More Paintings added to the Store 9/1/21

This mixed media painting is called “Spruced Up Succulent”. I was browsing through a Small Garden Style book and came across a page with this image that called to be painted. I believe it was the blue bowl that really caught my eye. If you would be interested to look at it click here.
“Lovely Lily’s Flower Crown” This is my bullseye tabby cat who has a very solemn look on her face. This is the look I get when it is time for bedtime treats at 9:00 p.m. The link to Lovely Lily is here.
“Jubilant Sisterhood” mixed media painting has just a lot of happy movement. It shows different races of women through wallpaper. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and Middle Eastern. The black and white checks resembles a dance floor. To get a good look at this painting click here.
Ahh, can’t you see yourself out on the lake, letting the wind take you to a place where no problems exist. “Favorable Wind” does just that. Click here to take a good look at the the painting. The originals are going with me to the upcoming art fairs. I also bring prints and cards. My next show is this Saturday in Auburn. Market on 6th.


Winter Solstice:

solstice that marks the onset of winter, at the time of the shortest day, about December 22 in the northern hemisphere and June 21 in the southern hemisphere.

Happy Winter Solstice to all of you. Now we can look forward to seconds added on to the day to begin the slow ascent to longer days. I don’t know the difference, some definitions show December 21 and others December 22. I will just go by my Charley Harper calendar.

This little painting is titled “Preparing” and is our Christmas Card this year.

“All the Woodland Animals were Decorating in Preparation”

Four days until Christmas and I pretty much have my list and am checking it off.

Wrap gifts, make goodies, grocery store and finishing touches, plan to be ready by Thursday.

I think with this picture I was trying to take an image of the full moon but I just couldn’t get it right. Doesn’t it look like a reindeer though?
Last night, the sky was clear and I was able to see Jupiter and Saturn, and I took photos (to the best of my ability). Tonight is supposed to be the night where they are in alignment but it is a cloudy day. Here is a video I found that explains the phenomena.
I am happy to report that progress is being made on this quilt. One side has these flowers appliqued on and now I have started on the other side. If a little time each day is devoted to the project then it goes much faster.
I want to share this beautiful dimensional birthday card one of my gal pals sent. I feel very special because I am sure it was time consuming.
Here you can see the three layers. It is a fabulous card from a fabulous friend. You will be glad to know that Pavel was not bothered by my flash.
It was a banner week in the mail. I also received this journal from my other gal pal. Each page has a treat on it from hidden tags to papers that she dyed along with interesting cards.
Here are some of the dyed papers, a flower that she made.
Tags and pockets, it was just beautiful. With each page turn it is a treat.
The vintage looking papers, lace and torn fabric for the ribbon.
I am ending my post with Miggy or his whole name is Miguel Cabrera. One of our favorite Detroit Tigers. Miggy the cat is a polydactal with extra toes and it is like he has baseball mitts on his paws. He is such a sweetie but so big, 13 to 14 pounds. Every night when I go to bed I have to wrestle with him because he thinks he is going to sleep on my chest and stomach. After seven to ten minutes he finally gets the hint. He is so long that when we shut the bedroom door he can reach up and open the door. With his big paws he can maneuver round door handles too.

I hope you are doing well, are safe and healthy.

New Starts

This canvas is 16 X 20 and I really felt the calling to paint a garden scene again. I like to do one every so often. This one will majorly morph but I started it out with Cleomes, then I have plans for purple Liatris. The various colored background gives it so much interest behind the flowers. It will also have various mediums and marks too. I love doing these paintings and they are not fast to do. It takes much research and thought behind it.
I have so many quilt tops, quilts in progress, quilt material that I would not need to buy anything for the rest of my life. My Mother quilted and I quilted and that is where I acquired all these wonderful items. I have made a pact with myself to get working on these a little at a time and not buy anything extra.

This quilt is my own design and I love needlework and applique so this has both. I decided not to use a hoop to quilt so I can just fold it up and take it easily where ever I go. I found a cute piece of fabric in my stash made by Riley Blake Designs for the backing. Then I decided it would make a great mask too.

I am not being picky about the quilting because I haven’t quilted for a while and if I am too picky it will take too long to get it finished.
This is our resident turtle that goes between retention ponds. I am always surprised when I see him come out of the water making his way to the other pond. He looks like a pretty good size and we can’t see the rest of his body in the water when he is popping his head up. We always wonder what makes him go back and forth. One is much more shallow, maybe one has better food. He moves pretty fast for a turtle.
These next pictures are the flowers that are blooming right now. This daylily is so big and pretty. It is so smooth and buttery.
I say this every year, this is my favorite. It is named Betsy Ross and starts blooming during the Fourth of July. I think the red is just fabulous!
The balloon flowers always amaze me and they bloom around the fourth of July too. The star shaped blooms are perfect for this time of year.
These coneflowers have the most beautiful color. Just vivid!

Another thing I have started working on is sorting all the loose pictures I have before digital. They need documentation and then we have old pictures from Tom’s family and mine too. This is a large project also. Something to do a little at a time.

