Mr. and Mrs. Mallard


Approximately a week ago we saw this little lady walking around close to the house. She heard me taking pictures of her so she started to head out.


But still you could tell that she was looking around for just the right spot.


As she was walking past the daylilies you can tell by the angle of her head that she spied just the right area.


A few days later we found a hole strategically built behind the daylilies. I cannot be seen from the front. A couple weeks ago I had pulled those dead leaves out with the plan of throwing them away when I cleaned up the landscaping. She took them and spread the leaves around the hole. I would have loved to watch her do her work. So in this picture she has place one egg.


The next day I saw her come back and sit in the nest.


She got up and left and egg number two was there.


So today I was watching these two. They took a swim along the edge of the pond. Then she would stop and go up into the neighbors yard and she would stop and look around then come back into the pond. I wanted to open the door and say “No, you’re in the wrong yard!” But she eventually realized it and she went out and was fluffing up her feathers while he stood guard on the bank. Then I saw them walking through our yard making their way to the front. But then I saw the neighbors cat out. And she froze and was not moving. I went back to whatever I was doing and did not see them walk away and I don’t have egg number three. I hope she comes back and doesn’t abandon the nest. I am really getting a kick out of watching them. I always feel blessed when animals choose our yard to have their babies.


This is one of my favorite books growing up. Ping, decides to move her baby ducklings from the park to another spot. They are in the big city and walk along a busy highway and the policeman stops traffic for them and the ducklings get through a very populated city. I hope I get to see the little ducklings following their mom. Do you have any spring babies in your yard? Thanks for stopping!