11 to fit a 12 X 12 frame… or…. 7 1/2 X 7 1/2 to fit a 12 X 12 frame with an 8 X 8 matte. It’s a happy painting and I sure enjoyed doing it for her!


A little sunshine for ya


As I write this the temp. outside is 20 degrees with a prediction of snow. We have really been fortunate this year with a beautiful, comfortable fall up until Sunday the 4 of December. Now is the season where the sun doesn’t show his face too much. When it does peek it makes me feel instantly better with more energy. Then he goes behind those grey clouds again to play hide and seek. I have gathered together my pictures of sunshine that I was called to create. This is my most recent mixed media sunflower. 5 X 5 canvas, the brushstrokes go out onto the sides of the canvas and a textured middle.


I call this my Van Gogh like sunshine for the recently complete “In the Pines”.


A torn paper sun that is warming the “Wildflower Field” painting.


I always am drawn to a beautiful sunset. We get many in our area.


I made a pop-up box and sent it to a friend. This sunshine stamp was used to go along with the coffee stamps because coffee is great with the sunrise.


An earlier sunflower painting. Wouldn’t this make you happy to have it on a shelf at work. Put a little sunshine in your work day. Again a 5 X 5 canvas.


I used that same sun on a card and made it dimensional. My sun faces have to have rosy cheeks.


This little sun I picked up at a third world shop that was possible made in Portugal or Bolivia, I can’t recall. I enjoyed all the detail in it.


From our walk through an Acres Land Trust area, the sunshine through the trees.


One morning this year I watched the sun rise and it was glorious!


A stained glass garden stake I had in front of my catmint, the sun shining on a road. It is such a pretty piece. If you live in the north and don’t get much sunshine during this time of the year, I hope you find ways that help. Enjoy the peeks of sunshine when he lets us know that he is still back there even though it doesn’t seem like it. The sunflower pictures prints can be found in my Etsy shop.