Hope your fourth was fun, we had quite the fireworks all around us. Our heads were spinning back and forth plus we watched the Macy’s fireworks on tv which had to be spectacular over New York!

Another Original

“For You” has been added to my online shop. The following pictures show all sides. It is a great picture for girls of all ages. It would look good in a bathroom where it can be seen often because who doesn’t need inspiration often. It is sized 18 X 18 and offers colorful hearts, line art flowers and a cat with a butterfly and sunshine and other fun items. Great News….use Freeship in the coupon code to get it sent via free shipping. Link to the shop.

New additions to online shop

This is a brand new addition to purchase as a print in three sizes. The title is “And Then There Were Three”. This is a robins nest built inside a forsythia bush. The original painting has been sold but it will make a pretty print for your wall or a blank notecard to brighten some ones day. Click here to go to the shop.
“Blooms and Bugs” Original was added recently. It is a 10 X 10 gallery wrapped canvas that features bold and colorful flowers along with different insects. A butterfly, Sphinx Moth, Luna Moth, Praying Mantis and several Lady Bugs throughout.
The main painting on the front overlaps onto all four of the sides, so no framing is necessary.
Each side is different and fun. Find the original here and reproductions can be found here.
REMEMBER to use Freeship when checking out in the coupon code.

It Worked!

On my earlier post I talked about adding the plate to give the birds more room to stand and eat. The reason, I deduced, was that the lip was not big enough for them to hang on to. Must be why the co-op was selling it for only $12.95. I thought it was because it was smaller. I liked that everything was enclosed so the bird seed wouldn’t get wet. Kevin and I added the plate on Sunday and by Monday we had visitors. There had been two bright gold finches but when I got back with my camera they were gone and this sparrow or purple finch was in their place. It is very windy today and they can even hang on while it swings. The reason this picture is crooked is because I tried to fit something else in.
The reason I knew there was a bird on the feeder. A cat rear end.
This morning I looked out and saw Mr. and Mrs. Duck on top of our neighbors house. I hope they were not planning on putting their nest up there! It had to have maybe been a tough landing with the wind speed today. Maybe they were just scouting out the best spot.
Today’s original that was added to my online shop “Taste the Beauty”. This is 24 X 36 mixed media painting on gallery wrapped canvas. It was my garden at one time. You know….flowers come and go. It has a textured sun and textured grass. A great quote by Henry David Thoreau. “A Taste for the Beautiful is Most Cultivated Out of Doors”. It is better to hang the paintings then have them stored away so I have put it in my stairway. Originals, reproductions or notecards, it can be purchased in all three. Click on to go to my store.….If you want to buy anything be sure to use the coupon code Freeship so I can send it to you at no cost.

Guest Room Painting

We had our guest room painted this year and what a difference it made. I really love the color. I had taken the sign that is now above the bed and added those large flowers. Then I added “Under the Blue Sky” original painting and it was just perfect. The colors of the flowers just pop out. I was afraid that the painting would be too large but 36 X 36 fit so well. We bought the quilt at an antique shop in Maine and the room is made so cozy with it. This room makes me happy and I hope our guests are very comfortable in it also.

A Work That Intends to be Art, Must First Be Entertaining.

Katherine Patterson

What’s in the Works

I woke up at my usual time this morning, 4:45 am surrounded by warm furry bodies. More than usual because my husband was gone overnight. He is the clock changer so I was surprised when my iPhone said 4:19 by the time I got dressed. So I have an extra hour this morning and decided it would be a good time for a blog post. All of these images are not perfect, they are from my I phone and are not staged at all but they are “Art in Progress”. Showing you what has been going on in the studio.

This 16 X 20 painting is going to be called “Mary’s Garden”. It is a commissioned piece for Mary, with flowers that she loves. I place where I want the flowers to go and then work on an area at a time and I started on the left. Lilacs, Black eyed Susans and Blue Salvia. I would love to do other commissions so contact me if you would like one made especially for you.
I like to show how the painting starts out and how it transforms. I pick the pallet that I want to work with and start putting that paint down. I then decide if I want to use any of it for for flowers or stems or want to paint over areas. It is an ever changing painting. If you notice the blue sky had changed to a softer blue. I love the very fullness of the garden in the upper picture. At the end I tidy it all up and add marks or dots, gold paint and florescent paint.
I am also making smaller art for the Hoosier Artisan Boutique in Noblesville, IN at the end of the month. Rocks are fun stocking stuffers and kids are drawn to rocks.
The are my hand carved stamps that I put on blank watercolor paper cards. It is very nice stationary and large to write a newsy letter.
Different wreaths are also being stamped and will be available.
Another item I will have at the boutique are 5 X 7 flat panel originals for $25.00. Affordable original art, easy to frame, easy to mail. Any that I don’t sell I will put in my shop for purchase. Also let me know if you would like one made for a special person. I can get it done and out to you in jig time. Contact me.

Below I am putting the quote by Gustave Flaubert that I have hanging on my inspiration wall. It is a reminder of something to strive for.

Be Steady and Well-Ordered in you Life so that you Can be Fierce and Original in Your Work.

Gustave Flaubert