Detroit Zoo-m

I call my post this because when my husband and I got away for just three days we covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time. We went to the Zoo, the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), and two Tigers ball games. We also ate at the Ford’s Garage restaurant in Dearborn which is unique and very enjoyable. In this post I am going to show the rest of my favorite pictures from the Zoo.

The animals in this zoo are not behind bars, they are in areas like their habitats. The Zebras were resting but this one sat up for a picture. The notable item about Zebras (among the obvious) are how round their ears are, unlike horses which are pointed. A very beautiful animal.
Giraffes are so interesting. Their markings look like a cobblestone walk, the long neck and little head and a long smooth stride. I am so glad to get a few good images to work from.
I loved this Gorilla just chilling out. It was a warm afternoon and it was taking it in stride. When we were walking up it had been scratching the inside of the ear with those long fingers.
Aardvarks, so interesting to look at with that narrow snout and fringy tail. Big eaters of ants and termites.
This was pretty cute where kids could get into tubes and pop up eye level with the Prairie Dogs. You can see a couple of the animals too. It was a warm day and I was also thinking “I wonder how germy those tubes are with the sneezes and dirty hands”. That’s why we have immunity.
What a great picture of a Rhino! I don’t know if it is usual that the front tusk it cut off.
Also a good picture of a Rhino butt. It will make it into a painting.
This is a tree kangaroo. I had not heard of this species and thought it was pretty cute.
The two Camels laying on the ground had the three come and stand between them with their legs all intertwined. The ones on the ground had a very hard time getting up because they are top heavy with the humps and the others so close, it took at least three times to get the job done.
The Zoo had beautiful flower beds throughout the zoo.
These were just yummy.
I was fascinated by this snake. The color, and the way it is wrapped around the stick. It was a surprise because I didn’t expect it to be right in front and the color of the leaves.
Otters are so smooth and fast and happy. This guy would swim along the river with nose out of the water. He smoothly went over the rock in his way then dove down into the pool, over and over again.
The fountain area was fun and refreshing with the dancing bears.
and the seal spitting water.
I also liked the Amazonian rock face in the reptiles building. It reminded me of Indiana Jones movies.

I base my paintings on reality that I have seen but then I do loose renditions of them. These animals will be a fun painting to create and I have gotten so much inspiration from them.

This last weekend I had a great time with my friend Theresa. We went to Cincinnati to shop and just drove all over the place! GPS’s are a great invention.

This week I will be preparing for the Satek Winery show. I sold 108 cards and have to replenish my inventory along with prints too. I have also added a one day show to my itinerary. It is Market on 6th in Auburn on August 31st. The time is 11am-5pm and it it has a little bit of everything. Vintage, home decor, jewelry, boutique style fashion, repurposed items, artisan foods. It is during the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Festival. It is on 6th Street in Auburn between Jackson and Main. It can also be found on Facebook under Market on 6th..

Halloween Faces


On Halloween I always love to take pictures of our visitors. I never have a problem getting the kids to pose for me. Here is a zombie like skeleton girl.


The dog was the star of the show with his own hat.


We liked this gangsters pinstripe suit and mustache.


I tried to use the line “did you bring some glue with you” but it fell flat. They must not watch commercials.


We had twin nerds and a greek goddess. The actual twins were the middle girl and the goddess…look at their noses, they are the same.


These two are our neighbors. An army pilot and a beautiful gypsy.


Day of the Dead skeleton, a werewolf, princess with beautiful hair and Dorothy. We had a few Dorothys an dCleopatras.


The President, Barack Obama stopped by with a great big grin, which made us laugh. His tie twinkled.


Her bat wing mask was a hit.


This football head monster was carrying a severed head. We told him not to drip.


She got into a terrible fight before she stopped by and then we had the hunger games girl.


Her Mom made the peacock outfit, and we also loved her mask.


We couldn’t get the little girl to look at us. Woody was getting his boots adjusted.


Two batgirls


Duck Dynasty men stopped by.


His scars were great.


Our neighbors also, a ninja, a cowgirl and a bubble gum machine.


Hanna and her Mom and Dad stopped by. Hanna was her favorite food, a ketchup packet. I loved her sparkly red shoes. I hope you had some fun trick or treaters, it was a decent night and only started raining later on so it was good Thanks for stopping.