Pinterest and YouTube


I have a Pinterest Account ( and use it all the time. I also really enjoy when others pin the items that I like and also start following me. It’s like a kindred spirits liking the same thing. So please follow me, pin my stuff, it will make me smile. Pinterest is great fun, an easy way to save good ideas, if you have a few minutes to just do a little something, pinterest is the site for you. Beware though, 2 minutes can turn into two hours. I also like this site because if you see something you want to share with someone (they need to have a pinterest account) you can send it in a message. Every so often I receive a message from my niece Fiona. The other day I received this, with no message just this picture. I wrote back and wondered if she wanted something similar to this, I have items I can use. I got a” Yes Please” back, being the polite girl that she is. I look forward getting her messages, they make me smile because I can see what she is interested in and also that she thinks of me, being the busy girl that she is.


Here is what I came up with. I made the shorter one first and ran out of room, so I made another and made it longer. I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the birds in and used a shiny heavier cardstock. Maybe she will give the other to another friend that is into the Hunger Games. I am sorry that I didn’t stage the bookmarks very well, I wanted to get these into the mail so Fiona can use it while reading her books. Now looking at the shorter bookmark it has a mistake that I made, can you find it?


I bought this fabric last summer to recover chair pads and make a banner for my dining room window and also one for my Art Fair Booth. Notice I haven’t gotten to those projects yet. I will be making the Art Fair banner in a couple of days though, because March 11th I will be going to my first fair of the year. On You Tube I found a great tutorial on making a banner by the Missouri Star Quilt company. Click here to see it. It is demonstrating a very easy way to make this banner. On Pinterest I found I had saved a good tutorial for recovering chair pads. Click here to see it. YouTube can help you make things, fix things, entertain you and help you spend and save money. The person who invented it was so smart! This fabric will make a fantastic banner, fun and bright.


I used a YouTube video to help me paint this table. I wish I would have watched it first instead of when I decided I needed a question answered. It had many helpful tidbits for guidance. I am going to paint more pieces that I have so I will then be in the know. Click here to see the video

She has many, many videos.

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Halloween Faces


On Halloween I always love to take pictures of our visitors. I never have a problem getting the kids to pose for me. Here is a zombie like skeleton girl.


The dog was the star of the show with his own hat.


We liked this gangsters pinstripe suit and mustache.


I tried to use the line “did you bring some glue with you” but it fell flat. They must not watch commercials.


We had twin nerds and a greek goddess. The actual twins were the middle girl and the goddess…look at their noses, they are the same.


These two are our neighbors. An army pilot and a beautiful gypsy.


Day of the Dead skeleton, a werewolf, princess with beautiful hair and Dorothy. We had a few Dorothys an dCleopatras.


The President, Barack Obama stopped by with a great big grin, which made us laugh. His tie twinkled.


Her bat wing mask was a hit.


This football head monster was carrying a severed head. We told him not to drip.


She got into a terrible fight before she stopped by and then we had the hunger games girl.


Her Mom made the peacock outfit, and we also loved her mask.


We couldn’t get the little girl to look at us. Woody was getting his boots adjusted.


Two batgirls


Duck Dynasty men stopped by.


His scars were great.


Our neighbors also, a ninja, a cowgirl and a bubble gum machine.


Hanna and her Mom and Dad stopped by. Hanna was her favorite food, a ketchup packet. I loved her sparkly red shoes. I hope you had some fun trick or treaters, it was a decent night and only started raining later on so it was good Thanks for stopping.