Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day we remember those Soldiers that died defending our wonderful country. I love America, we aren’t perfect but we are strong. This picture was taken in Holland Michigan at Centennial Park. Just the right amount of breeze.

Love a clean and sparkling pool and that is ours. Still getting it warmed up. Yesterday we got in and it was 76 degrees. That is not good enough, it was almost torture for me. I like 86 and it is almost there. I will be in it this afternoon. Our outside weather station alarm was going off recently because the temp. hit 100 outside.

We have ordered new furniture for around the pool. It is made of recycled plastics and manufactured in Canada. I loved this green rocker that they had in the store. It is called Kiwi. We have a side table ordered in green and another rocker rocker in white with a side table. Then a chaise lounge in turquoise. They are heavy and and tough so they can be left outside year round. The claim is that the color won’t fade and we loved it because of the weight, the rockers will not flip over in the wind and land on the pool cover.The name of the company is C.R. Plastic Products, and they are located in Stratford, Ontario.

Picked out some nice bright chair pads for the front porch. The bottom pad is reversible with stripes on the other side. They were bought from Pier One Imports.

Lastly we were in Detroit on Saturday at a Tigers game, I could see this building from my seat and it wasn’t this colorful last year. After doing some internet searching here is what I came up with to explain what it is all about. Being a person who loves color I was drawn to it immediately.


New Prints in shop


Lil Punkin has been added to my etsy shop. Black crow resting on the top of the deep orange or rust plaid pumpkin with a little white heart.


Little Pot of Flowers has also been added to the shop. These flowers don’t wilt, fade or need watered. They are contained in a black stenciled pot with green and white dots.

New Painting in Shop


Just finished this painting today just in time to offer in my booth this weekend. I will be setting up in Roanoke Indiana at the Art Fair A Renaissance in Roanoke. It will be this Saturday October 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is going to be a beautiful fall day of 63 degrees and sunny. This painting is named “Love Many Things” after the Vincent Van Gogh quote I have added to it.


This is a photo from my tent two weeks ago at Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. This was a really nice show setup. All the art booths were in an oval so we could look out and see everyone. The traffic flow was quite good with nice space in between the tents. There were food trucks to choose from for lunch. There was great music groups also. Each show becomes more successful and that is fun! Since this show was close to home it was nice to be able to see people I know too. I hope to see you this weekend.

Summer Garden Painting


When I start a painting I usually just have the basic idea first. I draw it in the sketchbook first to see if that idea works at all. I knew I wanted to do swirly flowers and a grey and white background on a 24 X 24 inch stretched canvas.


I then just walk by it for a couple of days to decide what I want to do next. I knew I needed to add some different flowers with various types of leaves.



Summer Garden without watermark

Then again I just walk by the easel for a day or two deciding what else I want. In this case it was dandelions with floating seeds a dragonfly, grasshopper and a quote by Heinrich Heine. This Summer Garden is alive with activity,and will make a happy addition on someones wall. A print of this can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.

hung up


We found some time so that Tom could hang the Red Poppies picture with the Crow up. I made it especially for this area. I am very pleased with the way it looks. It is just the right size.


The green background picks up the color in the side tables and the red picks up the pillows and the cardinal picture and other items I have in our room. Smaller prints of this picture can be found in my Etsy Shop… Have a great Sunday!

What’s Your Choice?

Red Poppies with watermark

Both these prints are available in my Etsy shop in a 7 X 7 size. Similar but yet different…Red Poppies vs Burgundy Poppies. Acrylic paint vs wallpaper. Crows but done with different papers. Green background vs yellow green background.

Burgundy Poppies with watermark

Stenciled paint vs stenciled molding paste. Both would be a nice addition to a wall arrangement. A nice pop of color for sure. Which do you like the best? Let me know and thanks for stopping!

Love Red


I just received this lovely red apple baker pottery. I love pottery and and especially if it is red. This will make baked apples taste so good!


My sister Linda got these hand blown glass paint brushes during a trip to Nashville, Indiana. It is made by the Lawrence Family Glass Blowers, Inc. Click here for the website. I just think they are absolutely beautiful! She also gave me the red mug to display them in. I put holes in tissue paper and also positioned some around each brush so that they are in steady.


I just love these Charley Harper stickers that came with my calendar. The red cardinal really catches my eye. I put these on envelopes that I mail.


My arrangement for valentines day and winter.


My finished red poppies painting. It will be going above our bed. The saying says: Crow calls to awaken you to your true soul purpose….To remind you to follow your heart. This is a Native American Proverb and it is how I feel. Follow your heart to be happy. I will be scanning this and making it available as an 8 X 8 print in my Etsy Shop tonight. The original size of this painting is 36 X 36. I am really pleased with this painting. The green is the perfect color to go with our bedside tables and the red just pops. I also love all the texture. Be creative and thanks for stopping!