Handmade cards Plus

Right before Christmas our neighbor Kathy brought over a plate of Christmas goodies and this pretty card. If you can’t tell the holly leaves are raised and I just thought this was a pretty card. I seem to get more enjoyment from cards after Christmas, when I have time to really look at them.

My friend Theresa made these next three cards. It was really nice to revisit them because they are so sweet.

It didn’t come off very well but the trees are silver sparkles. It has made me happy to pull these out again!

This is my most recent one, and it is a shaker card. Love it!

Here are a couple photos of my guys. I have pictures taken in front of the tree for years. I will have to pull them out and put them up in order, that would be fun to look back at them.

I picked this cup up that says-I don’t need google, my Mom knows everything. He is always asking me questions and I say look it up, you have the resources. “Why do I need to do that when I have you?”

Kathy also brought this sweet gift for me that she found at an antique store. Said that she thought of me right away and had to get it and I love it. Kitty has a great face and sits prominently on our hearth.


Feeling a little melancholy thinking about family members and even pets who have left us, but also new ones that have joined our group. How we have special and unique feelings for each and every person and animal based on what you admire about them, because it isn’t the same for everyone. Who has great style, who is a good parent, who works really hard, who is really funny, who has a very kind heart or is a good cook. Enjoy more, criticize less….my motto for 2018. I don’t think of it as a resolution but to change the way I think to be happier.  What about you, any new thought process on the horizon?

It only took two years


I have had these next two prints for at least two years or longer. They are from an artist Diana Sudyka who’s business name is Tiny Aviary. Click here for the link. She lives in the Chicago area and all her paintings include a natural element. I am drawn to all the activity that is happening in these two pictures. This first one was based off a children’s book illustration. I love the two kids with the rosy cheeks. I also really liked the jack-in-the-pulpit. It is called “The Wonders of Nature”.


The next one is called “The Backpack”. The owner left the backpack and the birds are unpacking it and putting the contents in the tree. There are boots, pots and pans, binoculars and a compass to name a few items. It reminded me of the childrens book “Caps for Sale” when the salesman went to sleep with all his caps on his head. The monkeys came along and took his caps and hung them in the tree.


We then hung the ornate refurbished frame I found in an antique store. ” Happy Birds” mixed media painting was hung inside it. I really love this look.


It was hung in the landing of the stairway.


It picks up the colors in the grandmothers flower garden quilt.


They were hung on the Great Room wall beside a drawing I did in Art Class.


The drawing was based on a project called the faces of God. We had to make it our interpretation and I divided mine into four areas with rain and a rainbow, thunderstorm, sunshine and snow. I included young pictures of my boys and nature like irises, sunflowers, trees. One of my favorite drawings from school. Thanks so much for checking in.