Just a little bit today

This Saturday is my one and only in person art fair this year. There will be 75 artists and vendors with all safety measures put into place, Social Distancing, Sanitizing and masks. I hope that you might want to get out and see some great artwork, soaps, plants, jewelry, pottery and much, much more. I am getting my new work together, cards and prints to have for sale.
This week I took a walk through the neighbors garden and found these little red pretties.
Lisa also has some yellow sunflowers. Always a favorite of mine.
Last week I took an online, mixed media art journaling glass. It was a lot of fun and I also was able to pull out many unused supplies. For example, this was the first time I had used this Eiffel Tower stamp.
Since the journal was about me I found a young picture of my Mom and changed the brightness and turned it into sepia before I printed it.
This was a fun page to do but my die cut didn’t cut perfectly, and that is why I used the saying that I put at the top.

That is all I have this week, the class was a week long and 10 pages. Now I am getting ready for the show.

I hope everyone is well, and stay out of the way of the hurricane. Sheesh….so much going on.

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Join me for a Workshop

There are spots open for my Find Your Creative Joy Mixed Media Workshop, this Sunday, February 24th. It is being held at the North Adams Arts Council Building, 521 North 3rd Street, Decatur, IN.

My workshops are very easy going, laid back. You don’t have to have any art background, and you don’t have to know how to draw. I will work with you step by step and you take home a small, completely finished painting to show what fun you had.

The focus of this painting workshop is preparing your canvas, making a background and COLOR! I love color! It will have much texture and flowers, along with some wallpaper, gold leaf and acrylic ink.

If you have a stressful job, maybe using a lot of technology this would be a nice change to bring out your creative. It would be a nice friends out time, or parent-child outing also.

This workshop is four hours long, 1 pm to 5 pm and is $55.00. Here is the direct link to get signed up.


I am happy to announce that I am collaborating with the North Adams Arts Council in Decatur, IN to host Find Your Creative Joy Workshops. These are mixed media workshops that will build on elements as each month progresses. You are looking at the pattern for the workshop that is open for January 27th. Small 5 X 7 gallery wrapped canvas. Ages 10 to Adult, 1 pm to 5 pm. Four hours long for $55.00. All supplies are included along with water and snacks. The student will make the painting their own, as in choosing the colors. It is a very laid back, small group, no more than 11. Hopefully this will make you want to continue. It is a very forgiving medium where it doesn’t have to be precise and the more layers, the more interesting the painting is. Here is a link to a gallery of past workshops. The address for the North Adams Art Council Building is 521 N. 3rd Street, Decatur, IN.
This snowman will be for the kids workshop ages 6 to 10, for two hours. February 17th and it is $20.00
This is the March 24th workshop for kids. Two hours for $20.00.

There are also other workshops scheduled for Adults. The dates for these are February 24, March 31 and April 28th. .
To register for these workshops follow this link, sign up and use credit card or PayPal. If you have any questions my email is xoxobb@hotmail.com.

Painting #2 redone and Workshop sign up

This flag painting was an early on creation. It needed refurbished also. I took off the stars, sanded it, painted it black, sanded it again and loved the outcome. The rust underneath peeked out under the black so nicely.

The barn owl was painted with acrylic paint Various wallpapers, inks, bronze leaf and oil sticks were used to make a wonderfully colorful scene. There is even a bit of florescent orange here and there. So meet Barney, the owl peeking out between the fall leaves.

The workshops are closing in fast! This is the painting we are doing on Sunday October 21, 1 pm to 5 pm. Please, please get signed up so I know how many I am going to have. Link to the sign up page….

Here is the painting for the friday evening, October 26th workshop. 6 pm to 10 pm. Here again I stress that you get signed up so I can get the needed supplies. This is a level one, no artistic experience necessary. These paintings have a little bit of many techniques, to learn and to build on. It will be a great time! The link to sign up for friday night class.

Find Your Creative Joy-Workshop Information

This 5 X 7 canvas is the star for the Friday evening October 26 workshop. 6 pm to 10 pm. In it we will use acrylic paint, wallpaper, acrylic ink, permanent pen and oil paintsticks. We will also use some texture tools for the background. All the shapes are very simple and easy to do. No artistic experience needed and you will be able to take home a completed painting. Four hours for just $75.00.

One side of the painting.

Sun and sky on the top of the painting.

The other side of the painting. (The bottom is just green.) Four hours of fun. A complementary bag containing art goodies. I guarantee something will be hand made. Drinks and chocolate, baked items. Take me to the sign up page.

This little floral painting is the star of the Sunday October 21st workshop. 1 pm to 5 pm.  We will be using wallpaper, acrylic paint, bronze leaf, acrylic ink, iridescent and florescent paint.

The next four pictures show the sides that the design laps over.

Again, no artistic experience needed. Four hours of creative fun for $75.00. Bag with artistic goodies and a hand made item. Chocolate, hot and cold beverages, some home baked goodies. Nice way to spend an afternoon and learn some new techniques. Take me to the sign up page.

The Pennsy Depot has been painstakingly remodeled, and the women who spearheaded it have kept most of the elements of this early train station. It is just so cute and a perfect place for a small gathering. Even though there are train tracks beside it, no trains go by it.

This is the area where we will have the workshop. Plenty of windows and lights. If it is a nice day those doors open out.

Just showing different scenarios.

Kitchen Area

Rest Room. I was so impressed how nice this restoration was done. I feel thrilled that I am able to use this area for creative workshops. It is located right beside the police and fire stations with plenty of parking. My vision for these workshops is to keep building on them and introducing more techniques, larger canvases, a complete day workshop, the sky is the limit. Sign up and help me make this a reality. Decatur is a wonderful city that is focusing on the arts. If you drive around downtown there are sculptures and new parks. A new gallery just opened this year, many home boutiques, coffee shop and unique pizza restaurants along with other good restaurants. When the dates get nearer, I will post maps and restaurants. Come, lets be creative together.


Two Exciting Happenings to Share with YOU!

This is my friend Theresa.


Starting in October I will be holding four hour, mixed media workshops. A couple of Sundays ago I had some friends come over to do a trial run and critique of the workshop. It was so fun to see them bring their personalities out. I designed the painting and they could choose the different colors and papers to make it their own.


Karen didn’t think she was good at art, but I think she is, and she had fun.

Dianne is a retired art teacher and she had fun with it too! It’s all about fun and to try something new. Have a time out with your friends.

This is the original painting that I put together and seeing their renditions of it are fantastic for sure. The mediums used in this are acrylic paint, wallpaper, acrylic ink, gel medium and a stencil.



A lot of fun creating going on here. The Workshops will be held in the newly restored Pennsy Depot. In 2017 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and here is a nice newspaper article about it.

The next exciting thing is that I have opened my own shop here on my website. I will be slowly moving all my Etsy items over to this shop. It has been a real learning experience and I mean that in a good way. My knowledge expanded. I wanted to have an area to sign up and pay for the workshops and thought now is the perfect time to have my own shop. There will be 11 spots in each workshop. When the first two are full I will then open up a couple more dates at a time. The workshops are live on the shop and here is where you can get to them. I hope you might consider giving it a try.