Fireworks, Frida, cats and succulents

This pot was just overgrown with succulents. Look at the next photo for comparison) I admit to not knowing much about how to do this. I went to good ol youtube and there are many videos with this information. The one I watched used a chop stick to make the hole for the stem of the plant, which worked very well. It was a good use for those chop sticks we brought home from the restaurant that we will never use.
This was that pot in December and it was much more overgrown by June.
The next pictures are the cuttings that I took from the plants. I know this one looks bigger than the pot but it was so cute. The pot came from an artist in Terre Haute. Kara Lovell Ceramics
Four more in my funky bird pot made by artist Kristy Jo Beber Stoneware. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.
Three teeny ones for this pot from God Children a few years ago.
Added this one to the fish pot my boys gave to me years ago. I just love it.
Freda is my newest mixed media painting. She is supposed to be a dog but I have been asked if she is a skunk, and I kind of think, with the narrower head a Llama. Whatever you want her to be and she makes me smile. She will be up later in my store, the sides have to be finished.
This is Mama. She would come to my porch in 2018 and stare at me until I would feed her. Those big eyes melted my heart. She then started looking a bit pregnant and we went through a whole ordeal with the kittens. I didn’t get her spayed quick enough and she became pregnant again. This all happened in April and August. So she no longer can get pregnant now and is living a good life inside and she is a good good girl. So loving…now you understand her name. The reason I am telling you about her leads to some new food I am feeding the cats. She would have her chin swell and the vets tell me that it is an allergic reaction to something. She also would have some flaky skin.
This girl is Lily and she came to us about nine years ago. She was soooo hungry and cried and cried outside the door. So she wore me down and I went out and fed her and realized that she had been pregnant but I don’t know where or if there were any babies. She would throw her food up and has probably been bothered by the food I have been giving for years. I decided to try sensitive stomach and sensitive skin food. I have tried Purina One and Hills. Both have worked wonders with these two. Mama’s skin is not flaky, nor has her chin swelled and Lily’s throw up episodes have reduced immensely. All the cats like the food, and it has made a huge difference with the cat boxes. They don’t smell and are so much easier to clean. I will not lie….it is much more expensive but if you have just one or two cats it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

Also a tip about cleaning carpet spots….a carpet cleaner told us one time to only use a spray bottle with ammonia and water. If you use one of the cleaners they leave a residue that attracts dirt. The water and ammonia dries easily and cleans the spots that are left really well. Just rub using a wet rag after dousing the spot with the spray bottle. If you have a large deep spot, take a glass of water and pour it on the spot. Take a thirsty towel and fold it put it on the wet spot and put pressure on the towel like standing on it to sop up the water. Do this as many times as it take until the spot is at least much lighter. Then you can try the ammonia solution.
A neighbor had some good fireworks this weekend that I was able to capture. I was really happy to get these, sometimes I can’t get my camera to cooperate in the dark.
Noelle, my neighbor gal had an art date with me on Saturday. Together we worked on a mixed media piece of her cat Steven. I loved how it turned out and we had so much fun working it out.
I love the color of these coneflowers and they are all getting ready to bloom.
The daylilies are starting to pop also. I have a few different kinds and everything looks quite pretty when they are blooming.
The delicate, yellow, coreopsis are also working their magic. Their fernlike leaves are so soft.

Stay well everyone.

Pincushions, pottery and hearts

Decorations and tree were taken down a couple of weeks ago and the furniture was all dusted and the hearts have come out for a few weeks. I left out just a couple of snowmen but I am ready to move on. See the little heart tree? Angie my niece found it and it is titled “here’s my heart”, so perfect! Just fun stuff to greet us in the foyer.

Love, love hearts!

I don’t think I every posted this pottery bowl I picked up at the 2016 winterfair. I use it for decoration but it would be good for salad or pasta, for a large gathering. I just think it is is so unique! For the life of me I cannot find the business card for this person. I know they are in Ohio and she is a teacher and she was doing this part time.

Love all the details and the colors.

The bottom has the unglazed redware with decoration.

The decorations around the handle on the outside. Is this not a wonderful bowl????

It just goes so well on my little table in the foyer. My camera wasn’t too straight with this picture, but it really is straight. There are two deep drawers that I keep candles stored in. The words are, believe in today, your life is now.

Margaret my helper bee, made the sweet pin cushions. They are soft and full of beans, a chick and a carrot. I have them showing off on my cabinet because they are so cute!

to market-to market


It was such a beautiful day I decided to take in The Barr Street Market in Fort Wayne. It was attended well and quite a few booths. Of course I am drawn to the flowers and these were just gorgeous! I should have taken a picture of the cute little guy I bought HUGE marigolds from, but that’s an after thought.


I liked this colorful sign. I thought about buying some potted herbs from them but decided I should plant what I have first. Maybe next time.


These ladies had great looking homemade bread and fried pies.


I love homemade soap. I did buy 6 different bars. They made my car smell so good! The colors are pretty.


The creams, browns and blacks. So nice! By the way…This is Old Fort Soap Company.


There were some musicians, which was nice.


Lush potted plants.


Kettle Corn, being made right there. See the man stirring the pot? I asked if I could take his picture so he was feigning boredom.


Many dogs came to the market. Golden retriever puppies are so sweet!


My Huge Marigold purchase.


The younger girl had happened to be in my ceramics class in the fall semester 2014. It was nice to see her and the person who owned the booth was her mentor.


Here is her lovely pottery. This is Parrot Pottery. She uses doilies for the texture.


A large dog waiting patiently for their owner to make a decision.


Another one getting a scratch on the head.


He sat down, deciding that it was going to take awhile.


I asked if I could take her picture even though I didn’t need any vegetables at the moment. I told her the green was a perfect match for her wares. Was it planned?


I loved the purple flowers, they were quite stunning.


One more snap of a pooch walking off happily, tail up and a jaunty step. He must have had as much fun as I did. I will go back another time. There should be more fruits and vegetables. Thanks for stopping!