I have a fascination with sea glass. I just think the colors are beautiful. It is just broken bottles and such that the water has tumbled and smoothed and then it washes up on shore to be discovered and made into really interesting things. Take this picture for example. I follow Anne Marie Gorham who is the owner of lakesuperior_beachglass. She lives in Duluth, MN. Here she has taken the sea glass and made a delightful elephant.

Here she made a blue bicycle with flowers in the basket. I really had a hard time choosing. If you would like to go look for yourself, her shop.

My own little treasures of beachglass and such. I found them on a Lake Erie beach. They are in an antique butter pat my grandmother gave to me. Another person I follow, but I don’t have anything from them is IrishPatti. She lives in Rochester New York and gathers beachglass from lake Ontario. She makes some really pretty items also. She has a great instagram and facebook page.

Lastly this is my necklace that I bought from Karen Boddy, and she lives in Cleveland and makes Lake Erie seaglass jewelry and also seaglass from the Virgin Islands. She just did a great blog post about sea glass and this is her website. Do you have any seaglass?