Guest Room Painting

We had our guest room painted this year and what a difference it made. I really love the color. I had taken the sign that is now above the bed and added those large flowers. Then I added “Under the Blue Sky” original painting and it was just perfect. The colors of the flowers just pop out. I was afraid that the painting would be too large but 36 X 36 fit so well. We bought the quilt at an antique shop in Maine and the room is made so cozy with it. This room makes me happy and I hope our guests are very comfortable in it also.

A Work That Intends to be Art, Must First Be Entertaining.

Katherine Patterson

Original Art – For You

This was an early painting that I still have. It is titled “For You” and came up with that after I painted it. It came to me after reading the lines and thought everyone should say this to themselves everyday.

Follow Your Heart….Everyone should do this….it will make you happier.
Seek Bliss…..also a good thing…..even just getting a cup of coffee or sitting in nature during any season.
Find Happiness…..listen to a Ted talk… a fat quarter of fabric….or a new paintbrush…even a fancy chocolate . Those are things that can make you happy and not cost much money.
Just Love… kind to one another.
The background is dark grey, and the hearts are uniform with pretty colors. The line drawings enhance the words and hearts.
One side has a line drawing of a stretching cat with a butterfly on his nose and a sun on his stomach.
The other side also has line drawings of simple botanicals and the bird tail is peeking at the top. The size of this canvas is 18 X 18. If you are interested in this mixed media painting please contact me.

Original for sale – Home

This large mixed media painting, 20 X 40 just has so much goodness in it. The horse that greets everyone coming down the driveway to the charming old brick home with flower boxes. It has a tree lined driveway. The back pasture has four horses running under a sunset or a sunrise whichever one prefers. Don’t forget the cats and kittens and the garden with various vegetables and sunflowers. A pickup truck to pull your horse trailer is a necessity. This painting was created with many elements, molding paste, acrylic paint, wallpaper and photo paper, a stencil, rubber stamps, ink and shiva oil paintsticks. This is a perfect painting for a narrower wall area as it is only 20 inches wide. The quote at the top of the painting was one of my favorites. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to discuss price.

Home is the nicest word there is. -Laura Ingalls Wilder

Taste the Beauty – Original for Sale

Original for sale, “Taste the Beauty”. It measures 24 inches by 36 inches and is on a gallery wrapped canvas, 1 1/2 inches deep, meaning it hangs nicely on the wall with no frame. It depicts renditions of poppies, hollyhocks, coreopsis, purple asters, daylilies, balloon flowers, salvias and dandelion poofs floating through the air. A spiral sun and a Henry David Thoreau quote nicely adds to the painting, “A Taste for the Beautiful is Most Cultivated out of Doors. The texture and colors on this work of art are fabulous. This is an early piece that has always been a favorite of customers and many have purchased reproductions. Please contact me if you are interested in this large mixed media painting.

On The Lake

This new painting is all ready for the Devils Lake Fine Art Fair this weekend, but I also have it up in my shop. It can be purchased in three different sizes to fit the area where you would like to hang it. This is a very cheerful painting that will make you smile everyday. Who doesn’t love to take a boat ride on the lake, watching the fish and feeling the wind. Here is the link to it in my store.

Surviving the Cold

Throughout the day I am going to share my paintings that I have been working on since our cold, cold snap. Our temps are going up today and even though it was way too cold, it was so sunny. That was deceiving. Yesterday one of my cats was putting up a fuss at the window and there was a little bird all huddled against the house with the feathers ruffling in the wind. I was afraid it was dead but luckily it was close to my dryer vent. I turned on the dryer to see if it would get warmed up. Eventually it started moving his head, then standing up and then it flew off, hopefully finding a little warmer spot. Sunday it is supposed to be 50 degrees! Crazy but welcome. This little painting, I am repurposing. I used this canvas in 2015 and decided that it could be better. It had a little birds nest so I turned it into a fox burrow and I had planned to do a curled up fox so here it is, “Fox Burrow”. I love that background green, it is from Target and called Seaweed. I have been building my inventory for the art fair shows. My season starts in April and I have lots of ideas.

Painting #2 redone and Workshop sign up

This flag painting was an early on creation. It needed refurbished also. I took off the stars, sanded it, painted it black, sanded it again and loved the outcome. The rust underneath peeked out under the black so nicely.

The barn owl was painted with acrylic paint Various wallpapers, inks, bronze leaf and oil sticks were used to make a wonderfully colorful scene. There is even a bit of florescent orange here and there. So meet Barney, the owl peeking out between the fall leaves.

The workshops are closing in fast! This is the painting we are doing on Sunday October 21, 1 pm to 5 pm. Please, please get signed up so I know how many I am going to have. Link to the sign up page….

Here is the painting for the friday evening, October 26th workshop. 6 pm to 10 pm. Here again I stress that you get signed up so I can get the needed supplies. This is a level one, no artistic experience necessary. These paintings have a little bit of many techniques, to learn and to build on. It will be a great time! The link to sign up for friday night class.

Blooms Paintings

This week I am going to be preparing for my first art show of the season. Tulip Time in Holland Michigan. I wanted to show you some of the paintings in process that came out of my workshop with Carrie Schmitt. Such beautifully talented women that I was with! If you are feeling a bit down these should perk you up.

These paintings are just a small portion of what was created that weekend. Every woman did three or four paintings.

Don’t these just take your breath away?


Just enjoy!

That’s all I think you can absorb for now. Stop back if you need a pick me up.

New Painting-Earth Peace

I started this painting on a 10 X 10 canvas with the idea of an angel and a dimensional earth. For the earth I used half of a Styrofoam ball and wrapped it with plaster cloth. I let it dry for three days until it did not feel damp., then I painted it with acrylic paint. The halo is very thin jute braided and glued on with heavy gel medium. The earth is also glued on with a good layer of heavy gel medium as it is not heavy at all.

The finished painting. Generally I do not use a well known quote but I felt that this resonated with everyone as a song. We all need to work on Peace by being kind to our earth, to fellow man and to our animals. The owl is of course representing wisdom and the hearts love. I really really liked the gold that I used for the halo and her dress. It was the first time I opened this bottle and it is Golden brand Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) and also the first time I used golden Quinacridone Magenta as in the flowers.

Wrapping around some of the images on the side for interest.

The opposite side. This is up in my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase a print. As always, thanks for stopping.

We are the same


I was able to do steady work on my second painting in my flowers series done on 18 X 24 canvas. This one will feature two geraniums side by side. I was looking at my three geraniums I have on my front porch on a rustic bench and decided I wanted to pattern this picture from them. Here I have chosen the papers to use, started cutting out the hand drawn petal and painted the canvas using Cerulean blue Chromium.


I painted it partially down because I am going to cover the bottom with some paper.


After I glued the paper down with heavy gel matte I also stenciled over it with titanium white. I glued the pots down with the heavy gell and then took a circle stencil and lightly drew circles for the placement of the flowers. I ran out of petals for the pink geranium and had to cut more.


Here they are all filled out and done for the day. Tomorrow will bring the leaves and however much further I get.

Tulips with watermark

This is the first painting in the series. I wanted spring to come in the worst of ways, so I did three big tulips. The quote is from Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. It says, ‘That is one Good Thing About This World….There are Always sure to be More Springs.” So glad that you stopped by.