Sunny and crisp

It is one of those fall days where the trees are turning and the sun is shining making everything seem glorious. I decided to pull out the Nikon D40 because it is so much easier to do a blog post with, the pictures are all ready to go.

We planted a tree last year that will look like this when it is bigger. I think it is called autumn flame. For the time being though I will enjoy the neighbors.
The geese and ducks have been flying in and flying out. It has been a week since the soy beans were harvested and they have been serious about cleaning up the field for anything that was left behind.
I love these tiny aster blooms. This plant never does get very full because it is beside the cat mint that grows very large. I should move the aster but only if I get around to it.
These mums are so pretty and there were shiny droplets of water on them but it really didn’t come through on the picture.
Ornamental grass in our landscaping. It seems to bloom late and I don’t know if it is supposed to be that way or the dryer vent heat slows it down in the summer. I love the wispy wheat looking spires that wave in the breeze.
I really like the little “pumpkin pie” pumpkins…so cute!
The front bed was just pretty with the sun shining on it. It has the fall colors on it now and some plants are just looking quite puny. Crispy, breezy and sunny days just make me happy!
Making stationary for holiday shows. I always purchase watercolor notecards from Dick Blick, my favorite place to purchase supplies. It is such nice paper that accepts archival ink with my hand carved stamps.
Other cards I have made with my carved stamps, different wreaths. My stamps are very interactive and I also add dots of enamels accents from Wendy Vecchi. They dry so quickly and the drawn lines are made with zig millennium pens. They are waterproof, archival, fade proof.

Anyone who thinks leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day. — Shira Tamir

Midwest Changes


I took a walk today to gather leaves or other natural items to paint or carve into a stamp. The colors are starting to come out. This is a bush outside of my front door. It was so pretty with the sun shining on it.


My burning bush is all changed and losing the leaves. Closeup of the its berries.


Our neighbors crab apple tree.


A common area that has the trees lining it.


It’s breezy today, our flags are standing up nicely.



A wall of yellow and green.


The sun must shine on that spot.


Blue sky, the tree in the middle is just not going to change yet.


Pretty red mums.


I have watched these pinecones when they first came on to the tree, and then they grew and were green and now they have matured.


The squirrels are busy. The farmers almanac says we are going to have a lot of snow this winter, it seems as if the squirrels know it too. They were very active this morning, running all around and chirping at me as I walked by.


Ornamental grass


Another kind of ornamental grass.


My sweet potato vine has been blooming this last couple of weeks. They look like small petunias. It was kind of a nice surprise. Hope that you have a lot of pretty nature where you are at.



This week we had a leafhopper check in with us. I also saw him on the pool fence too. I am sure he was the same fellow. Why wouldn’t he be?:)


At the end of May I took a snapshot of the neighbors pine tree. I was amazed at all the new pine cones it was growing only on the upper half.


Here it is last week. The pine cones are turning brown.


This Great Horned Owl is so cool. My brother-in-law Keith took this picture. It was sitting on the fence behind their house. To me it looks like his head is turned around because those have got to be his tail-feathers. Such a wise and serious face.


This Luna Moth decided to stop by for a few hours and hang around. It lost the two long hangy wings so I wonder if it has a harder time flying. Those decorations on the wings look like they are painted on.


I follow a blog that does much journal drawing. She is always stopping and drawing the pods left over from the flowers and they are very neat. So here I snapped a photo of daylily pods and I think I got an extra bug on it for good measure. They are interesting and the blog is Dispatch from LA…


Different daylily pods.


Zinnia blooming from my planted seeds. They were called giants on the seed package….they are kind of tall but I was expecting a much bigger bloom. Still pretty though.


Thought I would get a shot of my ornamental grass by the dryer vent. See all the lint on the ground? It is nice and full this year.


The bloom looks like a fuzzy catapiller.


Late season poppies. Pretty but a little worn around the edges. Have you had any interesting nature creatures or blooms stop by your home? I am very interested, tell me about them and leave me a message. Thanks for stopping!