Added to my store

I am catching up and getting the newer paintings added to my online store. These are only for reproductions as I am taking the originals to the art fairs that I am selling at. This painting is Titled “Just Visiting”. A beautiful Luna Moth stopped by in my yard for a short visit till it hopped the next breeze that came through. This reproduction can be purchased in three sizes and click here to go to the store.
This painting is called “Heart of Man” and it has 44 different species added to it. I enjoyed researching and painting each and every one. I had taken an early painting and gave it a facelift. The early painting was titled “Pursue the Passion” and it is listed in my shop also. To find “Heart of Man” click here. The original painting is sold.
“Rejoice” was completed two weeks ago.. It is a mixed media painting and the next time I will be showing the original is at Market on 6th in Auburn, Saturday September 4th. This barn owl is showing it’s beautiful wings while it lands on the nest sheltering three precious eggs. The title came from the Henry David Thoreau quote used on it. Click here to go to the store for a reproduction. It can also be purchased in three different sizes.
“Lets Party” has finally made it to the store. I started this years ago then misplaced my pad. I then started another which can be found on my store titled “Party Cats” which it is very similar but smaller. These are some of our family cats who I thought needed a party. They have their hats, balloons, confetti and must have started dancing on the wall. This is perfect to give to a cat lover for their birthday. It comes in three sizes also. Click here to go to the store.

I will be posting more this week and also working on a larger blog post about other events that are happening in our lives. I have lots of pictures to share.

Pincushions, pottery and hearts

Decorations and tree were taken down a couple of weeks ago and the furniture was all dusted and the hearts have come out for a few weeks. I left out just a couple of snowmen but I am ready to move on. See the little heart tree? Angie my niece found it and it is titled “here’s my heart”, so perfect! Just fun stuff to greet us in the foyer.

Love, love hearts!

I don’t think I every posted this pottery bowl I picked up at the 2016 winterfair. I use it for decoration but it would be good for salad or pasta, for a large gathering. I just think it is is so unique! For the life of me I cannot find the business card for this person. I know they are in Ohio and she is a teacher and she was doing this part time.

Love all the details and the colors.

The bottom has the unglazed redware with decoration.

The decorations around the handle on the outside. Is this not a wonderful bowl????

It just goes so well on my little table in the foyer. My camera wasn’t too straight with this picture, but it really is straight. There are two deep drawers that I keep candles stored in. The words are, believe in today, your life is now.

Margaret my helper bee, made the sweet pin cushions. They are soft and full of beans, a chick and a carrot. I have them showing off on my cabinet because they are so cute!

New Painting

A painting I started a few weeks ago. I pictured rows of hearts with a neutral background.

The words were added first before the details.

I have added a lot of fun elements along with outlining the hearts.

A flying bird


The bottom hearts are indigo.

Added some violets and a caterpillar.

The profile needs some decorations.

A cat stretching with a butterfly on it’s nose. This was a fun painting to create. It will be up in my shop this week to purchase prints. I haven’t picked a name yet.