New: Art, Art Ventures and Art Shows

This sweet painting is “Lovely Lily’s Flower Crown” after our bullseye tabby Lily. I used Shiva Oil Sticks because they blend so nicely. She really does have that stare, especially when it is 9 p.m. and it is time for treats. It is on an 8 X 8 canvas.
“Jubilant Sisterhood” an artists job is to observe and I see many people especially during art fairs. I had this painting brewing in my mind and finally got it on canvas. The background has so much movement and is a fun atmosphere, with a checkerboard representing a dance floor. My goal was to show many different women and nationalities. dancing. I first drew outlines from a pictures, then traced it and traced it again onto wallpaper cut them out and adhered it to the painted canvas. I have a pregnant woman, a woman vigorously dancing, a Hispanic girl in a tutu, Asian woman in high heels, a Native American girl, a tall black woman jubilantly dancing, a Middle Eastern woman and an elderly woman and it is on an 18 X 36 canvas. No matter who we are, as women we have families, jobs, problems, happiness and are a sisterhood. I will have these listed in my store if you are interested in prints or if you would like to purchase the Originals come and visit me at the local art shows I will be at. Look at my list on the home page.

A new art venture I have added is having a rented area at the newly renovated old church in Columbia City. It is called The Shops at the Sanctuary and they also have a Facebook page The Shops at the Sanctuary. I will be putting art and also stitchery items in it. I am excited about this and now to get “makin stuff”. The Grand Opening is August 6th.

This last weekend was Art in the Park in Downtown Fort Wayne. I have never done this show with cooler weather before but it was fantastic. I was worried that it was going to rain a lot on Sunday but it held off thankfully, through teardown. My son, Kevin helps me put up the tent and tear it down, but the rest of the shows I am on my own. So I don’t take pictures. I would have liked to take some pictures of peoples t-shirts because there was such an array of sayings and it would have been great to do a collage. This was just my second show of the season and customers were generous and I met many new art lovers.

July is a busy month here at the Hawkins House, along with the art shows, we are helping our sons move and get established in a new to them home. Tom and I are going on a weeks vacation to Frankfort Michigan right on the lake and I have another show right after that at Covington in Fort Wayne. We are so looking forward to a little R and R time.

With the rain and humidity my garden is growing crazy, some things that are spent do need to be trimmed up and that will wait till that humidity floats away. The tree swallows babies have flown the nest and I think there is a new bunch of eggs, someone is sitting on it constantly. I hope that they hatch and we will have Mom and Dad and maybe Uncle or Aunt flying in and out and feeding them. We have a screen that we put down but not during this time, they become very agitated and we hate to rock the boat. I will keep you updated when we see their littles heads.

Take care till next time.

Book Review: Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde, New Art, my sweet cat and more.

I finished this book recently and found it on the Amazon Prime list of free books this month. The main character is a 14 year old boy and the setting is a small town during the Viet Nam War. His brother who is five years older is serving in the war. The boy has a close friend who is by all means depressed. There are two sets of parents who are disconnected with their children and who have marriage problems. The boy started running every morning in nearby woods, because it felt good to get away from his home environment and came across two very large dogs and a log cabin. The dogs started running with him each morning until one morning they were very upset and scratching at the door of the cabin. This is where I leave you to pick up the book and find out what happens.

This book shows how chains of events can shape the lives of people. I became very involved with the characters and that means that the book was enjoyable. I would recommend this very much.
Snapped this picture recently of our cat Pooky. What a guy!
Recently purchased a new rug, cushions lamp and bakers rack spiff up our outdoor porch. It’s very comfortable out there.

Also when we do shish ka bobs on the grill I have three different kinds of skewers. A spiral one, straight one and bamboo sticks. The spiral and straight ones are metal and hurt my hand every time I put chicken on and I hate them. The bamboo sticks would always shred until I read in a magazine that they need to be soaked for 30 minutes. What a difference that makes! Everything goes on smoothly and easily. Maybe I was the only one who didn’t know this but it is great.
One morning last week it was quite foggy and as it was lifting I snapped this photo. Very serene picture.
I saw these coneflowers on a friends Facebook page. She grows them in her landscape and I loved the droopyness of them. They have made it into my latest painting.
Grey-Headed Cone flowers. Here the seeds can be found.
“Frida” my newest painting. She can be purchased in prints for the moment. I will be having her in the Fort Wayne Artist Guild pop up show. where the original will be for sale It will be this Saturday at the Farmers Market at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne along with two other paintings, “Sunrise at Frenchman Bay” and “Under our Feet”.
The times will be 9 am to 1 pm.

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New Paintings

“Treat Them with Kindness” is the first of my recently completed mixed media paintings that I will have at Art in the Park this weekend. I will also have reproductions and notecards.

“Bob’s Hideout” is the second painting just completed. This is a fun colorful creation that will add brightness anywhere. I will also have reproductions and cards along with all the other originals that I will be hanging. Please stop by and say hi.

Freimann Square
200 Main Street
July 13 11:00 to 7:00
July 14 11:00 to 5:00

These two paintings are also in my online store.