On this day we decided to take a train to Poughkeepsie where Franklin Delano Roosevelts mothers home (and where he grew up and lived) and his top cottage and also Elenore Roosevelts Val-Kill house is located. First we had to figure out the subway system and take it to Grand Central Station. We then asked where to buy the train tickets and had to go into the main concourse to do this. This is the area where the pictures are taken of Grand Central that I had seen. The subways amaze me because there seem to be levels and levels of them. Sometimes it is like we are coming up from the bowels of the earth. It is mind boggling.


So very busy, just like the saying “as busy as Grand Central Station”.


We were getting on the Hudson Line, since it follows the Hudson River all the way. It was an hour and 45 minute ride and stopped briefly at many stops.


The next pictures are what I observed out the train window. This is a parking lot, we decided that the back two rows were not getting their cars out soon.


One of the many bridges along the way.


High a top a cliff. Don’t know if there was a church in the trees or what that was about.


Doing some work on the bottom of the bridge.


The high cliffs were so pretty.


another bridge


A tall hill


This was like a ruined castle in the water.


This looked like a bog or something. It was just briefly covered in green. Lots to look at. Next installment-FDR’s home.Thanks for stopping!!